Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Blues?


Ogenki des ka?

Hehehe~ Suddenly feel like speaking Japanese but then I realize how rusty my Japanese is now.

ANYWAYZ, its another Monday. But for some of you, its an awesome Monday bcoz its a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!
lucky you~

Sadly, not for me. T__T Workin rite now. So yeah, super duper Monday Blues rite now. So wat to do, keje oni loh.

So to all the peeps who are working today:
"I feel your pain!!! But here's some good music to cheer y'all up."

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys.

Hahaha AWESOME video & COOL music to kick start my Monday.

Hope you peeps enjoyed it. So for those who are working, lets get back to work.... or maybe not. UP TO YOU! XD

Oh btw, I know it's kinda late but...

Maybe the year of the Water Dragon will be kind to y'all. & of course MORE MONEY! MORE MONEY!!!

*sorry for the late wishes... I've been too busy gambling XD*

And its FEBRUARY!!! so fast kan? So ya'll know what that means! Dreadful Valentine's Day! Oh JOY! Hahaha~ I guess I wont be doin anythin since my hubbie is too busy being Captain America. XD Ahhh... the sacrifice I made for the safety of rakyat. XD

HAhahaa oklah. I'm done being delusional. BACK TO WORK!

So Happy Working people!
& to the lucky peeps, Happy stinkin HOLIDAY!!!

Sayonara peeps!!!



Pav said...

ada double pay tak?

vee-sia said...

PAPADOM!!! XD xde...