Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Nobody likes you when you're 23" XD


Remember that line?


Let u peeps listen to this song... haha & do enjoy the video...XD

 Hahaha so why suddenly post this???


Happy Birthday to me~ 
I'm officially 23~ 
Yes, I still act like a monkey~ 
Doesn't matter coz ppl still loves meeeee~ (i think)... 
huahuahua~ FYI that came out of no where... just me being awesomely random XD

SO JYEAHHH! me just turned 23 last Thursday... TWENTY THREE~  i baru nak enjoy to turn 23, but some of my frenz will be 24, just next month... XD kesian~

ANYWAYZ, it was my birthday~ ngeee~ I actually have properly made plans on what I wanna do on my birthday, but sadly EVERYTHING tak jadi... But luckily EVERYTHING still turns out fine. What matters the most is that I'm happy kan? ^__^

I celebrated with my parents the day before, then during the weekend my family went for IKAN BAKAR! NYUMZ! to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary... ^__^ 

& on the day itself, I had a simple simple celebration oni lah... Birthday oni ape... HEHE~

I was actually working on that day... A dude once told me "Dont ever work on your birthday"... haha, I worked on b'day last year n it turn out pretty cool. This year, OKOK lah... had to attend meeting yg sungguh lama, but OK lah. It was a pretty good day at work. Then after work, I went out with my cousin.

I was craving for CHEESE BAKED RICE! So we went to Wong Kok @ Dataran... HEhehe

Cheese Baked Rice... Me love CHEESE!

N since its my b'day, I got the free giant milk tea!

Its actually a medium giant milk tea coz its oni the 2 of us.. XD

The "medium" giant milk tea...

Me with the giant tea...It is kinda big... i think bigger than my kepala~ 

Then after feeling very kenyang, we went to Tong Pak Fu... We didnt take pic of their dessert coz honestly, their dessert dont look nice loh... taste pun xdelah best sangat pon :P but we got b'day discounts! XD utilizing the b'day benefits to the max... XD haha~ 

Then after dessert went home about 10-ish... yeah SO EARLY kan??? Hahaha enough lah kot~ lagi pun 2 org saje, so lame! XD

Anywayz, did i mention that I bought myself a lil prezzie? YES, I bought my own present... :P 

FINALLY, I bought Chapman Square!


They are coming next year in April!!! So excited!!! Now kena hunt for kaki to go to the concert ^__^

So on my way home I blasted the CD & sing along like a mad lady in the car... FELT OHSEM! N I even sengaja drive a lil slower than I use to so that I can dengar all the lagu habis before I reached home.

N before & went home, I singgah Pav's house to pass to her somthing... N SHE BOUGHT ME CAKE!

My ONE & ONLY cake on my b'day.... XD Black Forest... lama x makan~ :)

So very the terharu... ;) haha...THANK YOU PAV! GBU~

Yeah thats my only cake... XD my parents did ask if I want 1, but tak payah lah... :) haha~

Then I went home, & update my diary...

& it was actually my FIRST entry in 2012! @__@ SIOK FONG u lazy girl!

N it is actually my 2010 diary... Kemalasan tahap maksima!

Hahaha... xpe xpe I'll try my best to update my life in 2012 by end of the year... N yes I'm scouting for a new diary for 2013... HUAHUAHUA~ which means one of my new year resolution is: UPDATE MY FREAKING DIARY MORE OFTEN!

Haha~ Then few days later, I decided to go for my "Great Escape" & has some Japanese food... XD

Spending some quality time with that "special" someone & good food...
N then that was it! That was my b'day celebration... XD simple2 je... 
nothing special~ BUT eventhough it is simple, I'm still happy. N that is what matters the most kan? :D

Haha, so before I end this post, I just wanna thank the people who wished me without FB reminders, sort of:

Thank ou Pav for being the first to wish me & of coz for the cake~
Thank you Kuhan for the one & only birthday tweet + SMS, n I heard ade present eh? XD
Thank you Shaline, Fatin, Lee Hoon, Ee Lin, Badak, & Kim for the SMSes~ (just the way i like it)
Thank You Baboon, Basi, Porky, Ikan & my cousins for posting on my wall on FB~
Thank You my crazy sis for that pic on FB~ XD
Thank You Ah Tat for temaning me on my b'day~
Thank You my ex-colleagues who actually remembered my b'day~ T__T terharu~
Thank You Ashok for the late wishes... again~ XD
Thank You Kedut yg actually mimpi she texted to wish me but didnt... 
& finally Thank You Pui San who was the last... :)  
oh btw Pui San, ade org mau berkenalan with u...HAHAHA u mau? nothing fishy, just fren2... XD
And of course must thank people for the presents!

Thanks to my sis who bought me flight ticket to Bangkok! JULY FASTER LAI~
Thanx to dad for the "ang pau"... Cash... THE BEST GIFT EVER!
Thanx mum for this awesome weird looking Spongebob toy... XD

& Thanx Drace for the necklace... ME LOVE SKULLS!

Yeah, sikit je my presents... maklumlah... nobody like you when you're 23 kan? hahaha~

SO YEAH... me 23... Never felt better... Never felt happier... N for those "CONCERNED" friends yg wished that I berkahwin soon, or have a boyfriend soon, THANKS, but NO THANKS... HAHAHA~ Can u peeps please dont worry about me ah? Korang nak kahwin, sila lah kahwin dulu yea... dont get me involved in those crap... XD  

Oh & a special shout out to those skoolmates & NS mates who got hitched recently, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!"
.... yeahh...umm.... "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" XD

23 n married... @__@ cannot imagine...

N that's about it... I'm done~

That's it from the official 23 years old me...

TOODLES PEOPLE~ Will update soon ya... BYEEEEE!

 Oh one more thing, lets all together pray for the victims at Sandy Hooks Elementary School...
May those lil angels rest in peace...:)


Elaine said...

Glad to hear that u enjoy urself. ^^

vee-sia said...

Hehe~ wajib to enjoy on ur bday ape... XD

Alyssa said...

Siapa itu special someone?! Hahahaha =P The sushi looks good! Remember your BR on 31st hehe..

vee-sia said...

lol i'm the special someone... XD
BR! BR! BR! haha~

Pav said...

since when u hav diary??XD... sory,couldnt find caramel cake...haha..
the special 'someone' tu sape??

vee-sia said...

LOL pav... since... after SPM kot... nape? x percaya ke? :P

eh x payah lah cakap sorry~ its the thought that counts! :)

HAHAHA ko dgn ah hoon sama je kan? :P