Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Relationship Status

*Ehem* *Ehem*...

*raise a glass of Moet & Chandon*

*ting* *ting* *ting*

"I have an announcement to make... ^__^ hehe~

From this moment onwards I, Vriesia Evans Ng, would like to change my relationship status, from

single & available to....





No longer Available....








LOL. ... hikhikhikhik~ There's a story behind that sampated intro. HAha so just bare with me for a while ye.

So the story behid the topic starts when I was havin lunch with my colleagues. There we saw this chick, who kinda always change her BF. well u know lah... Office gossip :P.

N suddenly this question pops out,
"Why now punya generation so fast change partner one ah?"
*At that time, I was the youngest one at the table. The only one yang belum kahwin. The only one age in the 20's.*

N to make it even worse, the next question is

"There! V (tats me) youngster ma... Ask V lah!"....



Well just so y'all know, I got stuck to answer that. Coz I dont think I'm qualified enough to answer that. XD... Not qualified... sedih je... XD

It took me years to get another BF after my first so called "BF". Haha~ ANYWAYZ, the only reason I can think of is because:

"Still young, main main oni maaa~"

They siap can ask me, "Why you not like that ah?"

LOL thats easy... coz I'm not desperate.... WEHEHEHEHE~

No lah! Just dont feel like... cannot meh?

This incident actually kinda inspired me to blog about this post.

Does it really matter how fast a person moves on to another partner after they just broke up with their latest?

For me, I still havent. I have moved on, just not with someone else. Why? The reason is pretty simple. I just havent found the right guy yet. If I just bercouple for the sake of having someone to "care" about me, or "LOOVE" me, but I dont feel happy, whats the point???

If I start a relationship with which ever guy who "jumps on the wagon" then I probably had to go through another LDR with that someone who showers me with nice gifts. Then if that didn't work out, I'd probably have a BF anak tauke kedai nasi ayam... XD HAHAHAHAHA!

LOLZ ANYWAYZ, like what I said, I haven't found the right guy yet. Or maybe I just dont feel like having a BF. I'm kinda enjoying the single life rite now. TOTAL FREEDOM! I can do whatever I want and I don't have to answer to anybody but myself. Best lah tu... Besides, I'm still young. No worries lah... Btw, I think dont need to explain much. Just read this previous post of mine & it will determinately explains it all.


So its really up to the individual. For me, I like to take my time. I know people who had a new partner instantly after the break up. Some after a week, some even had another one while still in the relationship. Then there's those who waited, & BOOM!! new partner! Hahaha~

So yeah, it doesn't really matter how fast or slow it is to find another "soul mate" kan? Janji happy sudah ler.

Happy macam saya ^__^

Hahahha, my sincere apologies if this post kinda berbelit a lil, hahaha... long time no blog, writing skills sucks a lil.

Hahaha, ok I'm done bebel-ing... XD Relationships are sooo complicated, I really dont have the time to deal with em.

But someday, when I'm ready & I found the right guy, I shall accept him with arms wide open... coz he's Chris Evans! How could I not????


Either way, maybe not, dunno dont care, we'll just see how it goes.

Who knows someday, in my head I'll be singing this song below like I really mean it.

"Ooooh la love, I've fall in love, and its better this time than ever before"
"Ooooh la love, I've fall in love, and its better this time than I've ever known"

Hehe, its a line from another AWESOME Foster the People song...

So damn obsessed with them. Hehehe~

Now I shall end this sampated post with this awesome song...



"Ooh laa love, I've fall in love... fall in love with Foster the People"


<3 PONSI! <3


Elaine said...

Haha vsia... buat suspense je. Lol.
For me i think that all terserah to jodoh. When jodoh dah sampai, u nak elak pun x boleh punya.

vee-sia said...

Hehehehehehe... saje je.... XD
Haha nak elak jugak... elak matrix style~ XD

Alyssa said...

U will find the right one some day ^^

vee-sia said...

YEAH!!! & he'll be CE.... XD

Pav said...

wah...dpt ko mkn nasi ayam free tiap2 hari...one day our status will changed...tp jgn terus2 tukar g 'married to...' dah le..terperanjat kitaorg nanti...haha

vee-sia said...

eh eh papadom! lol lama x nampak ko kan... XD

nasi ayam bebola pulak tu... muka pun bulat nanti...

LOL married? oni after 30... hehehe~

Pav said...

da lama tak kepoh2 ma...

vee-sia said...

hahaha eh kata mau update blog? :P konon je ko nie~