Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year End Report


I'm loving December so much, I dont want it to end! But of course life goes on as we usher into year 2013!

Honestly I'm kinda excited to see what happens next year. Dont know why, but my cat instinct says its gonna be good... HAHA, WE SHALL SEE!

Just like every year, I'll do a "report" to review balik all the highlights that happened on that year... So let's see what happened in the year of the drooling Water Dragon... 

Vriesia E. Ng's 2012 Year End Report!


To make things easy for me to remember, let's go by month shall we:


In January, I attended my first concert EVER! I watched FOSTER THE PEOPLE live in KL~

 It was AWESOME!!! Totally worth it. Worth driving all the way up to KL just to catch them live XD... cant wait for their next album to come out! FTP! FTP!

And on the same month we celebrated CNY~

Gotta love CNY... It is one of those times of the year where I look forward the most...


Get to see my frenz too, & this year I'm happy that we had a big group...

The Big Happy Family

Hope to see the same faces again next year :)



In Feb I went to see another concert. A special solo acoustic show by Dashboard Confessional.


Dashboard is one of my favourite bands ever so its a must for me to go & watch them live. N also for the first time, I drove up to KL ALONE! Again, TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Then in the same month, "THE NIGHTMARE" came into my life.... had such a horrific time working with her, gave me goosebumps every time I hear her voice. *shivers*

Yeah, other than that February was quiet.



In March me & my frenz went to Putrajaya for the HOT AIR BALLON FEST!

Pretty Hot Air Balloons!

It was our first time there... It was kinda boring at first coz we got nothing to do but then somehow we had fun lah. The light show was nice! Might plan to go there again next year! Haha *hopefully*



Then in April me & my family went to Kukup... n yes together with Dad's frenz... wat a snooze fest. That's why I didn't blog about it... wasn't really inspired by it. XD

 This is Kukup.

But then I dont blame the place lah... I guess to have a great time, it not about the place u are at, but the people who are surrounding u... So yeah I didnt had much fun there. The only good thing about that place is the cheap fireworks,..... ermm tats it. XD food aint that great oso... U wan nice seafood, pegi Alai or Umbai lagi syiok lah... :P



The family trip continues, and this time we went to Hat Yai... yeah with Dad's frenz... =.=

But Hat Yai is awesome! Saya 1st time pegi so excuse me for being a lil jakun.

We visited the temples there and also all the tourist attractions lah... But I have to say, the best thing is the COCONUT ICE CREAM! SEDAP SIOT! Coconut+Ice Cream... 2 of my favourite things!

The food there is pretty awesome too... mcm biase, I x puas makan... haha~ Oh I also ate bugs! Pic not included to avoid any barfing or vomiting... eh it tasted good leh... thanx to the MSG lah kot... XD

And of course I enjoyed shopping there! Shopping heaven~ N thanx dad for sponsoring our shopping spree. That's why u are number 1 eh? :P

Then in the same month I also had my first visit to the DOCTOR this year! $#@%!!!

And then it became a monthly trip there. From May to September, I would fall sick & kena amik MC...

Stupid freaking meds...

Yup, there goes my third year of perfect attendance. :(


Anywayz, on the same month as well, I WENT TO THE TOY MUSEUM!!!

Melaka's Toy Mesum

I love this place. I toys.
If u think I'm childish then go screw yourself coz TOYS ARE AWESOME & I dont give a fuck about YOU...
nuff said, TOYS ARE AWESOME... :P



June is a quiet month... But there was a WEDDING!!!

Gratz to the happy couple!

It was my cousin's wedding. N everyone wore KEBAYA!
All the pretty ji muis in kebaya~ :)

Yeah, I bought my first kebaya... Nyonya apa ni xda kebaya ah? hahaa~ Hopefully I can still wear them for a long time... XD

Then in the same month, I lost a very good friend. The light of my life... Cute lil Pablo.

U know when people say "you dont know what you have until you have lost it"... I get to learn that from Pablo.

I didnt know that I loved this lil notty cat until I've lost him. & for the first time I cried like a lil bitch that I never thought I would.

So rest in peace my little one...

Che2 misses u ;)


Let's move on shall we...


I dont remember anything from July... XD I think nothing happened kot.




