Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant


Can I get a woot~ woot~

Hahaha~ Yeah it's me... the slightly more rajin me...

So like I've promised, I'll be posting more of my "quest" hunting for Japanese food here in the ever-so-awesome Melaka.

My next destination is the new Japanese restaurant in town, 


Normally, I would just go hunt for Japanese food with my usual Japanese food kakis, but this this we had a mini gathering since everyone was around during the holidays. I think it was a few days after Deepavali kot. 

The whole group :)

So, lets get back to Yotsuba!

I found out about this place in the Melaka2U magazine... their ad had pretty pictures of their food, thats y I dragged my frenz along to this place... XD

Lets start with their menu shall we~

First problem we had is that we didnt know what to order...  Coz the menu items are in Japanese & they dont really have any descriptions abt their food... Despite having VERY BASIC knowledge in Japanese language, I HAVE NO IDEA what are the items on the menu... EXCEPT unagi... XD so we depend on the pictures! Whatever looks good we order... haha~ Saran siap call his fren to jadikan translator... haha...

It took us sometime for us to think of what to eat... but somehow we managed :P

SO these are the food that we ordered...

Ok, I dont know what is this but I think its some pork thingy. I dont even know that they ordered this XD. Mentang2 lah aku duduk at the other side of the table korang tamau share eh? :P

Next entre is Ee Lin's!

Chuka Kurage
Mcm biase she will order this... crazy jelly fish girl XD

We also ordered some makis... coz I love makis... & I also like to maki XD

I think this is the Tempura Prawn Maki...

It is WAY too big for me... personally i prefer the smaller ones then u can just sumbat the whole thing into ur mouth & then u can taste everything together. but taste wise ok lah... the prawn besau... XD

This one is Dragon Maki kot... 
yg I tau it had soft shell crab in it... Taste OKOK oni lah~

Then here comes the set items~

Grilled Chicken Set

Most of them ordered this. Looks nice n according to Ee Lin, taste good too...

I think this is the Salmon Set? XD

Forget to ask them hows the taste... well, at least they didnt complain... XD

Then there's mine!

Tau-tau jelah what I ordered~


 Notice there are 2 prices stated there. Yeah 1 is for lunch & another is for dinner... should have come for lunch eh? :P

Mine arrived last... Paling special punye last eh? XD

So this is how the set looks like...

Kinda small... x cukup kenyang... XD

OOOoooo~ Unagi~

Taste wise it's oklah. Just nice... wish there was more... hahaha~ Oh btw, I have to say, their Chawanmushi is really good. Normally I wouldnt finish any Chawanmushi, but surprisingly for the first time ever,  finished mine (not bcoz i x cukup kenyang ok). It had some shark's fin on the top but I didnt eat them... WHY??? Coz I REFUSE to :P At first I thought it was too "mushroomy"... but lama2 sedap! Haha so far the best Cawamushi around.

Overall comment, this place is not that bad lah... The gang still thinks Wa Zen is better. On the bright side, their service was good. Kudos to the service team~ :) I would probably come back & try other things on the menu. N i'll make sure I come during lunch time since it is cheaper kan? XD

So that's it for my another quest to hunt for Japanese food~

There are few more restaurants for me to blog about... will post them a.s.a.p ye?



Elaine said...

i notice that maki had increase in size over the years.. New trend eh?
who knows it will continue to grow till a size of a saucer. hahaha..

vee-sia said...

XD haimeh... i think certain places oni loh... tat day i went 2 Senju Tei, their maki ngam2 oni... & oso Wa Zen...

Alyssa said...

*drool* Love Japanese food! FYI, the salmon was good too hehe.. And I have to finish up the cawanmushi for those who didn't appreciate how nice it was haha.. I wish they had dessert though.. Wazen wins because they have dessert =P

vee-sia said...

haha fater come back then we can go Wa Zen... hehe~
eh i tot someone said got dessert? lol but then i pun x nampak loh~ XD