Friday, August 31, 2012

Top 3 Songs: August 2012


Enjoying ur holidays peeps? I hope u peeps do... coz i know I am :)

ANYWAYZ, its the end of the month so y'all know the drill.


No. 3 ~ I Want You Back by Cher Llyod

There's something very annoying bout this song. Yet i kinda like it XD. Her voice in this song is kinda like those "cutesy" gedik-ish girls... but if u listen to the lyrics, well her voice suits this song. XD

The song is basically about her wanting back her boy after dumping him. XD she tot he would be crying and all but instead he was all cool about it. So thats why she wanted him back... hahaha women eh? XD

I like this version but I decided to do a lil research and listen to the acoustic version that she did.

I love the acoustic version... but i prefer the other version with the grunt. XD got more attitude ma... But I have to say I loove her voice.. turns out shes one of a contestant in X Factor UK... no wonder shes good... hmmm...


OK this next song is not somthing I'm proud of...I hate to admit this... but the No.2 song that is stuck in my head is....

No 2. ~ Gangnam Style by PSY

Beh tahan... XD the first time I watch this my reaction was like " WAT DAFUQ DID I JUST WATCH???"
 Whats with the horse riding dance thingy???
N I really dont understand what the hype is all about... XD but the song is EVERY WHERE! And everyone is doing a parody of it!
N sadly... I have officially caught the bug... n now I have this "song" in my head... 
"Heyyyyyy sexy lady, Opp Opp Opp Opp Oppa Gangnam Style"
 @__@ shit.

 KK lets move on to some REAL GOOD music...

I present to you my numero uno song for this month:

No 1. ~ She's So Mean by Matchbox 20

They're back and awesome as hell!

Haha...She's So Mean is their first single from their latest album North.  Always have been a fan so I'm glad that their song is still good like before.

N this song is AWEESOOOMEEE! The drum beats in this song is SICK! (Drummer guy not that bad oso XD drummer+suit... me likey haha) I cant stop listening to this song... Love it! N this my people, is what we call REAL good music... haha...

WOKIE DOKIE, that's it from me... for now... I actually have loads of thing to blog about but I dont really have the time. So see how lah ye... XD

HEhehe... oh b4 I end this post... I just wanna wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!

Saya tau saya ketinggalan zaman tapi biar lambat asalkan selamat maa.... XD sort of...

So here's my favourite raya song that I wanna dedicate to all of u peeps!

Hands down my fav raya song of all time! XD I was alone in the office last week and i sang this every morning XD... true story... haha yeap the crazy things i would do when I'm alone in d office... *shhhh*

Hahahah klah! Enjoy ur weekend peeps! 


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