Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Top Song in April ~ Only YOOOOOOUUUUUUU~

"April I'm in love"

Well, sort of... or maybe not... or did I?

HAHAHA enough crap... I know I promised to update more often but u know what people say kan? "Promises are meant to be broken" XD

So here I am at the end of April... giving you my one and only song that was stuck in my head all month long...


The song is "Only You" by Cee Lo Green ft Lauriana Mae. 

"Only you, only you... Only you could stop the bleeding, give me what I'm needing... Tell me so my heart can heal"

I keep on singing that verse for no reason... I think it's bcoz of Cee Lo's voice... Hahaha~ N yes thats the only song that I LOOVED in April... 

As usual, I'm kinda busy, so I dont really have time 2 listen to some new stuff... But I PROMISE, that I will will update my bloggie soon k....

Just need some inspiration... and also RAJIN-ness... XD



And it's 1st May! so Happy Labour Day! Enjoy ur holiday!

*since its a holiday... who knows I might be blogging... kalau rajin lah XD*

Okie dokie~ I'm sleepy.... so nitey nite world....


(writing this in a very sleepy mood so forgive me for the very short lazy post)


Pav said...

i wan to claim one more post from post,lagi2 pasal ironman 3..XD..

vee-sia said...

LOL! Papadom.... okok i'll do it! but gimme some time... i need inspiration XD