In August, FINALLY!!! I bought a new phone!

My HTC Desire V...

Love it when I first got it... Dont love it anymore... Asyik delete all my song... ALL ok! My precious lagu2... n there are some glitches... T__T mcm sial je... but I'll just bare with it lah... still useable.

& also for the first time ever, I played PAINTBALL... finally! It was fun & painful at the same time... & then I also realize how unfit I was... lari kejap dah penat... XD

Then I also get to "fulfill" my "desire" to go to a place that is in my wishlist...


 Hiak! Hiak! Hiak!

Yes! FINALLY! I get to go to the zoo! 

& I managed to tarik along my frenz to go along with me.

N sorry I 4got to post the pics ya... haha penat2 korang posing tapi I x letak gambar... haha OOPSIE! Nanti I'll blog about it eh? :)
*pinky promise*


In September, I had Lawson Fever... N thats it... XD


Hiak~ Hiak~ Hiak~ October~ The month where I resigned!
 My Farewell~

I left my old job & started a new 1 on the same month! Seems like a risk but its ok... I mmg kaki judi ape... kaki judi takes risk all the time... XD (kids please dont try this at home)

Either way, I'm happier now with my work life... No need to work for a crazy person anymore. MY NIGHTMARE IS GOOONE! N I dont have to work in a place where there are SOO MANY Oscar winning actors & actresses and also I dont have to work in a place that discriminates a person based on their looks. Last time I checked I was working in a hotel not a brothel... just sayin~ :P

Nuff bout worky2 stuff... 

SO b4 I started my new job I went for a holiday with my family... without Dad's friends! ^__^

We went to Penang~

And then we also went to Cameron! :)

Land of strawberries~

Just needed a vacation before I started my new job... Its kinda like detoxing from all the stress I had from my previous job... hehe~



For these two months, I dont think I did anything big... I barely remember anything about November XD N in December I just celebrate my birthday oni loh... HAHA~ yeah very quiet 2 months... i think... hehe~


This year overall not too bad~ Above average lah... Haha~

I had some ups & downs this year but that is wat we call LUMRAH HIDUP...

Oh btw, I also notice this year most of my school mates & NS friends yang dah berkahwin...
Well, congratulations for all of u guys lah ye... Semoga perkahwinan anda akan sentiasa berkekalan :)
 I dont know how u peeps do it but kudos to u peeps!

N this year another schoolmate passed away. RIP Nini...
Everyone was shocked when they found out. I had goosebumps when I saw the news... kinda makes us realize how short life can be... :(

But along the way I did meet new friends... and lost some too... isnt it sad when years of friendship just vanished in thin air... oh well~

Oh btw, did I mention that the entire people on earth got punk'd by the Mayans... HILARIOUS~ XD


ORITEEE~ THATS IT! That was my 2012 report! :D

I think got a lot more things that happened but then I cant really remember... HAHA~

SO lets see if I accomplished my New Year Resolution for 2012:
  1. MORE MONEY! Hahaha yes saya gile duits $__$ (YES, new job~ better pay... hiak! hiak!)
  2. Change my stinkin phone! :P (YES, that HTC Desire V... =.=)
  3. Buy a watch :P (FAILED! T__T dah 2 years in a row... nvm nvm CNY we buy new watch!)
  4. Just live life to the fullest and take the "leap of faith" if I have to. Especially when it comes to my career. :) (JYEAHHHH~ totally did that! haha)

    3 out of 4 accomplished.... OK ape... ^__^

    Sooo 2013.... what do I have in mind?

    1. Earn more money... XD $__$ will always be my goal in life...
    2. Start my online boutique.... yes work is in progress... plz bare with me... XD
    4. Do more charity work... I was thinking SPCA... ade sape2 mau join? :)
    5. Maybe learn another language? :P
    6. Blog & also update my diary more often... haha~
    7. Have a healthier life... I think I shud exercise more... XD

    7 shud be enough kan? Hahaha... I dont really know what to put anywayz... hehe~

    So I guess thats it from me... my last post of 2012... waaaa so sad... haha... hope all of you will have a good year next year. Its gonna be the year of the snake! My year! wohoo~

    So just wanna wish everyone:


    may WE all have a great amazing year ahead!



    Veesia~ Evans~ Ng~