Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lawson in Malaysia



I was super excited when they announced on their twitter page that they will be in Malaysia on the 11th of April. Siap dah pikir nak amik leave 2 go 2 their concert... Then siap pikir about winning Meet n Greet Passes (dare 2 dream)... 

I was soooo happy... Until.... Universal Music Malaysia announced this:


 The concert will be on the 13... Saturday... The day that i fly 2 Kuching for a trip that i didnt wanna go at all but terpaksa... 

T.T Oh well, maybe dah mmg xde jodoh kan? Besides in order 2 get the showcase passes, u need 2 purchase Chapman Square tat is only sold in KL area. =.= so unfair kan? Plus i already have the album ma.... Wan buy samore 4 wat??? Ni mesti sebab album x laku XD LOL... Ooops, terlepas... XD (Dont blame me, i'm just a lil bitter coz i cant go to see them live T.T)

 Looking at the bright side, its just a showcase... XD ok tat is not so bright... But ill just keep my fingers crossed so that the lads would drop by M'sia again... T.T

 So before I end this post, I would like to dedicate a song to all the geese out there who shares the same fate as I do. The song title is "Gone"... just like our chances of seeing the lads live: GONE!

N for those who are goin: Have fun lucky bitches :P 

 As for me... Im gonna have fun in Sarawak... Nak makan ulat sagu XD

And i will be avoiding FB, Twitter n Instagram so tat i dont have to see anything related 2 Lawson in Malaysia T.T its for the best so tat the green eyed monster in me wont go berzerk... XD Okok tats enough... Done with this post... 

Bye Bye people! T.T Ill update soon! Promise!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 3 Songs: February & March 2013


Is there anyone out there who still reads my blog?

Yes? HAHAHAHA terima kasih lah byk2 ye...

I have abandoned my baby bloggie for quite some time edi eh? Sorry lah... Same excuse every time... BUSY loh... And sometimes after facing the computer the whole day work, after habis kerja u dont feel like wanna tengok ur computer edi loh... and recently my parents uses my computer more than I do... =.= kalau I mau guna pun x blh tau... tsk tsk...

ANYWAYZ... i know last month I didnt update much... not even my top songs of the month eh? XD Sorry loh~

So this month kita buat for both months sekali yew~

Lets start with February first~

 No. 3 ~ Adorn by Miguel

I first heard this song when he performed at the Grammys. (this year's Grammys line up was pretty good eh?) Just like Kelly Clarkson, I didnt know who the hell Miguel was... and just like Kelly Clarkson I thought his performance of this song was pretty damn sexy too... hahaha... The song... His voice... sexaaaay~ Cair siot~ Heheheh...


No.2 ~ Time Go by Caught a Ghost

I heard this song on one of my fav TV series for the moment, Suits.


The series is great... its about lawyer stuff... n yeah, basically men in suits lah.... haha confession: i personally think that the sexiest thing a man could wear is a perfectly fitted suit. Hahaha okok back to the song.

Heard this song on the 2nd episode of the 2nd season... If not mistaken lah. It the episode where Mike had to break up with Rachel when they just started. Tsk... tsk... Anywayz, the song came up towards the end and the lyrics that caught my attention was "A little white lie, a big black sky, your emptiness open on the dashboard"... Dont know why but that line got stuck in my head for quite a long time... XD so yeah thanks 2 Suits, I found another awesome song... the band had some other cool songs too... and how adorable is the video???  Hahaha love it!

And finally my top song in February~

No.1 ~ Just Give Me a Reason by Pink ft Nate Ruess

"Just give me a reason, just little bit's enough, just a second we're bent and we can learn to love again"

If only saving a relationship is that easy... Just a reason? Maybe it is... if the both of them really wanna make it work... u know what they say, it takes two to tango... LOL! Went a lil too far eh?

Hehehe~ ANYHOW~ I love this song... Its Pink! What do u expect laaa? Together with the dude from Fun, they made a pretty good combo. Another confession: I'm not really a fan of Fun. Their songs are okay but I guess their songs are sooo overplayed on d radio sampai I jelak... XD Sorry Fun. fans... :P But its the truth... XD So yeah that song was my top song in February... :D

Now lets move on to March!

March has been a busy month for me... so I didnt really had the time to hunt for songs and I also didnt listen to radio much. I've been playing Lawson & Imagine Dragons (YES I GOT THEIR ALBUM) lately so i dont have any new songs in my head.

HOWEVER, I still have 2 awesome songs that got stuck in my head and these are my top 2 songs in March~

No.2 ~ Midnight City by M83

Thank you Warm Bodies for your awesome soundtrack... Did u peeps go watch the movie? Its so funny... and cute ;) it made me wanna have a zombie boyfriend XD n yesh, SOOO MUCH BETTER than Twilight. I didnt even Twilight, but heck, EVERYTHING is better than Twilight kan??? HEHE~

Anywayz, this song was played when R, was having his "make over"/in the shower XD... Nicholas Hault... ur eyes are gorgeous! XD ANYWAYZ... I just love thing song. The lyrics doesnt really say much but the tune and beat is pretty awesome. When I listen to the full song, its like I got lost in d song... Its crazy... never felt tat way before... I dont even know how to explain it... One thing is for sure... Its a good song :)



Numero Uno ~ Flaws by Bastille

"All of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one"

So far I've heard the studio version, then the acoustic version with & without piano, all of them are great but I LOVE their acoustic version with the piano... I AM IN LOVE with this song! Thank u MTV Push for featuring them... SOOO gonna buy their album!

The song is basically about flaws... just so flawless! And the dude's voice... crazeee! like his hair... haha... in a good way though... but I have to say that theres something about the guy when he sings... maybe its in his has that emotions that kinda makes u wanna give him a hug... XD maybe I kinda over think about it... XD EITHER WAY, I LOOOOVE THIS SONG... seriously love this song... If can marry it, I totally would... HAHA~

Klah klah~ thats it from me... I promise that I will update moooree... *pinky promise*(APRIL FOOL!)

 HAHA kk stop messin around. I mau tido... so good nite peeps! May u peeps have a sweet dream and beautiful nightmare... HAHAHAHHA~