Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top 3 Songs: March 2012

Hey peeps!

Wee its the end of the month again! So ya'all know what it means.

Top 3 songs of the month!

Well March is gonna end soon so i'll just keep this short & sweet.

So here goes my top 3 songs of the month:

No 3. ~ Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys

Thank goodness the radio played Lonely Boy by the Black Keys earlier this year. I loved that song so much I've decided to check out more of Black Keys. THEY ARE AWESOME! I really like their style of music. Its kinda like the old skool rock & roll which is really different from what we normally hear now. I've listened to most of their songs but this one got stuck in my head.

So yeah, Black Keys... AWESOME... I wanna buy their album! :P


No. 2 ~ Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

This song keeps playing in my head every day! WHY? Because people around me TALK WAY TOO MUCH. Every time someone talks to me n its kinda uninteresting, I'll singin in my head
"Everybody talks, everybody talks, everybody talks TOO MUCH"

Hahah can't help it. Eventhough its the song kinda means something else, i just keep on singing that verse. Love it. Love Neon Trees too :)

And finally the top song in my head in the month if March is........

No.1 ~ As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional

Ever since the concert, I just cant get this song out of my head. Yes its an old song... but I cant help it. Haiz... I wish someone would sing a song like that to me. Hahaha... Dare to dream huh?

Anywayz, I had to show u guys the accoustic version that Chris Carrabba did in KL last month. Slightly slower and just sooo sweet. Where can I find a guy like him samore???

LOL. I'm crazy... i know... XD

So I guess that's it from me. Keep tuning in for more songs next month!

Toodles people!!!


Oh btw, did y'all turn off ur lights just now?
Hope you did... :)



"Life without music is like pizza with no cheese"


Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey gang!

How are you peeps doin? Are you feeling GREEN?


Well I hope you are... COZ EARTH HOUR IS COMING!!!

I'm sure all of you guys know what Earth Hour is all about kan?
(No? U caveman ka?)

For those who dont know, mari kita tengok video!

For the past few weeks, everybody has been buzzing about Earth Hour. And now finally it is coming!!! Just few days left! Lol tiba2 ter-excited pulak.

Anywayz the big question is: ARE YOU DOING YOUR PART?

Will you guys turn off your light for one hour this Saturday?

I hope you guys do.

Just one hour ma... One hour in the dark.... so many things u can do leh...
in the dark... *wink* *wink*

Hahahaha... lets not go there...


But we're just gonna turn the lights off this Saturday? Just for one freaking hour?Enough ke?

Its great that the world is gonna unite and turn off their lights this Saturday... But izit enough? Mother earth is dying so we'll just turn off out lights for one hour ONCE A YEAR??? Itu pun some selfish people don't give a damn and turn their lights on like nobody's business. Sad kan?

Its great if u turn off your lights for one hour, but lets face it... it ain't enough... Why just do it for one hour when you can go BEYOND an hour?

Funny thing that I normally see is that SOME people are super excited about Earth Hour BUT then doesn't practice energy saving on normal days. That my people, is what we call HYPOCRITE!

Encouraging people to join Earth Hour but you're leaving the lights on when you're not in the room? SHAME ON YOU!

Its really not hard to switch off the lights. Its just a flick of a finger. Don't be so lazy lah~

So lets all dont just save energy for one hour once a year, but at least one hour a day. When you go out from your office for lunch or meeting, do turn your lights OFF. And its not just for the lights, do turn off any unused plugs too!

Even it is itsy bitsy, it can make a HUGE difference to save the world.

Poor mother earth. Don't you people think that she deserves better?

If you do, please do your part in saving energy. Tak susah pun...

Oklah peeps. Thats all from me. Thats all I can think of. My mind is kinda blank lately... probably too much stress at work... XD

So yeah thats it from me...

Jangan lupa Earth Hour yo! Saturday, 31 March 2012.

Byeeee people!!!

Oh btw, I'll be at work during Earth Hour. :)

For more info, check out this website:

Or even take a pledge on the WWF website:

& if you're in KL you can go support them at Sunway Pyramid.

Long Live Mother Earth!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Putrjaya Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Halloo halloo people!!!

How r u peeps doin?

