Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey gang!

How are you peeps doin? Are you feeling GREEN?


Well I hope you are... COZ EARTH HOUR IS COMING!!!

I'm sure all of you guys know what Earth Hour is all about kan?
(No? U caveman ka?)

For those who dont know, mari kita tengok video!

For the past few weeks, everybody has been buzzing about Earth Hour. And now finally it is coming!!! Just few days left! Lol tiba2 ter-excited pulak.

Anywayz the big question is: ARE YOU DOING YOUR PART?

Will you guys turn off your light for one hour this Saturday?

I hope you guys do.

Just one hour ma... One hour in the dark.... so many things u can do leh...
in the dark... *wink* *wink*

Hahahaha... lets not go there...


But we're just gonna turn the lights off this Saturday? Just for one freaking hour?Enough ke?

Its great that the world is gonna unite and turn off their lights this Saturday... But izit enough? Mother earth is dying so we'll just turn off out lights for one hour ONCE A YEAR??? Itu pun some selfish people don't give a damn and turn their lights on like nobody's business. Sad kan?

Its great if u turn off your lights for one hour, but lets face it... it ain't enough... Why just do it for one hour when you can go BEYOND an hour?

Funny thing that I normally see is that SOME people are super excited about Earth Hour BUT then doesn't practice energy saving on normal days. That my people, is what we call HYPOCRITE!

Encouraging people to join Earth Hour but you're leaving the lights on when you're not in the room? SHAME ON YOU!

Its really not hard to switch off the lights. Its just a flick of a finger. Don't be so lazy lah~

So lets all dont just save energy for one hour once a year, but at least one hour a day. When you go out from your office for lunch or meeting, do turn your lights OFF. And its not just for the lights, do turn off any unused plugs too!

Even it is itsy bitsy, it can make a HUGE difference to save the world.

Poor mother earth. Don't you people think that she deserves better?

If you do, please do your part in saving energy. Tak susah pun...

Oklah peeps. Thats all from me. Thats all I can think of. My mind is kinda blank lately... probably too much stress at work... XD

So yeah thats it from me...

Jangan lupa Earth Hour yo! Saturday, 31 March 2012.

Byeeee people!!!

Oh btw, I'll be at work during Earth Hour. :)

For more info, check out this website:

Or even take a pledge on the WWF website:

& if you're in KL you can go support them at Sunway Pyramid.

Long Live Mother Earth!



Mary said...


such a good cause

keep it up


Nath said...

it's very common to on the lights every where @ Malaysia, it was a different story for me @ Singapore since the bills are so expensive T_T

vee-sia said...

hope u ladies did your part too :)