Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foster the People in LIVE in Malaysia

Wazzzup PEEPS!!!

Hehehe just like I've promised, here are the updates for the Foster the People concert!


So Friday 13th was the date. Took the day off & drove for 2 hours from Melaka to KL. Wanted to drop by Midvalley to do some shopping first but I got lost XD so i just decided to park at KLCC (didn't know the parking was freaking expensive).

Not gonna bore you peeps (like I always do) with wat happened before so I'm just gonna go straight to the main topic.


Around 7-ish me & my sis went to the KLCC Convention Hall and straight into the FANATIC Zone. Quite a lot of people was there already so we weren't so near to the stage. I think about 10 meters away... I THINK lah...not so good with measurements XD

Then about 8.30, Natalie from with another lady, dunnowatshername were giving out free caps and she even asked the crowd "Do u guys listen to" =.= Sorry Nat, I'm more of a Fly girl. ^__^ GO FLY FM! Then she also ask a smart question, "Do you wanna watch Foster the People???" DUDE! why do you think we bought the tickets??? Shut up & bring out FTP lahh! Then after more bebeling FINALLY I saw Mark Foster's cute lil smile. :) WOOHOO!

The crowd went wild!!! & then the first song that they played was Houdini then followed by Miss You. Then after that I forgot coz I was too busy jumping and singing along to every song they played. After listening to Torches for 2 weeks every single day, I knew all the words to their song! XD haha... What can I say, their album is freaking good!

So before I show you the oh so very saddening pictures XD I just wanna say that I was super disappointed as well. I was supposed to get a new phone on tat morning so that i could take decent pictures during the concert. I even paid the deposit on the day b4 but all of the sudden the Ah Beng called & tell me that the colour I wanted NO MORE STOCK. =.= celaka betui... so basically the pics I took are all from my LG KS360. Haiz.... sedih... BUT i think the saddest part is the fact that EVERYONE else brought camera! while on the ticket it says "STRICTLY NO RECORDING IS ALLOWED". My old skool camera is kinda big, so I dont think it will get pass security. But then I saw some people brought their big a$$ Nikon! F*ck lah! Lousy security... oni check for food & drinks... I bet they wan the foodies for themselves... :P

ANYWAYZ below are the very very very vey SAD pictures that I took.

LOL. Can I cry now?

LOL. This was my first ever live concert so I didn't really know what to expect. I definitely didn't expect a whole bunch of giants in front of me blocking my view. I basically tip toed the whole time during the concert. Should have brought a soap box or somethin. Hahaha... but luckily I managed to get a glimpse of Mark Foster's quirky cool dance moves, Cubbie being cool with the bass, super energetic Isom head bangin mcm kepala mau tercabut XD and of course my drummer boy, Ponsi...(I was too short to see Sean but i did saw him at the end of the show XD) ahhh how I wish I could get a picture of him...or at least a picture WITH him :P... N if only I was much closer to the front. I think I heard one of the girls at the front screamed "Marry me Ponsi!!!" LOL... XD I'd probably do the same thing... if I wanna get married. HAHA~

ANYWAYZ, did I mention how good they are performing live? Set the slightly sucky sound system aside, and they really do sound just like in the album. They played all the 10 songs in their album, Torches plus 2 songs Broken Jaw & Ruby and also a cover of Weezer's "Say It Isn't So". But Mark Foster didn't need a lyric sheet unlike Rivers Cuomo when he did a cover of Pumped Up Kicks. XD

Broken Jaw was about struggle as explain by Mark and he also said about chasing dreams and doing thing that you love. His word definitely got me thinking but then we will talk about that next time :P.

Then the other song, Ruby... LOVE this song & I'm glad they played this song that night. I remember listening to Ruby the very first time, I was all alone in the office & the piano intro alone got me all teared up. True story. Haha & tat time I was like "WTF is wrong with me???" Haha maybe I hold back to much... but i have to say Ruby is such a beautiful song & I hope they would release it soon.

Hmmm wat else? Wat else? Their last song? I think they definitely saved the best for last. Pumped Up Kicks was the last song performed. The crowd was singin, jumpin & going HAM Pirate style or izit Malaysian Style? XD Haha... & then sadly the concert was over.

Tak puas doh! N Ponsi, WHY YOU NO THROW DRUMSTICK??? He only threw his sweaty towel... to the other side!!! T__T I saw Cubbie threw some guitar pick... also at the other side... grrrr~

The concert ended at 10-ish. When the crew cleared the stage & gave away some stuf a bald dude gave away a drumstick. Of course he gave to the pretty chick.... discriminasi! :p

Then its time to go HOME. After all the jam & all, I safely reach Melaka at about 1.30AM. Super sleepy & tired but still sempat to update my Twitter XD.

Haha... so at the end of the day I had fun! Their performance were AMAZING & it was a good experience for me & above of all, I saw Mark Pontius. :) Didnt get a pic of him, but OKlah... there's always next time.
*fingers crossed*

Before I end this post, just wanna share with y'all the song that broke me down. XD in a good way lah...

And to cool dudes from Foster The People,

You guys rocks! Cant wait to see you guys again! Love ya LOTS!


*wrote this at 2AM... slightly blur... sorry kalau ade kesilpan*

*Ps: Didnt take much pic coz my phone nye battery low... Feel like slapping it rite now XD*


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Post for 2012

Haloo~ Haloo~~

How are u peeps? Hows 2012 is treating you???

Hehehe... for me it has been pretty good.

Work load is getting more & more but I managed to survive... sort of... XD Got loads of work to do but I think I still have the holiday mood in me. Need to find back my "kick ass work mood" again. But somehow somthin tells me tats not gonna happen. Not till after Chinese New Year i think. Hahahaha~ I will be on leave for 1 WHOLE WEEK (Yes! leave dah approve!) & I am more excited about my 1 week leave more than celebrating CNY. Hahaha~

ANYWAYZ speaking of CNY, to get in the mood, I had 2 do some CNY decorations at work.... XD I care for the environment so I basically made decors from old ang pau packets & this is the result.

Basic old skool goldfish

Haha... so i had to do loads of these things... So being typical me, I got lazy & started to termenung. Hahaha then all of the sudden my mind went to this video... XD

Swimming for Tomorrow by Delivery

I think its the goldfish thingy that brought my mind to that video. Love the song btw... and also... hehe u know... :P

ANYWAYZ~ So far 2012 has been treating me well & lets just keep it that way ok?

And I super CAN'T WAIT for this Friday. Its a Friday the 13th but who cares?

Foster the People is performing!!!!

Can't wait! Can't wait!

I actually took an off day just to up to KL & watch em... Huahuahua!

Will blog about the concert yer...
*pinky promise*

Hehehe so thats it from me. Just a quickie update to avoid from abandoning my baby blog. Hehehe~

More updates coming soon k.