Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 3 Songs in April

Happy end of the MONTH!!!

So fast dah nak May kan?

Hehe well mcm biase, its end of the month edi...

Lets just go straight to the point:

HERE ARE THE TOP 3 Songs in April... :)

No 3. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson

I  always have been a fan of Kelly. LOOVE her voice & her songs.Shes awesome. Dark Side is her third single from her latest album Stronger. In my head I cant stop singin "Everybody's got a dark side, do you love me, can you love mine?" Lol... can u? can u? :P

No 2. Warrior by Mark Foster, Kimbra & A-Track

This song is from Converse's 3 Artist 1 Song thingy. How dis I know this song? Mark Foster from Foster the people! Together with Kimbra & A-Track. Its a cool song with a catchy beat to it. AWESOME~

& last but not least....

No 1. Payphone by Maroon 5

 I remembered around last week I was listening to the radio (Mcm biase of cuz), they played this song like 5 times in 4 hours. Gile seh... then I went home, I watched The Voice, Maroon 5 debuted this song on TV. How can this song not get stuck in my head lah? Its a good song though, I'm not gonna lie. Izit just me, or izit this song is kinda different from what they normally produce? Still good though. My mind cant stop singgin "I'm at the payphone" with a high falsetto voice. XD but I have to say my fave line in the song is "All those fairy tales are full of shit, one more f*ckin love song I'll be sick". HEHE~


Just wanna wish u peeps, HAPPY LABOUR DAY!!!

Enjoy ur holidays!

For those who are working, enjoy ur TRIPLE PAY! ^__^

Till the next post... BUH BYEEEEE!!!

Life without music is like The Avengers without Captain America.... HAHAHA just being random while having the Avengers fever XD...

Ps: Avengers was AWESOME!

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Happy Labour Day ya~ =D

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