Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 3 Songs in April

Happy end of the MONTH!!!

So fast dah nak May kan?

Hehe well mcm biase, its end of the month edi...

Lets just go straight to the point:

HERE ARE THE TOP 3 Songs in April... :)

No 3. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson

I  always have been a fan of Kelly. LOOVE her voice & her songs.Shes awesome. Dark Side is her third single from her latest album Stronger. In my head I cant stop singin "Everybody's got a dark side, do you love me, can you love mine?" Lol... can u? can u? :P

No 2. Warrior by Mark Foster, Kimbra & A-Track

This song is from Converse's 3 Artist 1 Song thingy. How dis I know this song? Mark Foster from Foster the people! Together with Kimbra & A-Track. Its a cool song with a catchy beat to it. AWESOME~

& last but not least....

No 1. Payphone by Maroon 5

 I remembered around last week I was listening to the radio (Mcm biase of cuz), they played this song like 5 times in 4 hours. Gile seh... then I went home, I watched The Voice, Maroon 5 debuted this song on TV. How can this song not get stuck in my head lah? Its a good song though, I'm not gonna lie. Izit just me, or izit this song is kinda different from what they normally produce? Still good though. My mind cant stop singgin "I'm at the payphone" with a high falsetto voice. XD but I have to say my fave line in the song is "All those fairy tales are full of shit, one more f*ckin love song I'll be sick". HEHE~


Just wanna wish u peeps, HAPPY LABOUR DAY!!!

Enjoy ur holidays!

For those who are working, enjoy ur TRIPLE PAY! ^__^

Till the next post... BUH BYEEEEE!!!

Life without music is like The Avengers without Captain America.... HAHAHA just being random while having the Avengers fever XD...

Ps: Avengers was AWESOME!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

Finally the moment I've been waiting for has arrived!

Dengan bangga nye I'll admit that I was one of the jakuns who watched The Avengers last midnite... & IT WAS AWESOOOOOMMEE~

I've been waiting for this movie since... since... dunno when lah but I know it was quite loong time agoo. XD

Avengers is like one of the highly anticipated superhero movies this year. How can I not get excited?

And of course "u know who" is in it... MY HUBBY!

Hehehe... btw eventhough I jakun/suateng pegi tgk awal2... at least I'm not as jakun as the people behind me who asyik tepuk tangan & jerit "WOOOOOOOOOOOO"... ^__^ just sayin...

So enuff said, lets get to my NON-BIASED, short review on Marvel's The Avengers.

The synopsis:  When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as SHIELD, finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.

Vriesia Evans Ng's version of the synopsis: A few super cool superheroes get together to fight  Thor's adopted brother Loki. XD nice & short ma...

*Might contain spoiler.... read at own risk*

The review:  I personally enjoyed this movie. I watched this movie at midnite & I did not fall asleep! That shows how good this movie was. For a superhero movie I expected LOADS of action & explosions that makes me go "HOLLY SHIT". And it did! In fact, they "exceed" my expectation by throwing in some humor as well! Action & comedy! My 2 fav genres ^__^ no wonder i enjoyed it!

The coolest part of this movie is definitely the characters. The very cocky Iron Man together with the ever so humble Captain America together in a group. Then tambah lagi Thor and Bruce Bane@Incredible Hulk & Black Widow... *rolls eyes*. And Hawkeye! The dude makes archery looks hawt :P

So when u have few superheros with different personalities get together, u can see egos clash, then ade lah gaduh2 sket. But then of course they join forces & form The Avengers and kick some Chitaurians butt. Awwww~

Overall, all I can say that its an EPIC movie! & if u notice, I RARELY use the word EPIC. But this movie mmg epic gile lah. The stunts & explosions mmg awesomeeee~  RUGI kalau  tgk. N I might even watch it again... yeap, its that good. *Much better than stinkin Battleship. :P*

SOooo brape star? ^__^ I give it a 4.5 stars. Coz some parts are kinda cheesy. if not 5 stars! But still awesome movie... go check it out!

Oh btw, here's a tip: When the movie ends... STAY IN UR SEAT! wait till the credit rolls ok... ade post credit scene. ^__^

Oh ya, see if u can spot Stan Lee in the movie... hehe...

So that's it from me... TOODLES PEOPLE!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bali Trip

Haloo people!

Here's a very delayed post of mine. Huahuahua YES saya pemalas. XD Tell me somthin I dont know. :P

So like I've mentioned earlier, I went to Bali in November last year. I actually didn't want to go but my family suruh pegi, so saya pun pegi loh.

Reasons I didnt wanna go are:
  1. Not enough money
  2. I really2 hate naik kapal terbang... Coz I always get sick n feel like puking.
  3. Really not enough money loh... :P

Haiz... Family nye pasal... how can I say no?
Anywayz, I went there for 5 days (i think) together with my family & my dad's football club gang & their families (plus lil bratz =.=). Basically its a "family trip" loh.

