Friday, May 31, 2013

De-Stress Thurday!!! Hangover 3 :3


How u doing???

I'm good here... Me very happy girl... hiak hiak~ why? 


The last time I had De-stress Thursday was in 2011... LOL so long time ago! I've been busy I guess... Haha~

Anywayz, I've stressing for the last few days... Why? Its THAT time of the month loh.... PAYROLL! XD bukan itu~ itu~ lei... 

Hahaha yeah, almost end of the month, kena prepare payroll. WinCom System SUCKS! But wat to do... terpaksa loh... 

KK, forget bout those stressful stuff! Get back to our De-Stress Thursday!

So NGAM, HANGOVER 3 sudah keluar! Hiak~ Hiak~

I did hesitate going out for a movie alone... Dunno why (Takut jumpe orang yg x sepatutnye)... But I decided to be stubborn and just go anywayz... And I'm glad I did coz it was worth it!

Ticket for one... U GOT PROBLEM? *shows fist*

Why did I go alone? The reason is quite simple... nobody wan go with me... XD I think lah... I did announce on Twitter but no one respond maa (LOL mcm lah aku ade byk follower)... makna nye xde org mau ikot loh... hahahaha~ Plus... I CANNOT WAIT!

ANYHOW, pegi seorang ade kebaikan nye... I sat right in the middle... and my jiran, are both cuties XD... HAHAHAHA~ Ok it means nothing... XD


 The final Hangover movie... I am sad... Although the movie is F*CKING FUNNY, but I feel like the ending is not epic enough... Its the final Hangover movie! And the ending is like so~ so~ oni... Hmmmm... Oh well, at least I had fun... The formula is definitely different from the first 2 movies, which good but somehow I think I miss the whole hangover thing. Well the movie is called The Hangover. XD And I notice that this 3rd one is slightly darker and there are some quite disturbing moments... poor giraffe... Either way, I enjoyed the movie... Just what I needed to de-stress, a fun, crazy, raunchy movie... Izit the best one so far? Nope... The first one is still the best... and Bradley Cooper looked hotter back then... Hahahahaha... dah tua liao... KK I think I wont talk much bout the movie. Nanti terlepas spoiler pulak...XD

Oh n if I had to rate it,  I'll give it a 3 stars... Go watch it people... :D

So after the movie, I planned to get a big slice of chocolate cake! But then I was too kenyang from drinking a whole cup of Coke... I usually wont finish my drink, but dunno why 1st time siot I habis kan my drink XD

I was craving for something salty, so I decided on PRETZEL!!! Konon nak yg original but then I saw the Caramel Almond flavour... CARAMEL... MANA CAN SAY NO???


After I buying pretzel, I decided to head home... And in the car, I drove and ate my pretzel at the same time while blasting Macklemore on the radio... N yes I did put my hands up like the ceiling cant hold us... XD

And just like that... I am stress free... hahahaha~ Senang saje nak release stress kan?

Hehehehe~ Klah, just a short post... Meh meh tido...


Its the end of May!

Baskin Robins 31 anybody? Hahaha~


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iron Man 3


I am back for more updates! MUAHAHAHAHA~

Yes I do have loads more stuff to post, so sabar ye... man man lai~

So, it's been a while since I've done any movie review... the last one I did was Avengers... kan? XD haha I pun lupa... Mcm biase I'm lazy but then at the same time, I rarely watch movies these days. I think this year I only watched 3 movies... PATHETIC, I know. N those 3 movies are Warm Bodies (I WANT A ZOMBIE BOYFIE!), G.I Joe (BORING GILE), and Iron Man 3...

Oh by the way, this post is "requested" by a minah yg bernama Pavithra... So Papadom, I dedicate this post to u... Sort of... HAHAHAHA~

So here we go... My movie review for Iron Man 3...

A lil confession before I start: I'll be honest and say that I never was a fan of Iron Man. As a kid, I always LOOVE my cartoons and my fave always have been X-Men & Batman.... I remember watching the Iron Man cartoon and it bored the crap out of me. And guess what, I found the cartoon on youtube! The very same episode that I watched as a kid and decided not to watch it ever again...


