Sunday, December 18, 2011

Officially 22 :)

Aloha people!!!

Wassup! Wassup!

Muhahahahaha~ Me & my lazy butt are back with more updates!!!
*will update more upten... PROMISE!*

LOL... so wats new???

For those yg x tau (same on you!), it was my B'day last Tuesday! *wooot woot* December 13 was the date (mark your calendars!) and I am officially 22... FINALLY! Not that I'm happy about it but HOORAY for birthday! LOL... sort of lah... I wasnt really looking forward for my birthday coz birthdays doesnt seem to be fun after you're 21... *maybe just in my head* Besides I wasnt really expecting much.

I thought it would be just another ORDINARY day... but I was wrong... So heres what happened.....

As usual, it started on the eve, few more minutes before the clock strikes midnight... What was I doing? If you read my last post, 2 crazee frenz of mine actually said they wanna ajak me go clubbing in KL... Sounds exciting kan?

Hahaha, but lets just face the reality for a sec. Lets not forget how "hangat hangat taik anjing" my frenz can be... Plan this, plan that, in the end tak jadi. N as much as I hate to admit this, I also like that lah... HAHAHA no wonder we're such good frenz kan?

But of course I dont blame them, they're bz ma... besides they have their BFs & GFs to attend to... sapelah saya kan? :P

Hahaha so what did I do on the eve of my birthday?


Hahahaha.... what else kan? I actually dah lama x minum alcohol due to some health issues, but its a "celebration"... of course need 2 drink kan?

Lucky for me I have my own mini bar. So I went for the favourite, Baileys with milk....

Personal mini bar... Anytime I want... :P

I had few glasses... FEW.... sikit oni.. Lucky thing my mum was asleep, & dad went out. Boleh minum lebih XD... Then of course little booze is not enough, I gotta have some music kan?

I was head bangin to Foster the People, my current obsession. Remind me to buy their album. N I'm still thinkin if I should go to their concert next month... T__T money!

This was one of the songs I was head bangin to... XD

I listened to them till my head phones got busted! T__T hahaha siao ah~~~ need to buy new 1 edi... haha...

So after head bangin & booze drinking, I decided to TITON!

Wake up next morning, a lil tipsy (wahaha nobody knows)... but managed to get to work... Arrived at work with a BIG "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" wish from my colleague... XD terkejut beruk aku... I didnt expect anyone to know/remember... XD

But some people know... & some people brought me cake!

T__T so terharu T__T

My one & only Bday cake...

Then they also belanja-ed me Secret Recipe...

So awesome... THANK YOU very muchy!!! T__T

I think I was kinda smiling the whole day... KINDA... Hahaha... But it was a good day at work... ^__^

Then after work, the happiness continues. My birth date is actually the same as my parents anniversary date. 2 in 1... senang kan? hahaha so me & my sis decided to surprise my parents. They didnt know that she was coming back... hahaha so I fetch my sis after work, & brought her back.... My parents were definitely surprised. They thought they were gonna bring me out for makan. But instead me & my sis sudah plan to bring them out for a dinner treat... hehe...

So we brought them to Ming Ching Restaurant. A really cool restaurant in Malim. The food damn nice weh... lil bit pricey but NICE!

My parents were definitely happy... So saya pun happy lah ^__^

Some of the foodies...

Bamboo Prawns...

Sweet Sour Pork on Ice
We saw the next table ordered this dish... Kami jakun, so we pun order sekali XD Its really good! It had a nice texture to it & I dont really have the words to describe it... XD *blur case*

Then that was it. Had a nice family dinner to end the night. So basically I spent my birthday night celebrating my parents anniversary. So? Cannot ah? I love them more maa... Besides, its just birthday... hehe~

So balik rumah... no cake... BUT I got macarons!

THANX to my sis, of course... She even bought me a ticket to watch DASBOARD CONFESSIONAL!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!



Macam macam flavour pun ada~

Sweet sweet macarons... No need cake edi... haha... So yeap! That was it for my birthday!

Simple & sweet... & most importantly, I'm happy ^__^ Makes me realize that you dont need things that are larger than life to be happy.

And i also dont need a whole load of wall postings on my FB wall. I hid my birth date on FB... XD My wall was actually QUIET! Just few wall posts... haha... its good to know that some people dont need FB to remind them that it was my birthday... hahaha~

So for those who remebered... TQVM.

TQ Ee lin for being the first who wished me,
TQ Kim & her BF who called me at midnite just 2 wish me,
TQ Ah Hoon for ur lovely SMS which brighten up my morning at work... (Yes, I'm so Mrs. EVANS)
TQ Pav, for msging me at the 13th hour... & good 2 know tat ur still alive XD
TQ Saran & Kuhan for surprising me... x sangka u guys would remember XD
TQ Fatin for reminding me that I'm old XD
& TQ Ashok for being the last... haha better late than NEVER kan?

So thanx gang! Its nice to know that u guys still remember!


So thats it from me... 22 years old me.... huahuahua 22... =.=

Good bye folks!



Alyssa said...

Wah~ Baileys with milk!! Double wah~ Colourful macarons *drools* XD yay I didn't need FB to remind me of your b'day, not so old after all =P so glad to see you're back to blogging ^^

vee-sia said...

HEHEHE~ lai faster come back so that i can rasmi kan my Caramel flavoured Baileys... XD

Yes yes, so terharu y'all remembered! n TQ fer reading ^__^

Elaine said...

yo yo~~~ I'm glad that u enjoyed ur bday! I miss u. Time for gathering!!!!! hahahaha...

vee-sia said...

Miss the both of u!!! DEFINITELY time for gathering! :)