Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top 3 Songs of the month: June 2012

Its the end of June!!!

So y'all know the drill!

Top 3 songs!

Bla! Bla! Bla!

Lets get to the music!

No.3 ~ Too Close by Alex Clare

This song is pretty cool... it got so much drama with his voice & with the dubstep n all... Not a big fan of dubstep but I can accept it in this song... XD Love the dynamics of the song. N of course the lyrics... hehe~


No. 2 ~ Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Haha put yo hands up if u yelled "HEY" together with the song!

I always do that.. XD

Of Monsters and Men is an indie band from Iceland. I'll make sure to search for more of their songs... I loved this song the first time i heard it. It just makes u wanna dance n yell "HEY!" hahha~ AWESOME song... :)

And finally...

No.1 ~ Distance by Christina Perri ft Jason Mraz

I first heard this song on Star World where they did the Revenge promo. Itu pun just cikit oni... then i heard the full song... pretty good... then I listened to the acoustic version... BAM! I'm in LOOVE. LOOVE her voice... LOOVE his voice. I can't believe I missed out their concert this month. Anywayz... i just love the lyrics of this song. To love someone silently... awww~

***Speaking of Revenge, their finale is sooo lame!!! Her mother is alive??? Come on lah, that is SOOO Prison Break ok?... puhlezzz... cant wait for season 2 though... XD***

And that's all for my top 3 songs in June...

Hope u peeps enjoy them. BUT just in case those 3 song arent enough, here's a bonus song for u guys. U peeps gotta love this!

If I Was Your Aunty by The Pagi Rock Crew

HAhaha Hafiz looks so adorable... XD Seriously, Justin WHOOO? Hahaha~

So now we shall say goodbye to June.

It has been a crazy month for me... Just few days ago I fell sick AGAIN... sigh... and of course losing my baby Pablo... feels so empty without him around.

Lets just hope July would be a better month. Klah thats it from me...



***Life without music is like red velvet cake without cream cheese frosting***
Hutang red velvet ye Sha... XD

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rest In Peace Pablo

Throughout the 22+ years of my life, I've lost few loveable people in my life. And today, I've lost a special friend... a family... my ever so precious Pablo has left the world.

Pablo came into my life last August. Found him at the back of my house still a little kitten, sick and weak. 

Poor lil Pablo

A neighbour of mine thought he wont have a chance to live. But somehow I managed to nurse him into a healthy lil kitty.

Healthier Pablo
Untill... about a few weeks ago, the naughty lil Pablo got sick. And this morning, I woke up n look for my baby only to find him lifeless,stiff... and cold under my bed.

We went to few doctors but none of them could heal him. Now u know why I hate doctors? 

Anywayz, I'll just skip the sad sappy story.

All I can say is that I will really really miss that lil guy. 

I'll miss the times where we would chase each other around the house...
I'll miss the times when he would kepoh2 mau makan whenever he see us makan...
I'll miss the times where he would sibok2 wanna sit with me whenever I'm playing the computer or watch TV... manja~ 
I'll miss waking up next to him and feel his warmness whenever he sleeps next to me... (we share the same pillow ;D) 
 I'll miss his manja-ness... Pablo si manja... haha...

Mummy's boy...
  Overall, I'll just miss him... he is always around the house... ALWAYS...
Pablo conquering the computer chair...
 Haiz... I guess its just the circle of life... people come n go.. but its just sad bcoz I felt like I've failed to save him. I've saved him once before, why cant I do it again???

Oh well, I'll deal with it lah.

So yeah, this is just a short post to let out my grief... I'm not that kind of person who would talk it out... coz I know I would burst into tears like a dumb baby... 

I'll just end this post with a simple message to my lil Pablo...

You will always have a special place in my heart... And you will be missed.... And thank you for always being that "light" that always brightens up my sucky days... you are a great friend... :)
Thank you for everything Pablo... & may you rest in peace...

August 11 - June 12

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

99º Garden Melaka


Its time to do another makan-makan talk!

So the place this round to makan-makan is at 99 Garden, located on the 6th floor of Jaya 99.

I've hear mixed reviews about this place, both good and bad. So I've decided to check this place out together with my ji muis, Kim, Ee Lin, & Siew See.

When we arrived on the sixth floor we were a lil confused coz when the elevator door opens, the place was kinda dark & we thought we were on the wrong floor. But then we stepped out of the door and look to out left we saw the restaurant and my friends were quite amazed with the ambiance of the place.

Patrons can choose to sit inside or outside. The view outside was much better so we chose to sit outside. They even had chairs/ swings but then nanti bila nak makan susah sket.. haha~

The al-fresco (wah ceh ceh) dining area was really spacious and big so the good side is that the tables are not too near to each other.

So as we sat, the waiter gave us the menu....

To me the choices of food are kinda limited, but then it kinda makes the decision easy. XD As for pricing wise, OK lah. Quite standard for a cafe/restaurant.

So far everything was pretty ok... untill...

We were ready to place our order and we called the waiter... nobody came... then Kim beh tahan edi she went to the counter where all the waiters were "hanging out" and call them to take our order.