First impression: not impressed XD...

So then I didnt even watch the 1st movie but instead I watched the 2nd one. Itu pun bcoz my ex yg tarik me pegi tgk... if not jangan harap lah~ And even the 2nd movie was boring... If not mistaken I tertido XD haha~ and seriously I dont even remember anything about the movie except for this scene...

The only thing that I remembered about the movie... Whiplash~ XD

I only watched the first movie like a few weeks before Iron Man 3... All thanks to TV 2... or was it TV 3? Doesnt matter lah~ XD Though the first one is better than the second one... haha!

Okok enough history talk ... Lets talk about Iron Man 3... So here is my humble opinion and non biased review for the movie:

I THINK THIS MOVIE IS SICK YO! XD I enjoyed every minute of it. Its got that good balance of action, humour,  kancheong-ness, and also drama... and not to forget the unexpected surprise (The Mandarin XD) Though I do wish I could see more suit action but its nice to see how Tony Stark does his Macgyver magic... And how epic was it when all he summoned all his Iron Man suits...

Too bad he had to blow them off... *pfffttt* dumb! How could u do that??? U blow them up just for a women? XD wuss~ hahah... oh btw, Pepper Pots can kick butt too! N her abs... I think RDJ pun kalah XD

Haha so overall, Iron Man 3 is pretty awesome. But is it as awesome as The Avengers? Nehhh... But almost lah... haha... I'll give it 4.5 stars :D

Its an awesome movie... bla~ bla~ bla~ go check it out! XD

So that's it for my movie review... 


BUT I am not done with this post yet... MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

After the movie, me and my friends had a "little" debate. No cat fights involved but it was quite intense, until I almost get my claws out... *MIOOOW*

Beware: I'm about to get my nerd/geek/fangirl mode on...

First debate: Iron Man is the best superhero ever....

PUHLEEEZZZZ~ No freaking way... Put him against Magneto, he will get crushed macam tin kosong and Magneto dont even have to lay his fingers on him...

Even the Hulk can beat his ass... Lets face it... He is cool, but he's not the strongest. And the only reason he is cool is because of Robert Downy Jr. Some people say he was born to play Tony Stark... & I somewhat agree... The dude got swag, "like a boss" attitude and very charming indeed. No wonder some of my friends loved him so much... which leads to out second debate...

Second debate: Robert Downy Jr is better looking than Chris Evans...

When I heard that I was like "WHATTTT????"

I was literally surprised!

Then after my mind processed what my friend just said, I was like...


Then after a while, I was like...


Then the more I think about it, I was like....



& finally I was like....


Well maybe... for them lah... I dont know... XD They said his eyes are pretty...

"Are my eyes pretty???"

I'll have to admit, RDJ does look good in the movie. N yes, his eyes looked pretty (but not pretty enough for me to remember his eye colour) XD But how come only in this movie everyone was buzzing about his good looks? Why nobody said anything during previous Iron Man installments? Why nobody said anything when he's in Tropic Thunder, Zodiac or Sherlock Holmes? 

Why didnt they say anything during the Avengers? Hmmmm MAYBE bcoz there was other actors there who is better looking? Lets say the dude who played Captain America??? :P HAHA~

Anywayz, different people have different taste I guess... I'm a fan of Evans ever since Fantastic Four when I was in Form 4... So yeah, CE FOREVER!!!!

Ehehehehe~ oh btw, ummm.... did anyone notice that Loki guy (Tom Hiddleston) is kinda a cutie... XD (CE forever konon)...

I dunno when it happened, but all of a sudden I'm obsessed about him. Maybe Loki hypnotized me with his gorgeous blue eyes... or maybe its his accent... or izzit that voice? IDK, but one thing is for sure... 

I'm on TEAM LOKI!!!

Forget Captain America!

*Throws my  shrunken Captain America T-shirt on the floor*

*the pic above is for illustration purpose only*

Next mission... Get a Loki T-shirt!

