Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Stress Buster

Hellooo~~~ Good Morning people!!!

How are u guys feelin? Moody? No mood to work? (like me :P) Lazy wanna study? Or just plain bored?

Haha as for me, I now tgh stress gile babeng. Bcoz of.... adeler... hehe~

So just wanna share with you peeps something tat lighten up my morning today. Its so cute & funny, i ketawa sorang2 mcm orang gile dlm kereta when I heard it on this morning.

~Hehe mari kita tengok sama-sama~

Banana Potato Song

Cant wait for Despicable Me 2!!!!

Hahaha kudos to Pagi Rock Crew! U guys are awesomee! Such a great way to start my morning. And now I have somthing to release stress! Stress~ Stress~ GOO AWAY~~~

I think I'm gonna change my alarm tone now. Then now I can laugh and curse about waking up for work every morning XD.

Hahaha so just a short post for today. Till the next post,



Elaine said...

Sooo cuuuteeee..... suddenly reminded me of our choir. hahaha....
Jangan stress2 tau.. nanti cepat tua.. relax.. ^^ said...

lol... addictive sungguh!

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vee-sia said...

Ee Lin: Hahaha choir! Good old days huh? Hahaha how not to stress??? Haiz, susah... rambut putih pun keluar edi T__T

Merryn said...

So CUTE! Hehe...