Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just a Random Post on a Cold Saturday Evening...

Wazzup peeps????

Enjoyin your weekend? Yes? Good for you... Unlike me, stuck in the office while its raining mad outside.

Anywayz... I was busy doin my work & I decided to have a lil break. Sadly no Kit Kat involved, so what I normally do is I doodle... I doodle a whole LOT of nonsense all the time... its actually calms me :P.... sort of.

Doodle~ Doodle~ Doodle then somthin caught my sepet lil eye~

Just a normal double sided tape...

But do you see what I see?



Ngeh~ Ngeh~ Ngeh~

For those who didnt see it... here's wat I did...

& the end result is....

*heart* Foster the People!

Ngek~ Ngek~ Ngek~

Hahahha... Now everytime I look at it, I cant help but to smile like a fool... XD Ketawa sorang2... Mental budak ni... XD

So yeah just a RANDOM post... on a cold Saturday evening... tak sabar nak balik.... N TIDO!

HEhehe, & that's it from me... Macam biase, lagu khas untuk semua!

Don't Stop (Colour on the Wall) by Foster the People

Yes I still have Foster Fever. Can you blame me? Torches is damn good doh... Even Elton John says so. :P

Oh btw, guess who is excited about Dashboard's concert next week?
Me!!! ME!!! MEEE!!!


Nath said...

next week do share more about the concert ;)

Most Desirable said...

Thks for posting a great indie group Foster the people, especially like Houdini, the acoustic guitar playing and the drums are excellent, somehow reminds me of Kasabian and also The Cure acoustic sessions sometime back! Great!! Pls do read my what goes around comes around, just for the fun of it, thks again. You have got taste :)

vee-sia said...

Nath: will do! will do!

Most Desirable: they are awesome! I love the acoustic of Houdini too! wanted to post tat song but I'm saving it for the next post XD

& thanx for visting! :)