Just like the one Tom is wearing... XD Nice~


OKAY... I'm done... XD I have a feeling there will be more arguments, but what have I to fear? 

Hiak hiak~ Papadom, I hope u are happy... If not? THEN GO UPDATE UR OWN BLOG!!! :P

Ehehehehehe~ okie lah... that's it from me. 

Toodles people... Hope u all have a pleasant day ahead :)

*my mind is speaking with a British accent recently... i wonder why... oh well XD*


Friday, May 24, 2013

Ohan Japanese Restaurant Melaka

 Hello people!

Happy Wesak Day!

N of course, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! Long weekend... Syok eh?

Anywayz, since its the holidays & I got nothing to do, me update me bloggie ya~

Lets pick where we left off... My "quest" for Japanese food :D

I actually went to this place when it first opened last year. I even drafted this post last year... but  I typed half way n then tergendala XD (maybe coz the food x sedap tats y not inspired to continue writing XD)

So the "quest" continues~ to find good Japanese restaurant in Melaka~

And this time I went to Ohan Japanese Restaurant...

When I went there, baru bukak lagi... so quite byk org oso... when I reached there, the hostest asked me if I had reservations... of coz I didnt make any XD but luckily ade table... Oni 2 pax, mana2 pun blh sumbat kan? :P

So I ordered the usual things that I would order...

Salmon Sashimi

Not that fresh... I forgot the price, but I do remember that it is more expensive than Wa Zen... 

Then I also ordered Unagi Bento... ME LOVE UNAGI!

The unagi was alrite...The only problem was the rice... I find the rice a lil to fragant XD... its just my personal taste lah... Maybe lain org suka kot... but for me, the wangi-ness is quite a turn-off... kinda jelak after eating half of it... first time I x habis makan when I makan Japanese food...

My partner in crime ordered (i forgot the name) the one with the beef strips & egg with rice...

It was beef, so I didnt taste em. My partner in crime didnt finish it either... Comment: Oklah, but at the bottom of the bowl is kinda watery... gelii... XD

And of course, kalau Vsia x order maki when go Japanese restaurant mmg x sah!

Again, I forgot the name... SORRY! XD Dah berbulan edi leh I pegi sini... mana blh ingat XD

Appearance wise, mmg cannot lawan Wa Zen punye... Wa Zen nye maki looks so cantik, u dont wanna eat it. Plus the layer of the rice is quite thick, so u cant really taste much of the ingredients... and also kinda too big to sumbat dalam mulut XD

And UNFORTUNATELY for us, the chef added in extra ingredient to our maki...


If u look closely, got 1 strand of hair terselit with the rice... no impossible its ours kan???

Nasib baik I only had one... & nasib baik this sepet eyes nampak... or else... EEeeeeeee~

We didnt make a big scene out of it lah... we just called the waiter & inform them. They offered a new one but then since the maki x sedap, so x payah lah... just cancel the order je...

Environment wise, the restaurant looks really elegant... Nice place lah... Just that I'm surprised to a chipped spoon at a new place...

Tsk~ Tsk~

So overall was I a happy customer?

Not really... Taste wise, okok lah... A lil overpriced, and the whole HAIR thing... I dont think I would come back... Pegi somewhere else lagi baik kot...

N that's it... just a short post... I dunno why it took me months to finish up... XD LAZY A$$!

HEhehe~ Klah people, enjoy ur holiday... 

Since I tgh rajin2 nie who knows, I might update moooore~ Hiak~ Hiak~


Hey Ape Cite?

 Hey there people!!!

Woot~ Woot~ Here I am feelin kinda "rajin" & sort of "inspired" so I've decided to update my poor bloggie yg I've abandoned for quite a long time... :D It's been a while since I updated my blog so I've decided to give y'all a lil update on whats going on about me before I start blogging about other stuff :)

I guess u can say I have been quiet lately... I didnt really update much about my life... I think even some of my friends didnt know wats up with my life... 

N bcoz of that, almost most of the time when we go for yam-cha they will ask:

"So Vriesia, ape cite?"

