Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello PEEPS! How r u?

Is 2013 treating you good?

No difference? 

Hahaha... new year but yet no difference oso kan? I'm still freaking lazy as always... (KONON nak jadi more rajin this year :P)

This post was actually drafted on 5 January BUT obviously I'm lazy/busy... so yeah... sorry ye.. hehe... On the bright note, I am more rajin updating my diary instead!

N yes I managed to buy a new diary especially for year 2013. See~ so flowery ek?

I dont really know why I chose this flowery 1. Macam lah ayat kat dalam ni berbunga-bunga XD. I spent almost an hour at Popular to decide which diary I wanted to buy. XD crazy me... finally I chose this one, the last one of its kind in the store. Plastic all koyak edi but the inside is fine. Nasib baik. :) hopefully I could fill it with loads & loads of happy memories in it... ^__^

ANYWAYZ~ lemme just cerita2 sket the highlights for this month of January.

Did nothing much actually. Just the normal stuff but for the very 1st time in my life, I paid my very 1st "saman"...

Saman as in wedding ang pau laaa... haha~

*Saman kereta mcm dah byk jugak... XD maklumlah, lady driver:P*

YEAP, gratz to my former colleagues Ivy & Roland... such a cute couple~

N yes it was my first time attending someone's wedding dinner solo... *flying solo~ flying solo~*

Sat together with my ex-colleagues. Hahaha~ lucky xde my crazy ex-boss...  


HAHAHA I'm SOOOO not surprised... :P

N macam biase, ppl will ask "WHEN IS UR TURN?"... =.= ape ler... So what I normally answer is "Huh? HAHAHAHAHA"... just laugh it off awkwardly, it always works... XD BF pon xde mau kahwin amende? N of course I pun amik kesempatan to ask other people the same question... WAHAHAHA! Balas dendam :P

Then I also met someone... an old friend... kinda brings back memories... haha then suddenly my mind started to wonder things... u know, like sometimes u ask urself... "WHAT IF?"... and that eventually leads to an INTERESTING ride home... my mind was barely focusing on the road... Other than that I also just realise that I'll be turning 24 this year.... WHAAAATTT! I tot I'm still 21 or somthing... LOL! Padahal last month baru celebrate 23rd birthday... D'oh!

ANYWAYZ, attending ppl's wedding is pretty fun... Its nice to see two soul get together as one... AWWWWW, so sweet~ "true love" eh? nananana~

So, 2013~~ Forget 2013! CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING! OMG! OMG!

Hahaha... I'm sooo excited for CNY... ANG PAU! ANG PAU! I'm sure I'm not the only 1 kan? :P Can't wait!

But at the same time, I AM SOOO NOT PREPARED! XD baju belum beli... bilik belum kemas... Haha xpe~ xpe~ we think positive! Hopefully sempat lah nak kemas my bilik yg mcm dilanda tsunami tu... XD

Hehe~ so what else? Ermmm like I've said, I've been quite busy. I'm doing fine with my work but mcm biase every work ade datang stress nye. So it is one of the reason I didnt blog much this month. Its like after a long day at work using ur brain, when u balik, all u wanna do is just not think... XD

N speaking of work, it already has been 3 months since I've worked here. Work is all good & I am CONFIRMED! :D and... hehehe ade increment... HAAAALELUJAH! More money = more happy! Weeeeee~ 

Haha....i guess thats all yg happened this month. Not so happening lah kan? Hopefully things will get spicy soon... good kind of spicy lah. Maybe be it would happen during Valentine's Day? 

HAHAHAHAHA.... no worries, confirm xde! hahaha... Wat to do~ My man is too busy protecting his country from evil villains... XD maybe I shud ditch his fine ass for someone else eh? HAHA okok enough with my delusional mode.Ini kes lupa makan ubat XD HAHAHAHA~

So thats it for my 1st post of 2013 which is really full of crap... I dont even know what title I should put... hiak~ hiak~ 

Anywayz knowing the ever so lazy me, I wanna wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR in advance! Coz I know the next time I blog, it would probably be too late.

HEHE~ So hope u peeps enjoy ur holidays... n enjoy collecting your ang pau! n for those yg dah kahwin, enjoy giving out ang paus! Dont 4get 2 gimme yo~ *pretty please*

Dengan ini, saya akan mengakhiri post ini dengan ucapan saya untuk semua:
MAY U ALL HAVE A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR during the year of the Snake. 

Ps: Snakes are AWESOMEEEE!


Pav said...

if ada pakwe pun...kalo takde bajet nak kawin ape..haha... dis is wat we cal...young adult conflict...kalo nak cari satu,apa susah..petik jari jer da dpt..ceh wah...but we deserve the best..

vee-sia said...

Jikalau pakwe itu loaded maka adalah budget kan? hahaha yaya nak cari mmg senang tapi yg nak berkualiti tu susah XD