Friday, November 30, 2012

My Top Songs in November 2012

OLAAA people! how r u doin?

Good i hope... Me? Super fine~ JYEAHHHH!

Anywayz, ITS THE END OF NOVEMBER EDI!!! 2molo is the start of December! DECEMBER! My month! Hehe~

ANY HOW~ u peeps know the drill... here are my top songs in November... Oh btw, this month there's oni 2 songs that got stuck in my mind. Last month banyak sangat, this month 2 saje... hehe~ So just sit back & enjoy the music ye?

No.2 ~ Daylight by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 premiered this song on The Voice. I do like that show but I dont know why this year mcm x best je. Maybe bcoz all my favourites are already out XD n izit just me or izit their performances are getting more boring every week? Just sayin la... nvm we shall see... but i am rooting for Team Cee Lo~ *TREVIN!!!* HAHA~ OKOK back to the song...

Daylight is M5's third single... 1st time hearing this song, my reaction was "ehhh... not bad". Adam sounds pretty good to eh?... Btw I can totally relate to the lyrics. The part where he sings "When the day light comes I'll have to go, but tonight I'll be holding you so close"... AWWWWW~ so sweet kan? I can relate to that verse coz I have the same feeling towards "someone" i sleep with every night.... MR. PILLOW! Its a nice song to dedicate to ur pillow kan? Coz usually in the morning u tend to feel "berat hati" wanna let go of ur pillow... XD HAHAHA okok... but really lah, its a nice song... cant stop singing it in a falsetto voice like Adam's... hahaha...

Okok next!!!!

No.1 ~ Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch

Okkk... raise your hands up if you heard "sexy lovin" or something else instead of "sweet nothing"... HAhaha i'm sure I'm not the only 1 kan? hahaha... Anywayz this song is awesome, i sing it in my head all the time... n yes i still sing it as "sexy lovin"... hahaha.... n other than the awesome beats by Calvin Harris, i also like the lyrics as well.... My fav line is "And its hard to learn, and its hard to love, when you're giving me such sweet nothing"... I think those words pretty much explains everything abt the song eh? This song kinda reminds me of a friend of mine...Haha n that is another story lah~

WOKIE DOKIE~ thats it from me.... just 2 songs for this month... N I LOOVE these 2 songs... hehe...

Anywayz, I am sooo ready for December... In fact, I cant wait for December... Haha... Klah, I guess thats it from me....

GOOD BYE PEOPLE! May the power of music be with you & TOODLES!!!

*Life without music is like  Spongebob Square Pants without Patrick*
XD I think I've been watching too much of cartoons lately XD

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