Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lawson in Malaysia



I was super excited when they announced on their twitter page that they will be in Malaysia on the 11th of April. Siap dah pikir nak amik leave 2 go 2 their concert... Then siap pikir about winning Meet n Greet Passes (dare 2 dream)... 

I was soooo happy... Until.... Universal Music Malaysia announced this:


 The concert will be on the 13... Saturday... The day that i fly 2 Kuching for a trip that i didnt wanna go at all but terpaksa... 

T.T Oh well, maybe dah mmg xde jodoh kan? Besides in order 2 get the showcase passes, u need 2 purchase Chapman Square tat is only sold in KL area. =.= so unfair kan? Plus i already have the album ma.... Wan buy samore 4 wat??? Ni mesti sebab album x laku XD LOL... Ooops, terlepas... XD (Dont blame me, i'm just a lil bitter coz i cant go to see them live T.T)

 Looking at the bright side, its just a showcase... XD ok tat is not so bright... But ill just keep my fingers crossed so that the lads would drop by M'sia again... T.T

 So before I end this post, I would like to dedicate a song to all the geese out there who shares the same fate as I do. The song title is "Gone"... just like our chances of seeing the lads live: GONE!

N for those who are goin: Have fun lucky bitches :P 

 As for me... Im gonna have fun in Sarawak... Nak makan ulat sagu XD

And i will be avoiding FB, Twitter n Instagram so tat i dont have to see anything related 2 Lawson in Malaysia T.T its for the best so tat the green eyed monster in me wont go berzerk... XD Okok tats enough... Done with this post... 

Bye Bye people! T.T Ill update soon! Promise!


Pav said...

i wan to claim ur cny,our outing,and ur holiday trip nye post..mana?

vee-sia said...

ko lorat lah... ko nye blog sendiri x update :P