We stayed in Aston Kuta Hotel in Kuta of course. The sad thing about my hotel is that its not by the beach. Ingatkan boleh lah lepak kat balcony with sea view tapi hampeh. Balcony pun xde! But the good thing is the hotel is about 10 mins walk from the beach. Hehe~

So the first day we arrived, hari pun sudah malam. About 11-ish we reached Bali Airport. Makan makan then TIDO!

Day 2

Had breakfast at the hotel. Balik to the room & puked everything out! =.= It all started when I sort of had gastric previously then now I cannot makan banyak2 edi. If terover makan then BOOM! Puke all over the place! Its NOT eating disorder ok. I want those yummy food to stay in my belly. So the moral of the story is eat in moderation... but if can sumbat just sumbat oni...XD

So after "breakfast" and all, we go jalan2. We booked a 3 day tour package that brought us to Ubud where we visited the Ubud Market & also the Ubud Palace.

Ubud Market was crazee big! But all the stalls sells the same things. Our tour guide told us 2 bargain till 90% discount. N the items were quite cheap. I didnt really buy much. Just bought some souvenirs & some T-Shirts.

The aunty-aunty (Dad's football gang's wife) can shop like mad doh. While the ladies shop, the men duduk at the cafe opposite the market n drink beer. =.=

So after we shop, we went to the Ubud Palace, dekat saje with the market.

Ubud Palace.

The cool thing about Bali is the statues and carvings of the Balinese gods. Everywhere you go mesti ade the statues. Even houses. COOL~

I even saw gamelan! But too bad we're not allowed to go up there & play. :(


After that we waited for the bus. Sudah set the time but the aunties still not done shopping. So x berdisiplin. So have to wait for them loh. The weather there was quite hot. So we go buy ice cream.

Wide selection of choices

Then I saw something....



It tasted freakin heavenly! HANDS DOWN, the BEST ICE CREAM FLAVOUR EVER!!!!
Nice creamy and smooth, with Bailey's infused caramel.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Nyum nyum nyum~ *DROOLS* Rindu sial! T__T

Then finally the aunty-aunty were done shopping so we went for lunch.

Menu for lunch was Nasi Bebek.

Nasi Bebek is basically white rice served with deep fried duck (Bebek Goreng) together with some sides and condiments. It taste kinda bland to me... maybe coz I prefer something more flavourful. HEhe~

So after lunch we go jalan2 samore... but the roads were quite jam because of the ASEAN Summit 2011.

We were in the same place as Obama yo! Haha we even saw the Air Force One at the airport. I heard one of the mat sallehs said "Whoaaa the Air Force One... "I didnt even get to see it in the States but I get to see it in Bali... Awesome"

LOL... Jakun much~ XD

Being stuck in the jam wasnt so bad lah. They had some really cool HUGE statues there, so I managed to get a good shot of them.

 So our next destination was the Uluwatu Monkey Temple.

In order to show respect, those people with shorts had to wear "sarong" to cover their legs before entering the temple. Dont care lelaki or perempuan, both pun kena pakei.

Hehehe dad with his electric blue sarong... XD

So yeah, Monkey Temple... notty notty monkey... so naughty that we were advised to remove any glasses/sunglasses bcoz nanti the monkey will take em away.

Its actually kinda scary coz the monkeys are quite wild. After my crazee monkey experience in Club Med, I definitely learnt a few survival tips. Just keep it cool & u'll survive. XD The more u freak out, lagi they come and attack u.

Haha theres one poor lady got her slippers stolen. She was walking like normal suddenly this monkey come & grab her slippers!

Notty Notty Monkey.

It didnt wanna give the slippers back until one guy gave the monkey some snacks. Hahaha smart leh? System barter tu...

Haha~ But I have to say, the monkeys there damn lucky weh... All they do is eat, sleep, & kacau people & see them freak out! How fun is that??? Hahaha...

Did I mention how well fed those monkeys were?

Fat monkey #1

Fat Monkey #2

Fat Monkey #3

Lucky Monkeys!

Other than the monkeys, another cool thing about the temple is the view. Cun gile. We were there during sunset... Such a romantic moment I had with the monkeys... XD

Crazy breath taking view.... love it!

So after the monkey craze, we went to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.

We reached there quite late so the show that we were supposed to watch sudah start half way when we get there. We only get to watch itsy bitsy part of the show, but it was really cool!

Dunno wat its about, but it involves fire, people fighting & had gamelan for its background music. COOL ape! XD

Cool mask!

So after the show we go makan. At the same place. They had a buffet spread. Food wasn't that great so didn't take a pic of it. :P

After makan, we went jalan2 around the park. We had to naik a few steps so to take a pic of the Wisnu statue.