Haha... A question that I always seem to get every time I go YC with my friends... Especially the kepoh ones lah... Or should I say "CONCERNED"? XD

Anywayz, my answer are always & consistently have been:
  1. Ok loh...
  2. Biase-biase oni...
  3. Xde cite lah... SERIOUSLY, xde cite...
And some how my oh-so kepoh concerned  friends doesn't seem to believe me XD


Hahahahaha... celake~ :P

SOOOooooooo~ Is there a cerita behind the "xde cite lah"???

Well, everyone has skeletons in their closet... HAHA~

So here I am, writing my confessions... LOL, okok maybe not confessions lah... Mcm dah bunuh org pulak nak confess confess XD
(though I did kill several cockroaches everday... i'm sorry lipas!) 

ANYHOW, dear gang.... Here's my cite... :P

Lets start with the most interesting part! The topic yg paling interesting, & the topic yg orang paling nak tau whenever they ask "Eh, u ape cite?"

Let me describe my love life with some ayat yg berbunga...

"My love life is like the bottom of an ice cream freezer
Cold... and dark... 
As for the ice cream, saje bcoz I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! XD

Funny story: The other day my boss asked me"Vriesia how many boyfriends do you have???"... I replied "Tak terkira"... XD well technically, I didn't lie... U cant count somthing that doesn't exist kan?? :P

Hahahaha... yeah, I'm still flyin solo~ coz I like it that way... STRESS FREE!!! XD and the funny part is, no matter how many times I tell my friends that I have no one special in my life, THEY DONT BELIEVE ME!!!

Just the other day si kedut thinks that I have a secret boyfie that I'm hiding... XD why would I wanna do that??? Trust me, I would let u all know if I had one (or two... or MORE) boyfie so that u peeps will stop bugging me...

Normally this is how the conversation goes...

Fren: Eh Vsia... dah ade???
Me: Xde lah... mana ade...
Fren: Eleeeehhhh... Sure got one....
Me: Don't have laaaahhh... Ishhhh....
Fren: Xkan xde orang minat?
Me: No...
Fren: Then u xde target meh???
Me: XDEEEEE (usually at this point, I'm usually annoyed like hell)
Fren: People at work place xkan xde????
Me: DONT HAVE LAHHHH! Dah kata dont have, dont have lerrrrr! =.="""
Fren: Ye ke? Ok loh (with their muka yg x percaya)

So yeah, I do not have anyone special in my life... No boyfie, no target, & no peminat... i think
(LOL, sapeee lah yg mau )
The only thing I have.... is a husband...



U all know him ape...

*Delusional Vriesia has left the building*

Hahahaha~ Sorry, Delusional Vriesia took over for a while... 
She's crazy isn't she??? :P 
(dont u dare say yes... *glares at you with my sepet eyes*)

So yeah, thats it with my love life... 

People do sometimes ask me "Why u xde bf"... 
Hands downs the dumbest question ever! 

All I can say is, I'm waiting for the right guy... Yes there WERE suitors BUT x sesuai... so normally I'll just flash my FABULOUS ring and say...

  "Sorry, I'm taken".... 


One of the best damn thing I've ever bought... 
Can jadi harta pusaka for my anak if I have any XD

OK, done with love life~


(Panjang jugak eh post nie)

My work life has its ups & downs, but I am learning so I wont be complaining much. Other than HR, I dunno how come I got another responsiblity as GM's PA... menambahkan kerja but I managed to do them lah... so in conclusion, my work life is kinda stable... The only frustrating part of my job is the payroll system... Effing dumb system! I hate u WinCom! :P Hahaha~ other than that I am fine...

Funny story is that ever since I got this new job, I had few other job offers... But since I'm happy with where I am now, I decided to stay... besides, I dont want my resume to reflect me as a job hopper... no good ma... haha~

Lets cut short on the worky-worky part... Coz u never know who is reading *wink* but seriously, I'm fine there... Fine... thats good enough... XD


How is Vriesia really feeling overall???

