Friday, September 30, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival 2011

Hehe okok, this is a late post... The mid autumn festival sudah lepas baru aku mau post ini ek? Huahuahua, bz loh... So busy that I actually viewed all the pictures yesterday. LOL very rare thing leh... normally kalo dah amik gambar, terus jadi jakun wanna view.

So this year I celebrated the lantern festival with a crowd that I never thought I would celebrate with.


Normally I'll celebrate with my family, but surprisingly this year with my frenz! Previously wanted to plan this with them, but they're always nt around. Ngam ngam this year they tgh cuti & suprisingly they actually agreed to celebrate 2gether!

Credits to Hon Hon for planning it!

& TQ to Kim's parents for letting us serbu their house & buying us so much food :)

Patiently waiting for the foodies.

So we had our Lantern Party at Kim's place, potluck style. Everybody bring something to makan... best kan?

We get to see the difference between malas people (like me) & also rajin Martha Stewart wannabe as well.

Hahaha below are few foodies that were served that night.

Chapati & Curry brought by Saran...
He bought the bahan2, his mum did the rest... XD But really sedap leh... & pedas too...

Moon Cake by Chee Han
Wat is Mid Autumn Fest without moon cake kan? I'm not sure if the others ade makan or nt coz I know I didnt. I'm nt really a big fan of moon cake. But then hor, I didnt see anybody open the moon cake pun... hmmm maybe coz I balik awal kot...

150 sticks of Satay & ketupats : Kim' Parents
Kim's parents so good bought us soo much food. Paiseh leh... Even Kim bought some mee hoon & fried rice kalau x silap.

Well yours truly brought DRINKS!!! Drinks is important OK. Nanti makan2 byk tercekik baru tau XD. At 1st I was supposed to do Caribbean Lemonade but then I had no time to buy the ingredients SO I suruh Ee Lin beli Ribena! XD Who doesnt love Ribena kan???? Btw it costs me 14 bucks! Small bottle leh! Wat happened to those days where we can get a big bottle of Ribena for only RM9.90??? T__T BTW, the drinks I made SUCKS... the worst I've ever made... Sorry gang for the sucky drink... XD

Hahaha the drinks I made sucked so bad sampai Saran sanggup tumpahkan the cup of drink that I gave him on himself till it looked like he PEED grape juice!


HAHAHAHA okok move on.


Fried Drummets from Ee Lin.
I just realise I didnt get 2 eat this... =.=

BTW, Yes Ee Lin is back from KL. & she is being helpful as always!

Raaaajin anak dara.... XD

Then there Ah Hoon's Jelly... But then I 4get 2 take pic... XD sorry Ah Hoon. Btw its nice, MANIS mcm org nye... XD

And finally theres the most anticipated cuisine of the night.


Crunchy on the outside, soft "ricey' & cheesy on the inside.

But its not complete without the Marinara (i think its Marinara) sauce to give that tingly sour taste.

We even have the option to choose the filling : Jagung or Peas...

You might even be surprised with the EXTRA filling. I had prawns... Kim had WASABI! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! funneh...

Well, who else would bersusah payah sediakan this dish if not Mr. Martha Stewart/Mr. CHEESY himself..... ASHOK!!!! Sorry ladies, he's no longer available... but his assistant is: Meng/Ikan.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! This pic... pricelesss XD

KK enough with the foodies... Make me hungry oni...

So when theres good food & good frenz around you, what is the to complain kan???

Yummy foodies...

Happy faces with yummy foodies...

Everyone was crazy that nite... I swear I did not put any alcoholic stuff in drinks! Everyone has their turn to "tell story". XD From the new current hot news like who is conquering Ashok's Life pyramid & Saran's "romantic" love life, to old skool news about me stomping on the "mysterious" flower that "someone" gave to me in kindergarten. =.= old story... tamau cakap... :P

Then after all the crazy talking and eating, we *burn* play lantern :P

I brought my Happy Tree Friends lantern!


The guys keep on saying that IT looks like me =.= & that since its from HTF, it should be burned.

Tu sume org jealous x dpt lantern so cantik like mine :P

Haha, the other brought some lanterns too. Meng brought the old skool plastic kind of lantern. Hahaha x sangka.

Then Ah Hoon & Kim bought the mini old skool paper lantern.

People gantung baju, we gantung lantern ^__^

Pretty lanterns...

When theres lantern, of course ade candles ^__^

See what Kim made...

A sort of "Heart" shape.

& when theres candles, theres wax ^__^

I made a quite big wax ball which was jahanamed by my cats T__T. Then the itsy bitsy bits of wax, I baling to Ah Hoon n the guys... HAHAHAHAHA! I miss those days when we baling lil batu & pemadam to each other.

Then macam biase, accidents happens... LANTERN TERBAkAR!!!!


HUahuahua ade jembalang hitam!!!

A few lanterns lah yg terbakar... & for the record: I didnt touch any of them... coz I was too buzy playing with wax XD

Hahaha... everyone was excited whenever ade lantern terbakar... well everyone except Ah Hoon & Kim... coz they were the ones who bought the lanterns XD

Wooo terbakar!!!




Aaahhhh the beauty of fire... Smokin hot sial~ XD Yes the mini arsonist still lies inside me... I like 2 play with fire... But that was ages ago... old story :P

Hahahaha... So yeah I had fun that nite. Was supposed to go back early coz kononnye nak "study" for my orientation presentation but I went home late instead. I actually had fun at that gathering. We had fun laughing at each other, ejeking each other, makan2 & burning lanterns. Haha sadly it was our last gathering before the gang go back to studying...

So hopefully next year we can celebrate together again... :P we'll see...

& last but not least, I know its waaaaay too late but just wanna wish everyone


Better late than never kan?



Alyssa said...

Super LIKE this!! XD *Mr. Martha Stewart/ Mr. Cheesy* lolz..

Elaine said...

I miss u all already... Really had so much fun.. ^^

vee-sia said...

Hehehe the name suits him huh? ^__^ miss y'all too!

Elaine!!! mana the pic u take ah? i wan see~ xpun faster update ur blog loh....

Mary said...

fire ! , Chapati ! , FOOD !
i have a stars eye know XD

keep posting about food , and keep smile =D