Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Post for 2012

Haloo~ Haloo~~

How are u peeps? Hows 2012 is treating you???

Hehehe... for me it has been pretty good.

Work load is getting more & more but I managed to survive... sort of... XD Got loads of work to do but I think I still have the holiday mood in me. Need to find back my "kick ass work mood" again. But somehow somthin tells me tats not gonna happen. Not till after Chinese New Year i think. Hahahaha~ I will be on leave for 1 WHOLE WEEK (Yes! leave dah approve!) & I am more excited about my 1 week leave more than celebrating CNY. Hahaha~

ANYWAYZ speaking of CNY, to get in the mood, I had 2 do some CNY decorations at work.... XD I care for the environment so I basically made decors from old ang pau packets & this is the result.

Basic old skool goldfish

Haha... so i had to do loads of these things... So being typical me, I got lazy & started to termenung. Hahaha then all of the sudden my mind went to this video... XD

Swimming for Tomorrow by Delivery

I think its the goldfish thingy that brought my mind to that video. Love the song btw... and also... hehe u know... :P

ANYWAYZ~ So far 2012 has been treating me well & lets just keep it that way ok?

And I super CAN'T WAIT for this Friday. Its a Friday the 13th but who cares?

Foster the People is performing!!!!

Can't wait! Can't wait!

I actually took an off day just to up to KL & watch em... Huahuahua!

Will blog about the concert yer...
*pinky promise*

Hehehe so thats it from me. Just a quickie update to avoid from abandoning my baby blog. Hehehe~

More updates coming soon k.



Elaine said...

Happy concert-ing,
Happy Holidays &
Happy CNY!!!!!

vee-sia said...

Thank You,
Thank You & THANK YOU!

& HAPPY CNY 2 u 2! Dont forget our Jln2 CNY XD