Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top Songs in 2012


Well, looks like the end is near... of coz I mean the year! End of the year! Hahaha~ So I guess its time for me to wrap up my top songs in the year 2012!

There are LOADS of good songs this year so it was quite hard for me to decide which one will be my ultimate favourite song in 2012. But somehow I managed to list SEVEN of them down... Lucky number 7 eh? WHY NOT 10??? Coz I really cant decide... HAHA~

So here it is... my top 7 songs in year 2012:

No 7. ~ Taking Over Me by LAWSON

Ok, yes I had the Lawson fever... but the reason this song is on my list is because it just made me smile every time I hear the starting where he goes "OOO oooOOO oooOOO~"... Yeah never failed to make me smile & I have no idea why. Like I've said before this song just makes me wanna fall in love all over again. XD just a weird effect on me & I love it! So yeah, this song definitely deserves its spot on my list... ^__^ cant wait for their concert next year!

Hehe~ NEXT!

No. 6 ~ Light by ELLIE GOULDING

This is probably the only song on the list that was not featured in my monthly Top 3 songs... & I kinda forgotten why... hehe maybe theres other song that were better during that month kot~ ANYWAYZ, I still like this song & I LOOOVE the acoustic version that she did on the Ryan Seacrest show... & her voice+the song... so haunting... WOOO~ haha love it!

Lagu seterusnye!

No. 5 ~ It's Time by IMAGINE DRAGONS

I am OBSESSED with this band! PLZ~ PLZ~ come to Malaysia for a concert! Their song Radioactive is SICK! In a good way of course... This song was my number 1 song in December. Love it so much for its music & also the lyrics... Mainly the lyrics i think... hehe~ 
"I'm never changing who I am"

Next song is...

No. 4 ~ Stronger by KELLY CLARKSON

This song is like the ultimate anthem for me... "It doesnt mean I'm lonely when I'm alone", People always think that if u're alone you will be lonely.... PPFFT! maybe it is better to be alone than being around bad company... just sayin :P ANYWAYZ, its a great song, LOOVE the, LOOOVE Kelly... she's amazing & Imma fan! Hahaha~


No. 3 ~ Try by P!NK

P!nk is my ultimate fav female artist. I grew up listening to her & the first cassette (dulu2 cassette saje) that I've ever bought was Missundaztood... wahahaha good times. This song is probably one of my favourite song of hers... & u peeps do remember her performance at the AMAs kan? its INSANE! N the best part of this song for me is the chorus loh... hehe

"Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns, doesn't mean your gonna die
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try"

Yeap, whatever u do, if it fails, just gotta try again... even failed relationship... nananana depends lah... HAHA!


No. 2 ~ A-Team by ED SHEERAN

This is one of the most beautiful song that I've ever heard. His voice, the acoustic guitar, & the beautiful lyrics... T__T so beautiful... haha~ I think I'm gonna stop blabbering & just let the song do all the talking... :) hehe~

And finally... my number 1 song in the year 2012 is....


Somebody That I Used To Know by GOTYE

I LOVE THIS SONG! Welll duhh, if not I wont put it as number 1 kan? :P

This was also my number 1 song in February... N no matter how many times I hear it, I'll never get sick of it. 

I guess I just love the vibe & dynamics of this song. Its like it creeps on you slowly at the beginning & then attacks you during the chorus... haha...

Anywayz, tons of people has covered this song, but here is one of my fav/one of the best cover of this song.

So here it is, PENTATONIX covering Somebody That I Used To Know.

This group is sick! again in a good way... n yes I am OBSESSED! Haha~ They are awesome, so do check em out.

So I guess thats it! That's a wrap for my Top Songs in 2012.

Do stay tune for my 2012 Year End Report... coming up very, very soon. (I HOPE)

N that's it, BYE~ BYE~ PEOPLE~

Let the music heal your soul... & remember, NO MUSIC NO LIFE!


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