Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 3 Songs: July 2013

Happy 31st people!!!

Did you get ur Baskin Robins? EHEHEHE~ Well I did... & its GOOOD~ XD

Since I'm so kind, I wont be posting any pics of it to sakitkan ur hati... EHEHEHE~

OKIE LOKI, its the end of the month... so macam biase, here are my top 3 songs of the month... :D

No. 3 ~ Back to Life by 3oh!3

I'll be honest and admit that I'm not a fan of 3oh!3... Coz i think their song a lil cray cray... XD sorry 3oh!3 fans out there... hahaha... & since I'm not a fan n all, I didnt know who sang this song the 1st time I heard it... Kinda surprised that its 3oh!3 coz it sounds different... but then I watched their video & yeap, they're still cray cray... Either, still a good song... I remember waking up one morning & the first thing that was in my head is this song... crazy huh? XD


No.2 ~ Play Hard by David Guetta ft Akon & Ne-Yo

"Work hard~ Play hard~ Keep partyin' like its your job"

Partyin like its your job... Wouldn't we all like that eh?

I love this song... I listen to this song every single this morning before I start my work... It kinda gives me the energy before I start my work... Ohsem song! ;D

*FYI: I'm not a party girl... :P

and finally, my numero uno song~

No.1 ~ Oblivion by Bastille



I want their album, but I cant seem to find it here & its saaaad... 
Haiz... oh btw... the song... listen to it... pakai ur earphones, close ur eyes, & just enjoy the song... :)

OKlah~ that's it from me... Lets welcome August with our arms wide open... NAK RAYA WEH!!!

I pun belum pegi shopping raya lagi... XD Sale every where leh~ Must go shopping... HAHA~

Klah, I should get some sleep... SHOULD... XD 

Nitey nite people~


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Pav said...

cis..pegi tak ajak pun...XD..blh aku pakai kasut pink aku to show BR spirit...XD