Friday, November 30, 2012

My Top Songs in November 2012

OLAAA people! how r u doin?

Good i hope... Me? Super fine~ JYEAHHHH!

Anywayz, ITS THE END OF NOVEMBER EDI!!! 2molo is the start of December! DECEMBER! My month! Hehe~

ANY HOW~ u peeps know the drill... here are my top songs in November... Oh btw, this month there's oni 2 songs that got stuck in my mind. Last month banyak sangat, this month 2 saje... hehe~ So just sit back & enjoy the music ye?

No.2 ~ Daylight by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 premiered this song on The Voice. I do like that show but I dont know why this year mcm x best je. Maybe bcoz all my favourites are already out XD n izit just me or izit their performances are getting more boring every week? Just sayin la... nvm we shall see... but i am rooting for Team Cee Lo~ *TREVIN!!!* HAHA~ OKOK back to the song...

Daylight is M5's third single... 1st time hearing this song, my reaction was "ehhh... not bad". Adam sounds pretty good to eh?... Btw I can totally relate to the lyrics. The part where he sings "When the day light comes I'll have to go, but tonight I'll be holding you so close"... AWWWWW~ so sweet kan? I can relate to that verse coz I have the same feeling towards "someone" i sleep with every night.... MR. PILLOW! Its a nice song to dedicate to ur pillow kan? Coz usually in the morning u tend to feel "berat hati" wanna let go of ur pillow... XD HAHAHA okok... but really lah, its a nice song... cant stop singing it in a falsetto voice like Adam's... hahaha...

Okok next!!!!

No.1 ~ Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch

Okkk... raise your hands up if you heard "sexy lovin" or something else instead of "sweet nothing"... HAhaha i'm sure I'm not the only 1 kan? hahaha... Anywayz this song is awesome, i sing it in my head all the time... n yes i still sing it as "sexy lovin"... hahaha.... n other than the awesome beats by Calvin Harris, i also like the lyrics as well.... My fav line is "And its hard to learn, and its hard to love, when you're giving me such sweet nothing"... I think those words pretty much explains everything abt the song eh? This song kinda reminds me of a friend of mine...Haha n that is another story lah~

WOKIE DOKIE~ thats it from me.... just 2 songs for this month... N I LOOVE these 2 songs... hehe...

Anywayz, I am sooo ready for December... In fact, I cant wait for December... Haha... Klah, I guess thats it from me....

GOOD BYE PEOPLE! May the power of music be with you & TOODLES!!!

*Life without music is like  Spongebob Square Pants without Patrick*
XD I think I've been watching too much of cartoons lately XD

Sakura House Melaka

Hollaaaa peeps! 

Since I got back my pc edi, saya, Vriesia Evans Ng bertekad untuk merajinkan diri saya supaya dapat mengupdate blog saya yg ketinggalan ini... XD (OH MY BM!)

So, recently I went to few Japanese restaurant right here in the ever so awesome Melaka. But this one I actually went like few months ago... XD well, u peeps should know my laziness very well by now kan?

Anywayz, the place that I'll be talking about is Sakura House.

Honestly, if my friend Ee Lin (read her review here) didnt recommend to me this place, jangan harap I akan tau. This place has been around for quite a while, n this was like my 2nd visit here... i think. XD

Sakura House is literally a house. It is located in a housing area in Duyong (see address above) & it is kinda cool. Hahaha... Just that its kinda leceh to find parking there n the dining space are kinda limited so make sure u guys call to make a reservation before u decide to serbu the place ok? ;)

So I went there with the usual partner in crime when it comes to Japanese food, EE LIN! Haha and also Siew See & Porky... i think it was Porky... XD oppsy~ 

ANYWAYZ, the environment there is ok lah... its like eating at someone's house... but u have to pay... XD sorry x amik gambar... lupa XD

As we settled with our order n all, we get a pot of green tea... which means: FREE FLOW GREEN TEA! but its also self service... kalao mau refill air panas, buat sendiri ye... on the bright side you can also tambah extra tea bag at the tempat tambah air... ^__^

Then slowly the food came.... First we have our appetizers!

