Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top 3 Songs of the month: June 2012

Its the end of June!!!

So y'all know the drill!

Top 3 songs!

Bla! Bla! Bla!

Lets get to the music!

No.3 ~ Too Close by Alex Clare

This song is pretty cool... it got so much drama with his voice & with the dubstep n all... Not a big fan of dubstep but I can accept it in this song... XD Love the dynamics of the song. N of course the lyrics... hehe~


No. 2 ~ Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Haha put yo hands up if u yelled "HEY" together with the song!

I always do that.. XD

Of Monsters and Men is an indie band from Iceland. I'll make sure to search for more of their songs... I loved this song the first time i heard it. It just makes u wanna dance n yell "HEY!" hahha~ AWESOME song... :)

And finally...

No.1 ~ Distance by Christina Perri ft Jason Mraz

I first heard this song on Star World where they did the Revenge promo. Itu pun just cikit oni... then i heard the full song... pretty good... then I listened to the acoustic version... BAM! I'm in LOOVE. LOOVE her voice... LOOVE his voice. I can't believe I missed out their concert this month. Anywayz... i just love the lyrics of this song. To love someone silently... awww~

***Speaking of Revenge, their finale is sooo lame!!! Her mother is alive??? Come on lah, that is SOOO Prison Break ok?... puhlezzz... cant wait for season 2 though... XD***

And that's all for my top 3 songs in June...

Hope u peeps enjoy them. BUT just in case those 3 song arent enough, here's a bonus song for u guys. U peeps gotta love this!

If I Was Your Aunty by The Pagi Rock Crew

HAhaha Hafiz looks so adorable... XD Seriously, Justin WHOOO? Hahaha~

So now we shall say goodbye to June.

It has been a crazy month for me... Just few days ago I fell sick AGAIN... sigh... and of course losing my baby Pablo... feels so empty without him around.

Lets just hope July would be a better month. Klah thats it from me...



***Life without music is like red velvet cake without cream cheese frosting***
Hutang red velvet ye Sha... XD


Mary said...


that's hilarious XD

Pou Leen said...

LOL! Yeay to "Distance"! Been listening to that over and over again, and not a tad bit bored!

vee-sia said...

Mary: hahaha arent they cute? XD

Pou Leen! TQ for visiting here... love ur comics! Gotta love "Distance"! Hahaha~

Skinny Love said...

I liked your suggestions, Too Close is also on my summer playlist this year ;D

Love * Monstros no Armário

Pav said...

haha..the aunty song...XD..

vee-sia said...

hey Skinny Love.. LOL reminded me of the Bon Iver song... anywayz THANX FOR VISITING! :)

Pav! Hahaha aku tau ko suke Prem dlm sari tu... XD