Hehehehe... Well based on the title u guys sudah tau what I'm gonna talk about... I'm probably the last person to blog about this but who cares rite? XD

Hot Air Balloon Fest 2012

Anywayz the event was last Saturday... well it was a 4 days event started from 15 to 18 March 2012, but me n my frenz decided to go on 17 (Saturday), simply because they had fireworks on tat day. FIREWORKS leh... must gooo~

Luckily for me there's two frenz who wanted to tag along. If not maybe I x pegi kot... The 2 frenz are Ee Lin & Siew See. :)


Since we're from Melaka, I had to drive all the way to Putrajaya and we wanted to go there early 2 avoid jam & get parking so we bertolak-ed from Melaka at 8.00am. Yes the event starts at 7.30am but sadly I'm not that "DEDICATED" to go that early... I woke up at 7am on that day & itu pun sudah kepala sakit...

Anywayz we also made plans with Meng. Long story short, Meng & his frenz joined us too. And also Ashok... and his special lady fren... hehehe....

The guys... & Ashok's girl
*Nice to finally meet you Divya*

We reached there about 10.00am... Sampai sana, jalan2...then we realized that there's nothing much to do XD

At that time there wasn't much balloons in the air. All the special ones are all gone. The tickets for the balloon rides pun dah habis so we had to wait till the evening session.

So what to do?

Haha just jalan2 & take pictures loh~

There's actually quite a few activities to do there. There's paintball, wall climbing, then got bicycle rides and all.

Then theres also Zorbing... u know, the bola thingy~

Water Zorbing

The guys tried the Bumper Orb...

Its basically being in the "orb" and just langgar orang... sounds fun kan?

Bumpin each other...

Me & the gals just sit & enjoy the show... Didn't join coz I think I would puke if I did...

Impossible will puke???

I saw a kid was playing then all of a sudden he stopped and vomit! Black colour ssamore! Eeee~ Then Meng's fren, Andy pulak almost pengsan after Orbing XD... Itu case x cukup tido & makan but then the Orbing is main cause... :P kot~

Then around 12-is we had lunch. Nothing special, just pizza...

***LOOONG story cut short***

They guys didnt want to stay so they went back home.

Then we meet up with our fren Zaharah/Kedut!

Gal palz since skool!

I've forgotten about the time line but what I know is that we had fun gossiping & loads of girl talk. XD Maklumlah dah lama x jumpe...

Then at 6.00pm, we start to jalan2 again and buy dinner!

Tengah beli dinner suddenly ade dengar kecoh2 at Padang A. Rupe2nye, they are launching few of the balloons...

Nasib baik dapat take few pictures :)

Duo from Belgium

Michelin also from Belgium

From Malaysia pun ada leh...

Kedah Darul Aman yo!

Then got kucing!!!

Giant cat makan orang! XD

After buying dinner, we choose a good spot to sit & makan... a spot with a good view of course!

Then we take more balloon pictures!

Woodrow from US

As time goes by, the sky gets darker & one by one the balloon rises. Finally get to see the special ones!

Tune Talk & Kiwi!

Oni can see the kiwi from far... :( my oni "nice" pic of it...

But luckily for us we get to see other nice ones!

The Birthday Cake

The Telephone Booth

Then the field was full with hot air balloons!

And the moment that we have all been waiting for:

The Synchronized Light Show & Night Glow!

& just when we thought that was awesome, all of the sudden,



Did I mention that we had a good spot??? Freaking awesome! Definitely worth the wait! From 10am till 10pm... crazy man! I was like a zombie driving back to Melaka XD

HAhahaha~ Overall I definitely had fun! The night glow & fireworks made it awesome! Eventhough I had a minor migraine throughout the day & sunburn, it was all worth it.

It was a good experience. So will I go again? Most probably yes, and I might even go earlier. I wanna see the pretty balloons fly! & also grab those ticket to naik the balloons!
Who knows, next time got driver 2 bring me there... :P

Hehehhe... so thats it for my lembab post. XD

Will definitely try to update my blog more ye... Hehe okie lah. Saya mau titon.

BYE y'all!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dashboard Confessional Solo Acoustic Show In Malaysia

"Vindicated, I am selfish, I am wrong, I am right, I swear I'm right, I swear I knew it all long"

Sounds familiar?

Well that was the first Dashboard Confessional song that I've heard thanx to the soundtrack of Spiderman 2. Then after started exploring all of their other songs, I've fell in love with them instantly.

Despite their cancellation at last year Rockaway fest, this year Dashboard Confessional has touched down in Malaysia to give us a special solo acoustic performance by their front man, Chris Carrabba.

