Thursday, May 17, 2012

Melaka Toy Museum


*raises hands*


Everybody loves toys kan?

Unless of course, you're old... & lame... or should I say "TOO COOL" for toys... hehehe~ either way, sucks to be you :P

Hahaha.... SO, there's a new Toy Museum here in Melaka! (YAY!!!)... they opened for quite sometime edi but then oni last week I managed to go there AND I actually went there TWICE! Itu pun mcm x puas.. haha... that just shows how much I enjoyed myself there.

Located in Bukit Baru, this museum is just by the roadside near St. David skool... Its one of the houses by the road & its quite easy spot... just look for The Hulk on the rooftop of the house... 


 AND a dinosaur on their front lawn!


 The price for entry is just RM 5 for adults & RM 3 for kids.... OK wat...totally worth it!

The museum is a house... HOUSE FULL WITH TOYS!

Masuk2 je... got toys... awesome!!!


Most of the toys you see as you enter are some of the antique toys... definitely brings back some memories...

My sis used to have the apple one...

Its pretty exciting going in this place coz we get to see familiar  toys that we used to own. Hahaha dengan jakun nye we will say "Ehhhhh! Last time I got that 1!!!" hahaha~

Klah I'm not gonna talk much & I'll just let the pictures do all the talking... :)

Old skool piano that I always wanted but didnt get :(

Oh btw, did I mention that they have some toys on sale too?

I saw a Bugs Bunny toy that I used to have but lost sold there... 30 bucks siot! hahaha... ingat mau beli but then... xpe lah... XD

My sis checkin out the toys for sale...

They even had old records for sale... RM15 saje... murah kan?

Hehe TOY-let... get it? XD

I heard even their toilet had toys... T__T menyesal x bukak the pintu...

The house had rooms of toys... some action figurines from movies & cartoons too...

The Simpsons

My fav Nightmare Before Christmas

Make me wanna bust the glass & take em all!!! XD

Cat Woman on the wall.

Old skool Gremlin...

Jar Jar Binks!

NINJA TURTLES!!! I think I used to have the figurines.... XD

Iron Man.

Haha if got Iron Man of cuz ade Captain America... ^__^

Close up on the Capt... too bad face x sama. U shud have seen the Tony Stark figurine... exactly like RDJ.

Super cool Ghost Rider...



Gollum from LOTR


Then there's this room...


They had the coolest things ever!

I bet Mr. Bateman agrees...


They had more freaky stuff but I highly suggest that u peeps go see them for yourselves. Oh btw, do look out for the corner of the room... hehehe...

That was just a glimpse of what they have in the toy museum. There's TONS of toys there from the classic Disney and Warner Bros, then movies collectibles like Harry Porter, Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman, Superman dan MANY MORE! Macam-macam ade I tell u... & I highly recommend that u peeps go & check em out! RM5 oni ma... & trust me, it definitely brings back old memories... it also made me regret for giving away all my old toys to my lil bratty nieces & nephews... hmmph~

Overall this place is pretty damn AWESOME... I hope to visit the other Toy Museum in Penang... someday... *cross fingers*

So if you wanna take a trip back to memory lane & be a kid again this is a place for you! It doesnt matter if how old you are coz...


For more info bout this place do check out their website!

Come & find me!

Bile senang2 xde keje mau buat, datang lah beramai2 ke Toy Musuem!

And jangan lupe...

If you dont want ur toys... DONATE... dont throw... :) Think about Toy Story k... haha~

And that's it from me! Got nothing else to say but DO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!


See you there... hehehe~


zzanyy said...

Looks great! We have a toy museum in Singapore too and I went berserk!

Elaine said...

Cool. Finally u manage to get in the museum..

vee-sia said...

zzanyy: toys are awesome! wooo hope i can go there too...

ee lin: hahaha yealoh... FINALLY!

Pav said...

x sangka the blue piano yg i x hargai can be exhibited in the museum...

vee-sia said...

Hahaha at least ko ade... aku selalu nak tapi x dapat... aku suka bunyi die.. XD

Sherry said...

very nice hehe.. hope go see

Love Razila said...

Yeah!! just troy the toys coz nobody wanna to play anymore =(

Yang di Penang saya pernah visit in year Dec'2006 but the latest news...their moving to new place...have to checkitout later =D