Monday, May 14, 2012


Ohaiyoooo peeps! Ogenki des ka?

Halo~ Halo~

Another backdated post from the ever so lazy Vriesia Evans Ng.

* I actually went to this place in February XD*

Hehehe...If y'all remember the Wa Zen post, the gals & I are crazy for Japanese food. XD so since this is a new place, we decided to try em out.

Just like Wa Zen, its located in Melaka Raya, opposite Melaka Club sana. Very easy to spot from the main road. :)
Senju Tei Restaurant
So the usual Japanese food lovers who pegi was Kim & Ah Hoon... then tambah Ee Lin... but nt in pic... she malu :P

What to eat???
They had a wide selection of food for us to choose. Just one problem, it will be better if they had pictures :P. To me, a description is never enough. I need pics... at least it gives me an idea how my meal gonna look like... hehe~

So after we ordered, we chit chat, gossip2 loh. & of course, TAKE PICTURE!

The Sushi Counter
The space of the shop is quite small. But ok lah since tak ramai pun yg pegi sana :P

As for the decors... not bad lah... okok je...

 And while waiting for the food to come, we were served with this fried salmon thingy. I guess its kinda like an "amuse bouche". Tasted pretty good but then banyak tulang which kinda spoils the makan feel. But its free so OK lah tu XD

Fried Salmon thingy XD

Then after a while the food comes rolling in.

 Readers, plz accept my sincere apologies for forgetting the food nye nama.... this is wat we call DAH TUA! XD

Seafood Udon

First was Ee Lin's Udon. I think it is seafood... XD tasted pretty good. I dont normally like Udons but this is quite good. BTW, tat pic is not actually what it looks like. HEhehe... ini gambar selepas di kacau & dicuri makan... oleh saya! XD. FAILED PHOTOGRAPHER!

Then mine came! I ordered an Unagi set if I'm not mistaken. U know me, I like Unagi :)

Unagi Set

Price about RM38+ KOT... Mehel but then who cares, I DESERVE IT! :)

& the awesome part about this set is that it comes with everything that I like.

The set comes with Unagi of course... duhh~ Kinda small but OK lah... yummy yummy unagi..

Then ade Shashimi... LOVEE Shashimi!

Sushi pun ade...

3 types of sushi

Then Tempura...


And also salad & soup... the soup very cute. it comes in a teko. XD

Soup in teko...
Dunno wat soup it is... yg i know x sedap XD

Lee Hoon ordered the sushi set... kalau x silap lah ye.. hehe...

The sushi set... mostly sushi loh...
Then Kim ordered the chicken teriyaki with cheese set. (I think)... N i think the 3 of us ordered almost the same thing when we went to Wa Zen. Just without the makis...

Chicken Teriyaki... with cheesee.... sodap!
And finally we ordered Okonomiyaki/Japanese Pancake.

I personally preferred the one we had at Sakura. The Okunimiyaki here mcm byk sgt sayur... mostly bawang... n the sauce kinda overpowers the dish... muak gile... We didn't manage to finish the last piece coz sume org dah kenyang.

Lee Hoon was so kenyang she didnt even finish her hand roll.

Unfinished Roll... looks kinda geli... XD
I dunno how she makan untill jadi like tat.... tsk.. tsk.. Ah Hon ahhhh~

Ah Hon laughing at her gelifying roll...
And that was it for our dinner at Senju Tei. Overall the food was OK lah... but personally I preferred Wa Zen. Even the gals agreed that Wa Zen was better. But its definitely worth the try if u wanna explore more Japanese food in Melaka.

Oh and another downside about this place is that they don't have desserts on their menu... bummer!

So yeah, thats it from me... I promise to update soon ye... I've been too busy & stressed out lately lah... so no time to update much... maaf ye~

Klah, toodles peeps! SAYONARA!!!!!!!!!!


Nava Krishnan said...

My kind of food esp the salmon, whether fried or raw cuts.

vee-sia said...

me love salmon too!

Elaine said...

Yummy!!! Can't wait for our next food session. haha.

vee-sia said...

YEAH!!! Next round! Tunggu si Hon Hon balik! XD