Friday, May 31, 2013

De-Stress Thurday!!! Hangover 3 :3


How u doing???

I'm good here... Me very happy girl... hiak hiak~ why? 


The last time I had De-stress Thursday was in 2011... LOL so long time ago! I've been busy I guess... Haha~

Anywayz, I've stressing for the last few days... Why? Its THAT time of the month loh.... PAYROLL! XD bukan itu~ itu~ lei... 

Hahaha yeah, almost end of the month, kena prepare payroll. WinCom System SUCKS! But wat to do... terpaksa loh... 

KK, forget bout those stressful stuff! Get back to our De-Stress Thursday!

So NGAM, HANGOVER 3 sudah keluar! Hiak~ Hiak~

I did hesitate going out for a movie alone... Dunno why (Takut jumpe orang yg x sepatutnye)... But I decided to be stubborn and just go anywayz... And I'm glad I did coz it was worth it!

Ticket for one... U GOT PROBLEM? *shows fist*

Why did I go alone? The reason is quite simple... nobody wan go with me... XD I think lah... I did announce on Twitter but no one respond maa (LOL mcm lah aku ade byk follower)... makna nye xde org mau ikot loh... hahahaha~ Plus... I CANNOT WAIT!

ANYHOW, pegi seorang ade kebaikan nye... I sat right in the middle... and my jiran, are both cuties XD... HAHAHAHA~ Ok it means nothing... XD


 The final Hangover movie... I am sad... Although the movie is F*CKING FUNNY, but I feel like the ending is not epic enough... Its the final Hangover movie! And the ending is like so~ so~ oni... Hmmmm... Oh well, at least I had fun... The formula is definitely different from the first 2 movies, which good but somehow I think I miss the whole hangover thing. Well the movie is called The Hangover. XD And I notice that this 3rd one is slightly darker and there are some quite disturbing moments... poor giraffe... Either way, I enjoyed the movie... Just what I needed to de-stress, a fun, crazy, raunchy movie... Izit the best one so far? Nope... The first one is still the best... and Bradley Cooper looked hotter back then... Hahahahaha... dah tua liao... KK I think I wont talk much bout the movie. Nanti terlepas spoiler pulak...XD

Oh n if I had to rate it,  I'll give it a 3 stars... Go watch it people... :D

So after the movie, I planned to get a big slice of chocolate cake! But then I was too kenyang from drinking a whole cup of Coke... I usually wont finish my drink, but dunno why 1st time siot I habis kan my drink XD

I was craving for something salty, so I decided on PRETZEL!!! Konon nak yg original but then I saw the Caramel Almond flavour... CARAMEL... MANA CAN SAY NO???


After I buying pretzel, I decided to head home... And in the car, I drove and ate my pretzel at the same time while blasting Macklemore on the radio... N yes I did put my hands up like the ceiling cant hold us... XD

And just like that... I am stress free... hahahaha~ Senang saje nak release stress kan?

Hehehehe~ Klah, just a short post... Meh meh tido...


Its the end of May!

Baskin Robins 31 anybody? Hahaha~



Pav said...

i mau claim post yg kita g baboon cafe and limau2 cafe...XD...

vee-sia said...

meh aku belasah ko... lorat betui~

Pav said...

it's a good thing kalo ada org demand post from u...