Chuka Kurage
Ee lin ordered this... I notice she always orders this... crazy jelly fish girl... HAHAHA XD

So far, I've tried shishamo at a few places... but here is my fav... n yes, I'm the crazy shishamo girl... :P


Also known as the Japanese pancake... I like their okonomiyaki also... x byk bawang... XD

Then comes the main courses~


Sorry, I forgot what Udon is this... XD

Siew See & I had the bento set.

SS's Salmon Bento Set

And mine, mcm biase: UNAGI!!!

:( small piece of unagi... x cukup :P

My Unagi Bento Set

Overall I'm satisfied with the food here... Yeah maybe their food is not as fancy as other restaurants but for me their price is quite reasonable. So if you're on a budget but craving for some Japanese food, this is the place for you.

And thats all for now... will update more on my "quest" to hunt for Japanese food. HEHE~

Oh btw, if you wanna know more bout this place, do check out their blog as stated below :)

That's it from me... SAYONARA PEEPS!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

TOP 3 Songs in October 2012


Long time no update eh? Wahahaha trust me, this time its not my fault... blame it on my computer~

First of all, i nak cerita that my computer was BUSTED... AGAIN.... my PC telah disambar petir... I think my compooper made Zeus pissed off or somthing... haha... Nasib baik still under warranty so dah send to kedai to fix it...

So now... FINALLY I got my PC back... ^__^ so i'm back blogging... i actually have few thing to posts, but i just dunno where to start.... so I decided to start with my monthly routine: my top 3 songs of the month!

I actually have a lot of songs in my head in October.... one of it is this song by "They Might Be Giants"

U peeps still remember Malcom in the Middle? I LOVE that series... haha such a crazy family... XD

Anywayz, theres a reason why tat song have been lingering in my head... especially the chorus... "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME NOW, YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME NOW, AND YOU'RE NOT SO BIG" (eventhough she is big... literally :P)

Hahaha yeah... n in my mind i'm dancing franticly to that song... OHSEM!

So like I've mentioned, theres few good songs in October which makes it quite dificult to list down my top 3. So I've decided to make it my top 5... why? because i feel like! kekekeke~

So enjoy my top 5 songs in the month of October~~~ i think by now these songs pun mcm dah basi... XD either way... ENJOY~~

No. 5 ~ Talk a Walk by Passion Pit

This song sounds like a good song to work to out kan? I dont work out, but when I listen to this song, rasa mcm semangat nak jalan or go jogging or somthin like that... XD I'm not so sure wat the song is about but I'm guessing the dude is having a hard time in his life so decided he take a walk.... HAHAHA thats was crappy eh? ANYWAYZ I like the beat of the song n I started to like Passion Pit too... pretty cool music... shud check em out more...yeap... Passion Pit... AWESOME~


No 4 ~ Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Who doesnt love Bruno Mars??? U must be crazy if you dont. Locked Out of Heaven was Bruno's latest single... its not really my favourite song from Bruno but still, its good song. :)

No 3 ~ Madness by Muse

Haha this song... CONFESSION TIME! The first time i heard this song, I was like "Ape nye lagu nie?" XD thats coz i can barely understand wat he was singing... but i did knew it was Matt Bellamy coz his voice is like no other artist out there... n eventually as time goes by, this song just grows on me... XD mad, mad, mad~


It was hard to choose which song is no 1, coz these 2 artist are my fav female artist ever... both of them are awesome n they can SING the shit out of anything... so here is my second fave song in October...

No 2 ~ Try by Pink

P!nk is awesome!!! I grow up listening to her, love her attitude, love her style, love HER HAIR! XD n I pretty much love all her songs! This song was her latest song... N DID U SEE HER PERFORMANCE AT THE AMAs?

Nah, nah give u see~

POWER SIOT! Sing n dance... gile lah... eventhough I still prefer her 2010 'Glitter in the Air' performance at the Grammys... but this is still amazing... 

N finally, the No 1 song is....

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

 This is Kelly's latest single from her Greatest Hits album... I'm a huge fan of hers coz her voice is AMAAAAZING!!! n she always seem so humble n all... cool beans... XD n i cant stop singing this song in my head... so yeah, it deserves the no.1 spot!

Wehehehe~ Ok lah thats it from me... again, sorry for the delay...  blame Zeus for zapping my computer :P

Hahahaha wokie dokie~ TOODLES PEOPLE! May the music heal your soul~

N more post coming sooon... 

*pinky promise*


Life without music is like a big wallet with no money.... XD