Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy "V" Day!

Ola people! I know I'm kinda late posting this. Its like gonna be 30 minutes before the end of Valentine's Day ("V" Day) but what the heck kan? Better late than never!

So what did I do on Valentine's Day? Hehehe~ Well its 11.22pm & obviously I'm in front of my computer rite now together with my boo, Pablo.

U peeps know who Pablo is....

Yeah... that lil guy... Kepoh2 saje mau tweet sekali... XD

So yeah I'm not alone on Valentine's Day. & I dont believe in those Forever Alone bullshatz. I'll have my cats when I grow old so yeah, I'll do fine XD.

If u peeps remembered, I actually wanted to organize a Singletons dinner on V'Day but then too bad my Singletons are all busy. So xpelah, I jadi tiang lampu & had dinner with my parents XD. Next year! Next Year!


Anywayz this is just a short post to wish y'all

Dedicated to all my lovelies which includes family & frenz... n of course my catz!
N not to forget a special shout out to my baby CE XD

& to all the AWESOME SINGLETONS like ME,
Happy "Yay, I Have a Thick Wallet Day"
Happy "Yay, I'm Not the Dunggu Who Bought Flowers for TRIPLE the Price Day"


So till the next post,

I hope u peeps enjoy ur day... Jgn notty notty! I saw on FB ppl talking about a crowd at 7-11 tonite XD... it took a while to figure it out XD funny~ funny~



Ooooh! OHHH! before I forget, here's a song dedicated 2 y'all.

Love by Foster the People



Love~ Love~ Love~
Can be a wonderful thing~

*Yes I'm totally addicted to this band... btw isn't Mark Foster so cute at yesterday's Grammys? n of course my Ponsi tooo... :)*


Most Desirable said...

Great day, some might say, pls do read why to me Valentine's Day is a scam!

Elaine said...

the last pic so cute... hehehehe..

Pav said...

vsia,if nex year,entah tinggal sape lagi yg single...

vee-sia said...

Most Desirable: hye thanx for visiting... cool post u got there btw...

Ee Lin: Hahaha tq~ tq~ I have a good model kan? XD

Papadom: Kita tunggu dan lihat...