Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why I Watch the Olympics

The 2012 Olympics is hereee~


Yes its the Olympics! Are u guys watching them? Best kan?

Hahaha yeah obviously I'm watching. It only happens every 4 years ma... fun ape... Watch all the athletes battle each other to earn a medal for their respective countries and be the pride of their nation... (wah ceh ceh). Mmg dasyat lah...all the blood, sweat, & tears... hahaha... nice~

Of course that's not the only reason I enjoy watching the Olympics...

The main reason is of course to support our very own Malaysian athletes!


***For those yg kutuk our Malaysian athlete's outfits during the Opening Ceremony: STFU! I saw other country's outfit... ours is not that bad ok... complain je keje... ish~***

I'm definitely rooting for them! Olympic still belum habis leh, so there's still hope for a medal!


And of course go Dato Lee Chong Wei!!! 

Make us proud by winning that gold medal & beat that lan ci Lin Dan :P... Then we can get free ice cream from Baskin Robins AND who knows... PUBLIC HOLIDAY! XD


Another exciting part of the Olympics is the opening ceremony~

If u thought Beijing was awesome, London pun not bad jugak. Ade James Bond & Mr. Bean leh!!! hahaha~

The opening was preeeetty awesome... Excited to watch the closing pulak... haha~

And finally... last, but not least... :)

Hahaha.... for my next reason, I'll just let the pictures speak for itself. :P


Hahahahha can u say JEAH???

LOL I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one kan??? Hahaha jangan malu-malu lah :P 

Let's just the the hawt athletes are like icing on the cake... we get to the sports and cuci mata sekali... XD

Hehehe... a lil eye candy wouldnt hurt kan? :P a lot pun xpe... heheheh~

Haha klah, that's it from me... just feel like blogging... I've abandoned my blog for a while now... Sometimes got nothin to blog, but most of the times I just have no words goin through my mind... XD

Klah, that's it from me... hopefully more to come... haha HOPEFULLY...

Toodles peeps! 


*Lochte.... @__@ Hawt!*


Pav said...

if for guys..sbb ada female athletes yg hot..

vee-sia said...

haha betul betul... lumrah hidup XD