Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 3 Songs: February 2012

Halo Halo people~

Hehe... u peeps know how much I love my music rite? (If dunno nvm, now u know). So I've decided to share with you peeps the music that I just love. If u guys remembered, last year I posted the Top 5 song that was in my head. So this year, I've decided to do the same thing every month. But just tis time, it will be Top 3 of the month.

Why am I doin this? FOR FUN! XD Saje oni... Just celebrating good music. That's all... & I'll be doing this every last day of the month. & hopefully I remember to do so. XD

I'm gonna stop bebeling now & now I shall present to you MY Top 3 Songs in the month of February.

No. 3~ Houdini by Foster the People

Hehehe yeap. I'm still not over with Foster Fever. N this song is pretty damn good.

So catchy & I loove the "wooooOOoo" part... hahaha... & my favourite line that I usually sing loudly in the car: "Sometimes I wanna disappear"... Sometimes lah... :P

And if you think that version was great, try listening to the acoustic version.

Nice leh?... Suddenly feel like learning to play a guitar pulak... hahha... who knows, SOMEDAY. Look so yeng... hehe... Maybe next year punye resolution XD

2.~ Skinny Love by Birdy or Bon Iver...

You peeps must have listened to this song on the radio.

Sounds so sad with piano... so much emotions & all... but do you know that it's actually the cover version of Bon Iver? Hehe I baru saje tau...

So here's Bon Iver's version... The ORIGINAL version.

The ORI version is played on the guitar. LOVE it as well. I guess for me the difference between both versions is that Birdy is more like pouring out her emotions & Bon Iver's version is more like he's telling a story... a sad story with true emotions... hahaha somthin like that lah... just sayin...

Personally I think I prefer Bon Iver's BUT Birdy's version is pretty good too. Kesimpulannye, its a good song but Bon Iver's version that got stuck in my head. :)

And the top song that constantly stuck in my head with its haunting tunes is.....

1.~ Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye ft Kimbra

Hahaha that chick looks so cool with the hand thingy... Feel gile... but kinda looks like shes doin the "Kamehameha"... LOL

Two amazing voices collide in one awesome song... So cool... LOVE this song... Gotta check out more of Gotye's songs... I've listened to a few songs & me likey this guy. N Kimbra too! Awesome!

So thats it for the top 3 songs of the month!

Hope y'all enjoyed those songs. Just some music to heal the soul like it always do.

Its 29 February today... the day that only comes once every 4 years... Based on how sucky my day was, I wished it never comes... :P Haha~

So gang, do stay tune for more posts... N if u wan more music, 31 March will be the date *hopefully I'll remember*

& thats all from me FOR NOW. TOODLES peeps! & Gud nite~~~



"Life without music is like... Kereta with no minyak"
XD just being random XD
Hahaha, lets wait & see what Mr. Brain can think of next month.


Nath said...

will check them out in the morning, never heard any of them b4 =X

vee-sia said...

Hye Nath, u shud check em out! must listen! :)

Cathleen said...

Very nice blog :)