Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top 3 Songs: March 2012

Hey peeps!

Wee its the end of the month again! So ya'all know what it means.

Top 3 songs of the month!

Well March is gonna end soon so i'll just keep this short & sweet.

So here goes my top 3 songs of the month:

No 3. ~ Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys

Thank goodness the radio played Lonely Boy by the Black Keys earlier this year. I loved that song so much I've decided to check out more of Black Keys. THEY ARE AWESOME! I really like their style of music. Its kinda like the old skool rock & roll which is really different from what we normally hear now. I've listened to most of their songs but this one got stuck in my head.

So yeah, Black Keys... AWESOME... I wanna buy their album! :P


No. 2 ~ Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

This song keeps playing in my head every day! WHY? Because people around me TALK WAY TOO MUCH. Every time someone talks to me n its kinda uninteresting, I'll singin in my head
"Everybody talks, everybody talks, everybody talks TOO MUCH"

Hahah can't help it. Eventhough its the song kinda means something else, i just keep on singing that verse. Love it. Love Neon Trees too :)

And finally the top song in my head in the month if March is........

No.1 ~ As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional

Ever since the concert, I just cant get this song out of my head. Yes its an old song... but I cant help it. Haiz... I wish someone would sing a song like that to me. Hahaha... Dare to dream huh?

Anywayz, I had to show u guys the accoustic version that Chris Carrabba did in KL last month. Slightly slower and just sooo sweet. Where can I find a guy like him samore???

LOL. I'm crazy... i know... XD

So I guess that's it from me. Keep tuning in for more songs next month!

Toodles people!!!


Oh btw, did y'all turn off ur lights just now?
Hope you did... :)



"Life without music is like pizza with no cheese"


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