Just the other day I almost had an emotional breakdown & I dont even know what happened. But if I had to guess, maybe its because I've been holding back all the emotions for waaay too long. XD

Sometimes people ask me "How are you?You ok?"

"OKKKKKKK" is my standard reply... Because do I have to tell them every single problem that I had?


Do I have to tell people that I'm stressed?

Do I have to tell people that I almost lost my fat cat YY coz she was very ill few months back?

Do I tell people about my crazy nose bleeds?

Do I have to tell people I "lepaked" at the hospital ER waiting room from midnite to morning, waiting for my mum to be discharged?

Do I have to tell people that few weeks ago, I had to send my mum to the clinic early in the morning and then go back and get ready for work after that?

Do I have to tell people that sometimes I wish that I could just stay in Club Med & never return?

Do I tell people that sometimes I wish I could just runaway from home?

Do I tell people to just leave me alone???

*LOL~ Where did that all come from????*

Tak payah lah kot~

I'm not the type of person who would blurt out all their problem to someone... Why? Malas... If I blurt out my problems and worries to someone, what can the person do? Sympathy? Advice?  No thanx... Ya, saya ego, tell me somthing I dont know... but the last time I took an advice from someone, it turned out pretty bad... Since then I only trust my own kitty senses XD I know maybe I shud talk to my family about my problems, but neh... they have their own worries too... I'm an adult so I'm gonna solve my problems on my own...
I know its not healthy to keep everything to urself, but I do have a diary to blurt it all out... Just that these few months I got lazy so I belum luahkan my perasaan lagi... hehe~ no wonder XD

So yeah, thats me... Selfish me who only keeps everything to myself... I'm not a caring person, therefore I dont share :P

All the stress, all the anger, all the problems, & sometimes other people's problem as well, all kept inside... How do I manage it?

Its actually quite simple... Do somthing that makes me happy.

Eating, watch movies, listen to music, spend time with my family, kacau my fat cats XD... just the simple stuff... If u're all stressed up, stop bitchin & complain about it... DO SOMETHING! MAKE URSELF HAPPY! I've gone through the depression mode before & I'm going back there again... I REFUSE to be depressed... & I CHOOSE to be happy... & thats it...


There u go... Thats my cerita...
So then next time one u peeps asks me, "Ape cite?", my answer will forever be "Oklah"... & its truth... I AM OK... yes, I have problems... but I can deal with it... No biggie, I am fine... HAHA~

Eventhough sometimes I do feel like I could use a big beary hug, but its ok... I'm fine...
Besides I only hug hotties XD

 And that's it... itu lah cerita saya... sekian terima kaseh... XD

Haha & thats the update about me... More bloggie updates soon to be posted... My fren Pav siap nak request2 pulak the posts on my blog... sendiri nye blog x update :P

Haha~ Yes, I will merajinkan diri to update more yeee...
*pinky promise*

Oklah, I mau tido sudah... Good nite people... & Take care...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Top Song in April ~ Only YOOOOOOUUUUUUU~

"April I'm in love"

Well, sort of... or maybe not... or did I?

HAHAHA enough crap... I know I promised to update more often but u know what people say kan? "Promises are meant to be broken" XD

So here I am at the end of April... giving you my one and only song that was stuck in my head all month long...


The song is "Only You" by Cee Lo Green ft Lauriana Mae. 

"Only you, only you... Only you could stop the bleeding, give me what I'm needing... Tell me so my heart can heal"

I keep on singing that verse for no reason... I think it's bcoz of Cee Lo's voice... Hahaha~ N yes thats the only song that I LOOVED in April... 

As usual, I'm kinda busy, so I dont really have time 2 listen to some new stuff... But I PROMISE, that I will will update my bloggie soon k....

Just need some inspiration... and also RAJIN-ness... XD



And it's 1st May! so Happy Labour Day! Enjoy ur holiday!

*since its a holiday... who knows I might be blogging... kalau rajin lah XD*

Okie dokie~ I'm sleepy.... so nitey nite world....


(writing this in a very sleepy mood so forgive me for the very short lazy post)