& Thanks to my sister, she got me a ticket for my birthday! Weee~

So the concert was on 22 February 2012. It was a Wednesday so terpaksa lah take leave and I drove all the way to KL alone... My parents are kinda worried but I'm here in one piece so which means everything was fine.

I was kinda clueless with KL road but luckily I managed my way through (no thanx to Google Map). I drove to Midvalley to meet my sister then from there, we went straight to KL Live. Woot~ WOot~

We reached there around 7 somthin, then I've forgotten what time we went in. Kena go through security & all but they didnt properly checked me (bcoz muka innocent XD).So I managed to sneak in my sis's camera. So YAY nice pictures!

Then the best part of all is that my sister's fren who was in the guest list didn't feel like goin (sucks for her) and she gave my sis her VIP tics to us!

Yeap, I got VIP tics bebeh... so no pushing around with the stinky crowd and big giants blocking my view. AWESOME!

The show started off with an opening act by Malaysia's very own Awie Rafael. I have no idea who he was untill I saw him. Itu pun I x sure untill I heard him singin his popular hit song "Pulanglah". XD

He performed a fews song of his and also did covers of Adele's Someone Like You and also Kings of Leon's Use Somebody. He did a good job i guess but the chicks seems to dig his hair more than his singin. XD

Then finally at 9.00pm (if not mistaken) on the dark empty stage, we saw a tall figure in white & the crowd goes WILD!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The ever so handsome Chris Carraba with his slick dark hair, wearing a white shirt, holding a guitar in his heavily tattooed arms... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with not even a simple "Hello" he started off the show with ''The Good Fight''.

The crowd went wild and started singing along to every word to all of the songs. The second song performed was "This Bitter Pill". Tat song definitely showcased Carrabba's crazee (in an AWESOME way) vocal range eventhough his voice did break a lil during the high notes. But who cares! His voice his awesome!

Haha then he performed "Age Six Racer" (So Long Sweet Summer). I felt like singing the back up for him in that song... haha. SS! Then he also performed "As Lovers Go" (one of my favs), along with other crowd favs like "Screaming Infidelities", "Dusk and Summer", and from their latest album, Alter the Ending, he sang "Belle of the Boulevard".
*The song that I always softly sing to keep me from breaking :)*

Then he also did a cover of Cory Branan's "Tall Green Grass" such a cute song... gonna hunt for it.

After 13 lovely songs (didnt fell like 13) he then performed popular songs such as "Dont Wait", "Stolen" (MY FAV!), "Vindicated" and finally "Hands Down" as the last song and then "The Best Deception" as an encore.

The last bow... T__T

And just like that the show was over...and Chris walks off the stage...
Call me delusional but I swore he blew a kiss to me... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

If I would describe that night in a word it would be AMAZING... its almost felt like I actually had a heart that night. A nice, warm & fuzzy heart... And yes, Chris Carrabba, you have stolen my heart... Which means I'm basically heartless again... yay! Haha~ XD

The thing that I love about Dashboard is that all the songs are soo.... genuine I guess. The lyrics kinda just reaches out to you & Chris Carrabba's voice is just... perfect. Ppl say its EMO, but who cares! I love their songs.

Its crazy how a guy could write a song like that. They say some songs were inspired by relationships & break ups. Funny thing is, the oni thing that came through my mind after breaking up is "Kill! Kill! Die! Die!... XD SO yeah, props to Chris for writing such lovely songs... If I met a guy who can write songs for me like Chris Carrabba, I'd totally marry him... HAHAHAHAHA! Statement berani mati...

So thats all for the concert. Finished about 10 somthin. Then its time for me to balik Melaka. T__T. Bertolak about 11.40 then reached Melaka at 1.00am. Haha this I remember bcoz I was quite shocked that I reached that fast XD. Driving alone in the middle of the night is kinda scary. But I managed to distract myself from thinkin nonsense and keep myself awake by singing along to Dashboard Confessional's Alter the Ending and also Torches by Foster the People. Huahauhuauhua sing/screaming along the whole way sampai my tekak pun rasa semcm. XD.

Huahuahau~ So yeah thats my update on the concert... Sorry for the delay :P

So what's my next concert?

Nothing... YET~

Hehehe YET. Plus I'm kinda broke lah... I not only have to pay for concert tics ok, nak bayar tol & minyak lagi... tsk tsk...

Unless whoever is coming is REALLY worth it. Like Green Day, P!nk, Plain White T's... or even Foster the People again. HAHA~ If people gimme meet & greet passes... why not?

We shall see... & that's it from me...

TOODLES people!!!