Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 3 Songs: July 2012

Wazzzzzup people!!!

End of July edi??? So fast kan? I dont even remember what happened in July... XD tgk tgk dah end of the month liao... its a good thing right?

Anywayz, I oso wanna wish my Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa... i know its a lil late but better late than never kan? Dont u peeps just love the puasa month? Well, i  mean the Bazaar Ramadhan of course! FOOD! FOOOD EVERYWHERE!!! One of the best times of the year. Haha... 

KK enough bout food...

Lets talk about the Olympics! How AWESOME was the opening? James Bond AND Mr. Bean???
& GO TEAM MALAYSIA! Hahaha... I love the watching the Olympics... with sports n all... n hot athletes with hot bods... hahaha i'm sure i'm not the only one kan? :P

Hahahha okok~

Lets get to business! Here are my TOP 3 Songs in the month of July:

No.3 ~ Blow me One Last Kiss by P!nk

Dont we all love Pink? I know I do! I'm a fan since... since... ever! XD That chick can totaly kick yo butt. And shes now a mum!Yet she still kicks ass... XD this is her latest single & I LOVE IT! The perfect song to sing in the car on my way home from work. XD Love to yell out the "shit" part... HAHAHA yeah I like to yell "shit" out loud... its like therapy... XD

As for the song, its basically about an a$$hole who treats his girl badly, so the girl had enough n leave that a$$hole... so there's a lesson to be learned in this song, if ur bf is an @$$hole, LEAVE HIM!

Haahhaha~ NEXT!

No.2 ~ A Team by Ed Sheeran

Haha dont let the title fool u ye... Isnt it just beautiful? How could a song about prostitution and drugs be so beautiful? Just in case u didnt get it, yes its abt prostitution n drugs. Just listen to the lyrics and just float away with Ed's sweet voice... I LOOVE THIS SONG! :P

And finally, the number 1 song that keeps on playing in my twisted lil mind.

NO.1 ~ It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones

HAHAHAHHA.... u peeps remember this song?

Yeah its an old song & I heard this on the radio earlier this month n its got stuck in my head... U know u peeps shud listen to some oldies sometimes. Dengar lah Lite.Fm. Hahaha instead of other music station yg balik2 play Justin Beber and those 1Directions and all. Hari2 dengar pun jelak :P So yeah, "It Not Unusual" is my No.1 song this month. Hahahaha~ Its a fun song! Its an awesome song to listen to after a LONG SUCKY DAY! Just makes u wanna dance to it! Hilang stress sikit XD

Hahahaha~ Speaking of dancing, maybe u peeps would remember this guy...

Hahaha... Fresh Prince of Bel Air...That show was ages ago... Brings back memories kan? hahaha (u kidos yg tatau can go play far far) Haha anywayz... thats the end of my post...

May the power of music be with you... :)

Till the next post, Au Revoir!!!!

*ps: I'll promise to update more... coz i've been super busy lately... FOR REAL leh... Lets just say I'm workin on a side project... hehe will let y'all know once it is launched. :)

Bye peeps!

***Life without music is like lemang without rendang/sambal***
WOOOHOO x sabar nye nak raya!!!


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