Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blog Back in Business!



Muahahahaha, i can start blogging again! FINALLY after carefully planning my budget, i got myself a new computer. Hopefully this baby will last long & wont kapoot anytime soon.

Hahaha.... so, long time no blog... feels weird... truth is, i got my computer few weeks back but i didnt update any post coz I was feelin kinda uninspired... LOL. Its like i xde mood nak blog. Part of the reason why is because as usual: BUSY... plus TIRED. AND this new computer got nice games! Hahahaha now I'm totally addicted to Plants vs. Zombies & Angry Birds. Before this I dont understand why people are soo obsessed with Angry Birds. But now I know why... Its very therapeutic... Crushing pigs, damaging blocks of woods & ice.... ITS FUN! Even worse, I used to think people who play Angry Birds are crazy... LOL guess who's the crazy person now? :P

LOL... So i have not been blogging for over a month! I've been silent since October.... WOW! So anything interesting happened in my life?

HMMMMMMM...... not really.... nothin MAJOR.... just minor stuff thats not worth mentioning i guess... Just loads of drama at work, but somehow I managed 2 survive & still holding on... haha wat 2 do kan? Suck it up & just move on je lah....

ANYWAYZ, guess who was in Bali 2 weeks ago?

Hahahha.... yeah... ade lah orang tu... orang yang have a huge hole in her pocket... XD Vacation with own expenses is not fun at all... but that's what happens when u're a WORKING "ADULT". =.= sigh.... Either way, I had fun... & definitely will blog about my vacation there... hehe... SOON... promise!

So wat else? Hmmmm..... Oh yeah, ITS DECEMBER!!!!! The last month of 2011! And it is MY DECEMBER!!!! Soon I will be turning 22! Just a few days more.... AHHHHHHH!!!! So far few plans have been made, but we'll see how it goes.

BTW, few frenz of mine also will be celebrating their b'days this month. Check out this ancient picture I found!

December Babies!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funneh! If I'm not mistaken this was taken in 2006 XD.... LOL I looked dorky as hell!

Haha so I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Decemberians a HAppy HAppy BIRTHDAY!!!!: Pavithra (2 Dec), Kim (9 Dec), Chee Han@Badak (22 Dec) & Zafirah@Ketot (not in picture, 25 Dec/Xmas Baby!).

Good old times. :)

It would be nice for all of us to celebrate our birthdays together like we used to, but maklumlah ade yg busy kan? But Kim & Chee Han, dun forget our crazee plan to go clubbing in KL... XD make it work people! XD

Sooo to all other Decemberians out there, Happy Birthday to you as well!

And that's it for my comeback post.

Feels good to be back, & I promise that I will be back for more updates!

*pinky promise*



Elaine said...

Welcome Back!!!!
Can't wait for ur coming post.

Happy Birthday in Advance!!! ^^

vee-sia said...

^__^ TQ~ TQ~ I'm waiting for your updates also :P

Alyssa said...

Weee~~~ ;D Yeah u do look sorta dorky in old pictures but so what, we all were hahaha!! Sama dorky XD

vee-sia said...

Hahaha I'm like EXTRA dorky lah... hahahha.... nvm nvm, kenangan terindah XD... we have great dorky days XD