Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog On Hold....


Miss me leh? I know~ I know~ (sekali sekala perasan sket). Hahaha so why I x update? BUSY? itu alasan biase.... i pun jelak edi... hehehe... truth is: My laptop sudah KABOOOMMM!!! well sort of... At first it was my own lappy... then i used my sister's laptop. Then it went KAPOOT as well... so yeah, now no more laptop liao.

So when am I gonna get a new 1? If only I could. BUDGET xde lah sayang~ T__T with my phone samore yg dah gile, how wanna buy? Kinda low on cash rite now... too many things to pay for... sadly a new computer is not top priority... coz I did not predict this would happen! T__T

Haiz.... so yeah... I wont be updating my baby blog anytime soon. T__T

So thats it from me. Hopefully this is not the last post from me :P Nehh.... Hehehe ok lah that it from me. Just a short post... I have no words liao... hahaha TOODLES PEEPS! Take Care!

PS: For those yg nak membantu to "raise a fund" for me to buy a new computer, please do click at the ads... :) Ur help is highly appreciated! TQ in advance :P

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Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)