Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things that I Love About CNY

Hello people!

Sorry for the delayed post *lol i'm apologizing as if people cared*

Anywayz my computer F-ed up again, so I can't on9 for a while. BUT I'm baack! Muahahaha!

So lets just get back to the main topic! Chinese New Year!

The year of the Dragon... how was it for u guys? Hope U peeps had fun.

As for me, its OK lah.

N this year instead of blogging bout what happened this year(BOOORENG), I've decided to post about what are the things that I love about CNY.

Every year the same thing happen... malas lah mau crita. XD

So here are the top 5 things that I LOVE about Chinese New Year.

5. The lanterns! The pretty lights!

Pretty Lights! Me loike!

And where else to see lanterns if not Jonker Street. I guess there's just somthing about lanterns & pretty lights makes me happy. It kinda brings me back to the days when I was a kid, & grandpa would drive us around town just for us to see lanterns. So yeah, it brings back good old memories...
*I miss grandpa*

& I think I have a "thing" for lights. Dunno why...

I'm sure its not just me kan? See even Pablo pun suka...

Lil Pablo lookin at the lanterns....

Then this year at Jonker, they built a HUGE water dragon!

And it DROOLS water.... XD

Drooling Dragon... XD
Reminds me of someone... XD
*wink - wink*
* u know who u are*
*wink - wink*

The funny part is some people actually took the water & wash their face! XD maybe for luck... but I was just wonderin where did that water came from... Then mum asked me to take the water & wash my car... Then nanti nombor kreta naik! XD Dasar kaki judi.... tsk... tsk...

But even with all the big dragon n all, I'm still disappointed with the streets at Bunga Raya. That place used to be "lau-jiat" with the whole street covered with lanterns. Sadly this year gelap oni... ;( Budget x cukup kot... we'll see next year apa mcm.


Well unlike Katy Perry, I dont have fireworks shooting out of my body XD.

So like a normal human being I had to buy them. PROBLEM is... I dunno where to buy. XD Supplier sudah xde ma... I broke up with him XD... literally. So all I could get this year is this....

The so-not "powderfull" PopPop.

I bought a big box. So we had to open the small box one by one.

Keje "jahat" in progress.

No worries. That Ju-On like chick is my sister. XD We basically threw handful of PopPops on to the road. XD Boleh lah tahan the bunyi... walaupun no "kick" mcm the rest of the taman. Everbody was blasting fireworks like nobody's business. JEALOUS AKU SIAL! T_T

But I still did managed to cheer myself up with PopPop by pranking my parents XD. I put some PopPops under the carpet. HAHAHAHA.... U peeps should have seen their faces when they stepped on them. XD PRICELESS... I might be going to hell for that prank... oh well... XD

Next fav thing is...


"Setahun... hanya sekali... merayakan perbuatan yg mulia ini"

Huahuahua... Gambling sounds bad. But then to think about it, my family member actually bonded with each other by gambling. The first week of Chinese New Year, we get together everyday without fail to gamble. Mengeratkan hubungan sesama keluarga tau!


So was lady luck by my side this year?

Only on the first & last day of Chinese New Year.

Our family members normally played Black Jack. For the first time I actually got 7-7-7. POWER seh! But then after the first day, i lost few bucks...

UNTILL the very last day....

Oni me, mum & sis at home. Nothing to do... so we gamble. XD But instead of the usual Black Jack, I intro to them "In Between". My fren intro-ed that game to me.

BWAHAHAHAHA.... & thanks to that game, I WON 34 bucks!

Yaya oni 34 bucks... OK ler tu... My mum lost quite a lot sampai she used the Ang Pows that she was supposed to distribute to the people. Hahaha but it was the last day of CNY so xpelah.



"Setahun... hanya sekali, dapat amik gambar ramai2 mcm ni"

Its not alwayz I get to see my frenz in a big group like this. Biase nye ceput ceput sahaja.

& this year we get to meet our kedut fren, Zaharah... oh, & si burger Fatin.

Gal palz!

Then we also visited our teacher back in high skool. Our awesome music teacher Pn. Choo.

Can u spot her? I think she kinda blends in with us. XD

So what we would normally do when we get together?

Well just the normal stuff that frenz do.

Just some crazee thengs...

Tis pic made me think of a funeral. XD Dunno why...

Gossip2... Who just broke up. Who just hooked up. Who screwed up. XD U know... catching up with each other.

Then of course we took picture!

This pic made me think of a family portrait... XD Dunno why...

And of course GAMBLE! Where else if not at the Rumah Perjudian Ayer Keroh. Better than Genting yo!


N yes it was my house. XD

Hahaha... kawan2 saya sume kaki judi... well except most of the girls (except Mathan). Haha...

And finally we have reached the last one.


1. ANG POW! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!

Eventhough the amount of the ang pow gets lesser and lesser as you grow older, I still terima Ang Pows with arms damn wide open. DUIT LEH! U tamau ka? & after how much I spend for all the stuff we needed for CNY, I deserved a whole lot more Ang Pows.

"I wan more money, more money for me"
* Clap* *Clap*
-Copyright: Vriesia Evans Ng.


So yeah, thats it!

Those are the top 5 things that I love about CNY.

I know some might ask, "WHERE's the FOOD???"or "WHAT ABOUT FAMILY REUNION???"

Let's just say, I'm fortunate enough to eat good food all year long & I see my family members quite often except dad's side. But I'm not so close to THAT side so it really doesn't matter.

Those top 5 are the things that I only can get during Chinese New Year. Once a year leh...


Hahahaha so that it from me... I know CNY was like a month ago, but who cares rite... I bet not many people reads this anywayz... HAHA!

End of Story.


Ps: Will blog about the Dashboard Confessional concert soon! I promise... oh btw, did I mention how awesome it was? TOTALLY WORTH the drive up to KL...


Ken Wooi said...

ang pao is probably the only thing i look forward too, or the long holiday from work? haha.. :)

Nath said...

food & money for me ^_^

Pav said...

our family portrait reminds me of 'How I Met Your Mother'..there was one mo guy x gamble,jerad..haha

vee-sia said...

Ken: haha oh ya the long leave! but the sucky part is when i go back to work i have LOADS of work to do XD

Nath: MONEY all the way! :)

PAPADOM! Haha SERIOUSLY? "How I Met Your Mother"... LOL yeke? Sorang laki dlm gambo tu... Btw Porky ade main kejap kan? XD Lupa lak...

Pav said...

then change to "How I met your father"...XD

vee-sia said...

LOL... Bagus2, kita dah ade siri baru... XD

Alyssa said...

Oit oit, who is the Drooling Dragon ar?? XD

vee-sia said...