Ok order taken edi.... waited quite long baru our drinks sampai....

See something wrong with the drinks?

Oh btw, just a lil reminder that the drinks are all untouched ye...

In case u dont geddit, as u can see my juice is only like 60% from being full... how can lah like this? As for taste wise, it sucks. They definitely added water into the juice. Since u are adding water n all, might as well add water until its full kan? Hmmph...

So while waiting we just chit chat and catch up with each other... girls = gossip... hehe biase lah...

Kim & Siew See

Siew See & Ee Lin
Oh and the reason we went out that nite was to celebrate Ee Lin's end of university life. She's graduating! N working! So just a short shout out to Ee Lin:
~oh, n dont worry.. u'll be fine... haha XD
Then after we waited for so long, our food FINALLY arrived.

Kim's Commando Chips
Honestly, I think it looks gross. XD Taste wise, the fries is too lembik and the sambal is too sweet.

Then there's my Chicken Chop... got dunno wat name but forget liao... XD

The chicken was kinda bland but if makan with the sauce OK lah...

Then Siew See & Ee Lin ordered the same dish: Seafood Marinara

I ade curi makan cikit... oklah... just like those sauce in the can. But the clams were under cooked though... 

For the overall experience, I wasnt very impressed. Horribly slow service and okok food. I dont think I'll go there again. Unless to yam cha ok kot coz the environment is nice... but then cannot yc sampai lambat coz they close at 11pm.

So if u peeps wanna check this place out, I suggest y'all makan cikit 1st if u dont wanna pengsan coz too lapar... haha... and be very patient ye... yg nak menguji kesabaran tu, this is the place for u! hahahaha~

N that's it from me... till the next post, SAYONARA PEEPS!

Oh btw, i lupa mau insert the view nye pic... XD lupa laa... but then, HONESTLY, the view cam biase oni... hahaha, I've seen better view of Melaka from other places... :)


Happy Birthday Boo~

Its June 13th!!!!

So its basically my boo's birthday!!!!


Y'all pandai2 lah who my boo is kan? Hehehehe~

I wanted to put in his pictures and all but I dont wanna be like her...


Maybe I shud tweet him later... haha... ^__^

Just a short post wishing a special someone Happy Birthday... :)

Most posts coming up soon ye... Stay tuned!



Monday, June 11, 2012

Top 3 Songs in May 2012

Greetings people!!!! Wazzzzuuuuuppp????

First of all, sorry for the delay of this post. I usually post the Top 3 songs at the end of the month but I was slightly busy last month. First I went to Thailand & then I was sick so that's why my post got delayed. Sakit sampai kena amik MC leh.... there goes my 3rd year of Perfect Attendance Award... haiz... T__T

ANYWAYZ, enough with the chit chat, here are my top 3 songs for the month of May:

NO 3. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Hahaha I bet loads of people cant get this song out of their head kan??? This song is not THAAT great BUT its pretty damn catchy... Plus if u go to 9gag, u can see loads of posts/memes that features the chorus:

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy"
"But here's my number, so call me maybe"

Even Obama is singing this song.

Hehehe... So yeah its a fun catchy song... can stop singing it in my head... XD Maybe I shud sing it whenever I see a cute guy :P... HAhahahaha we all know that's not gonna happen... Why? Coz i'm too shy (WAHAHAHAHA) and there's just no hot guys around me... hehehe~


No 2. - Falling (Lose My Mind) by Ingrosso & Alesso ft Ryan Tedder

This song is normally not my kind of genre... BUT I actually like the tune! XD Wat happened to me??? But other than the awesome beats, what actually got stuck in my head is the part where Ryan Tedder goes "LOSE MY MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNDDDD"

Hahaha, so once in a while when I'm feeling stress about my life or work (most of the time WORK), I'll sing in my head "LOSE MY MIIIINNNNNNND" then continued with the awesome beats... 

Haha... I think tak lama lagi I will literally lose my mind... tsk.. tsk..

AND finally NUMBER 1~

No.1 - Burn it Down by Linkin Park

Linkin Park is back again! weeee~ LP had been around since my schooling days... so basically I grew up listening to LP and they are AWESOME! Sudah bertahun berlalu tapi Linkin Park masih awesome gile babeng... hahhahaha... Anywayz this is a great song. It got that cool electronic beat to it... Can't stop listening to it... in conclusion LONG LIVE LINKIN PARK!

So yeah that is my top 3 songs in May... I will be on time in June... I PROMISE!

N that's it from me. Just a quickie post... more to come ye... 
*pinky promise*

Oh btw, since we're in the whole music topic, MAROON 5 is coming to Malaysia again in September... They were here last year rite? Or was it the year before? ANYWAYZ, I dunno if I shud go or not... hehe wan go see Mr. Sexy Levine... huahuahuahuahuahua~ we'll see... if i can win some free tics why not??? IF lah....

ANd that's it from me... TOOODLES PEOPLE!!!


*** Life without music is like my life without my cats... ***
lil Pablo is sick... lets all hope for the best! ;)