Monday, July 16, 2012

Marron 5 LIVE in Malaysia... Bye-Bye Tickets?

Maroon 5 is coming to Malaysia!
*cue in high-pitched fan girl scream*

Yeap the Grammy winning band is coming down to Malaysia again as part of their "Overexposed Tour" on the 20 September 2012 at Stadium Shah Alam.

N yes I sooo wanna go. 

Haha.... fine, I'll be honest with the fact that I wasnt a big fan of them at the beginning. But then lama lama dengar, not bad pulak their songs. Lets just say they didnt make a good first impression for me with "Harder to Breath". As for the others songs, I'm a fan. :)

So yeah, ape tunggu lagi? beli lah the tickets kan? HAHAHAHAHAHA RIIIIGHTTTT~

U peeps see the price lah... T__T So due to my tight budget, I think I have to pass... UNLESS, I win myself some free tickets... 

And speaking of free tickets, last week Mix Fm had a contest that gives out 2 MONEY CAN'T BUY tickets to the Maroon 5 concert. The contest was easy... just be the first caller through and then guess the 3 songs that they play and BOOM! free MONEY CAN'T BUY tickets... I used 3, THREE, TIGA, SAN, TROIS, TRES phones to call them. I tried every freaking day for the whole week. And the result?






That's how I felt like holding until 3 phones calling non stop... =.=

So yeah lady luck wasnt on my side... so I can just kiss those tickets good bye... or should I kiss Mr. Sexy Adam Levine good bye eh? hahahaha~ dream on!

Haiz... hopefully I can get myself some free tickets... still got time... September leh... haha... KK lets keep our fingers crossed k?

Hahaha... klah just a quickie update from me... Mcm dah tergendala pulak blog nie... Maklum lah bz... N I fall sick again... =.= I think somthin is wrong with me... oh well...

SO that's it from me... I shall end this post with one of my fav songs from Maroon 5. Know wat, I cant decide just one, so I give u 2 ok?


Must Get Out
Lol how cute is the dancing milk carton at the beginning? XD

Hope y'all enjoyed it! Till the next post.... BUH BYEEEEEE!

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