Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 3 Songs in January 2013


WAAAA 2 posts in 1 day...."Rajin" nyeeee~ :P (SS nye pompuan)

Haha~  So, mcm biase~ U know the drill~

Here are my top songs in January!!!

No. 3 ~ Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth ft  Emeli Sande

Aint it a pretty song? I was quite surprised when I found out that it was Labrinth who sang that song. The first Labrinth song that I heard was "Earthquake", so I guess its nice to hear somthin different from him eh?


No. 2 ~ Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Wanz

"I'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket, I'm, I'm, I'm huntin, lookin for a come up, this is f*cking awesome~"

Hahaha how could that line not stuck in ur brain? Especially with that deep voice... haha... but i have to say my personal favourite line of the song is "Fifty dollars for a T-shirt - that's just some ignorant bitch"... Haha so true kan?

Anywayz thanks to this song, I got to know more of Macklemore's songs. I listened to his album "The Heist" & I was impressed. LOVE IT! One of my favourite song has to be "Same Love"... nah nah give u listen...

I had goosebumps when I heard it.If u listen to the words carefully, its all about supporting the gay marriage thing & I truly respect that. How rare izit for a hip hop artist to stand up for gay rights? VERY. Gotta respect the dude for this song. N dont u just love the video? Well unless u're a homophobe, yeah screw urself. I have a fren who is gay n he is one of the nicest person I've ever known. Just bcoz hes gay, it doesnt mean he cant find happiness kan???

KK enough bout the serious talk. Lets move on to my number 1 song for January 2013.

No.1 ~ Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Check out their MV too. 

Haha not too sure about the concept of the video but it is pretty cute which makes it kinda x sesuai for the song, haha~

I AM OBSESSED with this band. Wanna hunt for their CD but I cant seem to find them here... sadness... xpe2 maybe kena sabar sket. I've listened to most of their songs, but I have to say this one is probably my favourite. Love EVERYTHING about it! Love the beat, love the angst, love the lyrics...LOOOOVE IT!

Hehe & thats my top songs in January 2013... 

I was thinking if I shud continue with this monthly Top Songs thingy or not. But I've decided to continue bcoz just like it. And partly oso to merajinkan diri & keep this blog alive in case I ran out of ideas on what to blog about...

Okie lah, i guess thats it from me... toodles!!!

May the power of music be with you~


*Life without music is like Chinese New Year without Ang Pow*

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