Friday, December 28, 2012

My Top Songs in December 2012

It is almost the end of the month!!! 

Macam biase... here are my tops song in December 2012... The last month!

So this month, again I couldnt decide my top 3 songs... HECK I cant even decide the top 5... so here I am listing down the MOST PLAYED SONG in Vriesia E. Ng's coconut head in December.... XD

No. 6 ~ Little Things bye One Direction

CONFESSION: I am not a Directioner... I'm not a fan of 1D. I think their songs are OKlah & often overplayed by the radio stations :P & for the record, I oni like the song ok... When I first heard this song, I HAVE NO IDEA it was 1D.... XD  but I have to say the song is pretty sweet... but the line about "dimples on your back at the bottom of your spine" made me go "HUH??? U can have dimples on your back? really?" Hahaha... other than that, its a sweet song.... awwww~


No. 5 ~ Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

Ok... another confession.... I LOOVE the starting of the song... u know the part where she goes "EEE~ EEE~ EEE~ EEEE~"
Of course the rest of the song is good to... XD
So next time if one of my friend say "Aiya, me sure no boyfriend 1 lah... sape yg mau me?"
 I shall sing to them:
"Anything could happen~ Anything could happen~"


No. 4 Everybody Wants Somebody by Paperplane Pursuit

When I first heard this song, I tot its an international group... Then I saw its PP, i was like "Oh patut ler"... PP is probably one of my fav local bands... The first song that I hear from them is "Goodbye"... It helped me a lil when I was going through my breakup. Yaya so lame.... :P But do check em out lah... they have pretty good songs :)

The next song is another local artist...

No 3. Never Know by Kyoto Protocol

Ok another confession: I rarely listen to the local music scene & I accidentaly terjumpe this song when I was switching through the radio...& I REALLY thought this song was sung by some old white guy... XD DAYMNNN I was wrong eh? The dude got soul!!! Hahaha... Anywayz I really cant stop singing this song in my head and I also had the image of the dancing cow in my mind... XD (watch the official video & you'll know what i mean) So yeah good song, shud listen to more local stuff... & SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


No.2 ~ Ho Hey by The Lumineers

Ho! Hey! Ho! Hey!
Hahaha those are partly my fav part of the song... n of course the chorus,
"I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart"
Ever since I found out about Mumford & Sons, I'm starting to like folk music... Its just so calming & makes me happy in a subtle way... not the "WOOOT! WOOT!" kinda way....  HAHAHA~ (plz bare with my crazy language... I highly apologize for it). U peeps shud try listen to folk music... calms the soul. N do check out The Lumineers... they're pretty cool~

And finally... the song that keeps on buzzing in my head:

No.1 ~ It's Time by Imagine Dragons

How cool is the name "Imagine Dragons"? Hahaha... anywayz I think this band is my new obsession... THEY ARE AWESOME! If you think this song is good, trust me there's more. Probably will talk more about it later on. Okok back to this song, I cant stop singing the chorus. & after I listened to their live version, I fell in love with it even more! Woooo~ maybe shud buy their album. XD Favourite line? 
It's time to begin, isn't it?
I get a little bit bigger, but then,
I'll admit, I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand
That I'm never changing who I am...
Lets just say I can relate to this lyrics a lil... 

& those are my TOP SONGS in December 2012!

WOHOOO! Hope u peeps enjoy these songs as much as I do... & do stay tune as I list down my top songs in the year 2012! I am trying my very best to update my blog before end of the year... Just hope that I can make it... haha~

Oklah then, thats it from me, FOR NOW. Will be back for more updates yeah....


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