The statue of Wisnu.

The view was pretty awesome to. After a loong day, we finally went back to the hotel.

Day 3

It's finally time to hit the beach!

BUT sadly not to mandi manda... T__T

The beach we went are more to water sports nye tempat.

Flying Fish

Those banana boat thingy... Then ade few more stuff that I forgot/lazy to mention. But most of them are quite expensive so me & my family oni went for the para sailing.

And mum tried jet skiing.

Para sailing oni starts in the afternoon so we just lepak2 by the beach & drink...

Bintang Pilsner.... XD

Then we also get to ride the glass bottom boat.

Nothing much to see oso...

Then they gave us some bread... not to eat ya. Haha for the fish to eat.

Can u see the fishes?

Then the boat brought us to this place:

Deluang Sari

Its kinda like a turtle sanctuary with a lot more animals like snakes, birds, bats and few more.


The cool part about this place is that you get to take pics the animals. But then kinda kesian at the same time coz I saw some idiot sat on the poor turtles.

I took pic with the snake... I love snakes! But then feel guilty coz I saw some luka on the snakes body. I also saw an iguana chained to a tree. It got flies surrounding it's face. Then it's leg was wounded bcoz of the chain. Felt sorry for the animals there... Mcm no freedom. N crazy humans like me damn jakun nak amik2 gambar pulak.... This is wat they call the circle of life eh?

MOVING ON... After the turtle place, its time for para sailing!

All prepped up & ready to go...

Up, Up & Awayyyy~

 And that's it for our day at the beach. 

Then its time for lunch!

We had Sudanese food. I forgot where's the place coz I fell asleep on the way there. XD

Sundanese Food

Each of us had a bowl of soup, rice wrapped in banana leaf, a piece of fried chicken, some ulam2 & condiments.

The food is quite good! Love their cili. Haha... I finished the whole thing. Probably the 2nd best thing I had during my trip there. (The best was Bailey's ice cream of course!)

Haha btw guess wat else the restaurant serve...

Hahaha... Butt Soup... Ass Soup...Booty Soup...
XD Okok I shall stop now...

So after lunch, we jalan2 samore... Next destination: Tanah Lot

There's lots of shops there... & of course the ever so famous floating temple.

Once again the view is AWESOME!

Then ngam ngam sun set lagi... SO pretty :)

Pretty sunset. :)

Then after sight seeing, we went to Jimbaran for dinner. We had dinner by the sea... If u peeps pegi dating sana mmg romantic loh... highly recommended! But the food okok oni lah. Everyone had a plate of seafood platter with fresh coconut juice. :) Environment wise mmg nice, but quality of food... mehhh~

& that's it for Day 3.

Day 4 was basically all about shopping, shopping, & shopping. In Bali u can get all those Roxy, Quicksilver stuff quite cheap. There's even 1 store that is like Converse HEAVEN. All sorts of designs that you'll NEVER find in Malaysia. Sadly the one I wanted didnt have size. T__T sume besau2 utk org kaki gajah.

Then we went to Krishna (hypermart) & borong all the Kacang Disko. XD Pegi Bali mesti beli Kacang Disko kan? The things are quite cheap there... so sempat lah beli2 more brg2 & some souveniers.

Tu saje... I wished I was there longer... & I wished I had more money. XD & I wished I could live there :P

 So overall the trip was OK lah. Will I come back???

HELLZ YEAH! Bali weh!

Besides I would LOOVE to eat more of those heavenly Bailey's ice cream.... MMMmmmmMMmm... And next time I'll be prepared with more money. N next time I'll make sure I get to eat Babi Guling. I went to Bali but didnt eat Babi Guling... WTH? Its like going to Melaka but tak makan satay celup/chicken rice ball/asam pedas/nyonya food.

Moga2 I dapat pegi lagi ye... Who knows next time, I dont have to watch the beautiful romantic sunset with monkeys anymore XD

Soooo till the next post....


& yeah I LOVE BALI!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Stress Buster

Hellooo~~~ Good Morning people!!!

How are u guys feelin? Moody? No mood to work? (like me :P) Lazy wanna study? Or just plain bored?

Haha as for me, I now tgh stress gile babeng. Bcoz of.... adeler... hehe~

So just wanna share with you peeps something tat lighten up my morning today. Its so cute & funny, i ketawa sorang2 mcm orang gile dlm kereta when I heard it on this morning.

~Hehe mari kita tengok sama-sama~

Banana Potato Song

Cant wait for Despicable Me 2!!!!

Hahaha kudos to Pagi Rock Crew! U guys are awesomee! Such a great way to start my morning. And now I have somthing to release stress! Stress~ Stress~ GOO AWAY~~~

I think I'm gonna change my alarm tone now. Then now I can laugh and curse about waking up for work every morning XD.

Hahaha so just a short post for today. Till the next post,