Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My time off


MUAHAHAHA~ December... my favourite month of the year... kekeke~

Hehe~ Anywayz here I am feeling rajin to update my blog. Just a lil update on wat is going on in my life. If u peeps remembered, I actually resigned from my oh-so-wonderful job in October. So before I started my new job, I actually took a week off just to rehat2 & do nothing... haha... I actually had like a gazillion plans to sumbat in a week but sadly 1 week is not enough...

Haha so these are the things that I did during ONLY 1 WEEK off... :P


Awwww... my farewell.... so terharu T_T I actually had 2 farewells... XD one is on my last day of work & another a few days after. Even my old boss & ex-colleague came... Very the terharu loh... Hahaha kinda miss lunch time with them pulak... XD They belanja-ed me pizza... as requested my me... jadi lah tu, ppl belanja xkan nak mintak mahal2 kan? besides I LOVE pizza! so yeah, I'm a happy girl~

After pizza, we went to Tong Pak Fu... But dunno why I keep on say "Pak Tong Fu"... HAHA~

New Tong Pak Fu outlet @ Dataran Pahlawan

If you see the menu, the desserts there looks damn good weh~

So I decided to order their Chilled Mango Sago Creme with Pamelo... Looks great in the picture kan???


But sadly, this is what you get... =.= perasaan kecewa tahap maksima! But taste wise its ok lah... can taste the sweetness of the mango and also the slight bitterness of the pamelo... not bad lah~

N Andrew belanja us for dessert! ^__^ again, terharu~ THANK YOU ANDREW!!! nanti kahwin, jangan lupa invite saya!!! Hahahaha~ oh ya next time, I belanja k? :)

I was suppose to go to KL & makan Jogoya with my frenz,,, but too bad the time clashed with my farewell... XD Ee Lin & Meng: Next time ya! *pinky promise*

So the day after my farewell, I'm off to enjoy my ultimate vacation! (sort of)


First, me n my family went to Penang! It was my 1st time there so I was jakun-ly excited... HEHE~

Dad drived there... I volunteered to drive but my dad dont trust me to drive his Waja... sadness~

So we stayed there for 2 nights at the Hard Rock Hotel...

Honestly I tot Hard Rock Hotel would be a nice place to stay... but the impression I had was just OKOK oni loh... When we checked into the room, I found sampah on the floor, the TV reception was horrible, & the service during breakfast was kinda slow... so yeah, not as awesome i tot it will be...

So in Penang! The place seems pretty awesome! We managed to visit some cool places like Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si Temple... few more other temples yg i dah lupa the nama... & even the famous street art by Ernest Zacharevic.

Below are the pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Kek Lok Si Temple


This temple is HUGE! N its a really pretty place... But really, the temples here in Penang are GORGEOUS! 

Then one thing caught my sepet lil eye...


RM 1 per ribbon... Anything tat u wish for, sume pun ade... pilih saje... wat did I choose? $__$ i'm sure u peeps know me well enough kan? hehe pandai2 lah... $__$

So after dah tulis ur name on the ribbon, u have to gantung the ribbon to this tree...

Pretty tree of wishing ribbons~

Then we also visited other temples... i forgot the names, but theres one with the big sleeping Buddha in it...

Then theres another temple opposite... i think Siam punye kot... XD (imma terrible travel blogger)


Haha... then we also managed to catch the street artwork in Georgetown!

The artwork is amazing... wish we have this in Melaka... 

But too bad we only get to see 2 of them... Coz dad is not a fan of the artsy fartsy stuff... XD AH HOON! next time bring me go see ok!

Then of course, kalau x pegi Penang to makan their food u memang bengong!

Honestly, the only thing that got me excited about Penang is THE FOOD! 

My trip was kinda short, so I memang x puas makan there loh. For me, the most memorable food the is the ASAM LAKSA!

The best asam laksa I've ever had... *drools*

I had these at the stall yg bawah pokok tu.. near Penang Hill... Sedap siot~ Next time must stay there longer & just eat the whole day... haha~

An that was my trip in Penang... x puas jalan :P

NEXT! One of my fav places ever~


The land of strawberries!!!

I like Cameron. People say there's nothing there... HALLLEEEEWW~~~ STRAWBERRIES???

I personallay LOOOVE Cameron... I dont mind berpindah sana... XD haha yeah... spend the rest of my life there... since the hospitality industry there is quite good... OR i could just get married to one anak taukeh ladang strawberry n just settle down like tat... XD ha~r har~ har~


CAMERON! We stayed at the The Lake House Cameron Highlands for 2 nights... The place is beautiful BUT a lil too far from the town... oh & the best part, they dont have TVs or Wi-Fi in the room... XD hahaha... all of us cuak when dengar they say no TV (shud have checked b4 booking) but luckily my family are all kaki judi. We bought a deck of cards & thats it! The casino is open! Hahaha~ Who needs TV when u have a deck of cards kan? XD We played black jack the 1st nite then "In between" the 2nd nite... N guess who won the last pile of cash??? Got abt 60 bucks in total... XD Good times~ haha...

So yeah, Cameron is a relaxing place to go to... N I LOOOVE the weather too... nice n cold ^__^

Here are some pics of Cameron... mostly food... coz thats wat I love... XD

Strawberry Fondue! 
Fresh strawberries dipped in warm melted chocolate... HEAVEN!

 Fried Strawberry Ice Cream

 Waffle with Strawberry Jam & Vanilla Ice Cream

Then of course ade pokok2 n stuff~



Hahaha... maybe i shud really find 1 anak taukeh ladang strawberry eh? HAHAHAHA~

So yeah, thats it for my lil vacation. I was supposed to go to PD after Cameron for my College Reunion... but then I wasn't feeling well... XD sorry guys... next time we jumpe ye... ^__^

And thats it... thats all for my 1 week of holiday... SO VERY THE X CUKUP. Wished it was longer... haha tamak!

Klah, thats it from me peeps... hopefully I'll be more rajin soon... XD 



Alyssa said...

Your vacay photos look so good! Those fried strawberry ice cream and fondue and all, argh~~ Eh not a bad idea, go lah cari some anak tauke ladang strawberry hahaha.. Then can gimme free strawberries too XD I agree Cameron is a nice place to live in, cuz I'm the type that like cool climate XD But I thought u said u dun really like the cold? Anyway, I heard the Toy Museum pindah to another location ad, near the Butterfly Farm if not mistaken.. And u orang Melaka sudah pgi visit 2 murals at least, I kat sini satu pun blm tengok lagi.. Gaaahhh no time~~ Hopefully the class' plan to go after our last paper, jadi.. Then I can finally see them hehehe..

vee-sia said...

haha okok nanti i go find 1 ye... XD
lol since when i said i x suka sejuk? ade meh? XD
haha u shud go c all the murals then next time u can show me around... n oso the toy museum! ^__^