Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas~



Just wanna wish everyone a Happy Merry Christmas. Hope that all of u had a great time with ur family & frenz eating turkey & eggnog... OH & of course, presents!!! Hope u peeps got what u wanted... haha coz I know I didnt... but then I dont even celebrate Christmas... HAHA~

So I have a confession to make... Honestly, the past few years I have been like the Grinch or Scrooge... I dont know why, but I was really grumpy during Christmas. BUT surprisingly this year, I think I caught up with the ho~ ho~ holiday bug in my system... XD Or maybe I'm just happy with my life right now... thats why I'm so positive n mushy n stuff... haha~

SO~ this year's Xmas wasn't so bad... I was is the holiday spirit... had "jingle bells" on my mind... and I spreaded my joy of Christmas to my cats too!


Hahaha ok, maybe not... but they better be... Cute hat eh? I jahit 1 leh (SO PROJECT RUNWAY) Do u know how long did it take me to sew that hat??? 1 hour leh.... XD it turn out pretty ok lah for a person who hates sewing... haha...

Ohh btw, me & my frenz also had a Christmas gathering @ Restism... or shud I say Racism bcoz their order sheet is in Chinese only... XD

It had been years since we had a Christmas gathering... I baru je perasan... haha yeah i think everyone is just bz kot.... kot....

The gathering was ok lah... I guess the only fun part is when we exchange gifts... besides the excitement of getting gifts, that was the only time when nobody looks at their phone... technology... pffffttt~

So speaking of exchanging gifts, look at what I got~

Haha thank you Pav for ur gift... got a cute reindeer headband & a mini notebook + CARD! & also thank you Mathan for the fan... XD

Oooh~ Ooooh~ I oso got a belated b'day pressie!

Shine bright like a diamond~

It is sooo sparkly, it hurts my eyes! IN A GOOD WAY!


Its kinda big for my "tulang-ish" wrist but who cares! ITS PREEEETYYYYY~

Anywayz, I hope u peeps had a great Christmas too... I'm SURE u peeps had a better one than mine...  all I did was meet up my frenz & visited my ex-boss (the non crazy one)... & I HAD NO TURKEY! XD

HAHA~ just kidding~ my Christmas is pretty awesome for someone who doesnt celebrate Christmas... HAHA PLUS, ITS A FREAKING HOLIDAY! NO WORK = AWESOME!

Hmmm, I wonder if I'll feel the same next year... XD I guess we'll just wait & see... maybe will do a lil more charity next year too... :)

Hahaha~ i guess there's nothing else from me... but to wish everyone of u

& there will more post to come...

*pinky promise*



Pav said...

not bad...i shud say kuhan got taste..haha..i love mine too... u shud post the photo of the gift u prepare for ppl...

Pav said...

eh eh..the candy u buy eh? nice

vee-sia said...

haha yaya not bad kan? too bad aku nye tangan too kurus...

the gift tu... XD mana ade sempat... beli pun last minit... fresh from JJ... XD

The candy kakak aku dapat free... XD huahuahua~