Saturday, September 24, 2011

Looking for... THE ONE

How do you know when you have found : THE ONE?

Or better question is, how do you describe: THE ONE?

Does the person need to have a good heart? Sincere? Loyal?

Or does the person need to look hot, sexy, "bangin" as hell :P or just plain beautiful...

Well for me, there's no need to pikir susah2... I've already found mine...

Hot like Human Torch, Setia like Captain America.

ILCE Forever!


Okok * slaps myself from delusional mode*

Hehehehe... dont let the title n intro fool ya! Sorry to break the bad news to y'all but today's topic aint about those soul mates/"THE ONE" nonsense.

My "THE ONE" for now is my handphone... ehh one of my babies ok... precious as hell! Of course need to choose the right one loh...

*Ps: Just for the record, CE is soooo THE ONE for me :P*

*N yes I'm sightly delusional*

ANYWAYZ, back to the topic. For those yg tatau, I'm currently using LG KS360.

My precious baby that I adore sooooooooo much! ^__^

I LOOOVE this phone a lot! I've been using this phone for almost 3 years now. Easy 2 use, cute design, not too common, and simple.

So wat's the problem? Sounds like I have found THE ONE kan?

U know when people say that when u're young, u dont have to take ur relationship seriously coz there might be someone else better out there?

Just like in this situation loh. I really love this phone. But there are soo many phones out there that might be more suitable for me more...

LOL... hahaha i just compared BFs with phones :P Haha so maybe my theory terpesong a lil, but I'm some of u agree also wat... XD

But the truth is, I wanna change my phone coz die dah nak kappoot liao.

Soooooo since the phone is super precious to me, & bcoz I'm gonna pay for it, I have to choose the perfect phone.

A phone that I can live with for years... no need forever, just few years. N since its gonna be my baby, I must choose the right one.

So what are the requirements to be my perfect phone?
  2. Tak mau full touch screen. Yes, I'm kolot that way.
  3. Tak mau Sony Ericsson... not user frenly...
  4. Nak yg lawa of course :P
  5. Tak mau besar sgt... besau2 nak baling anjing ke?
  6. Nak wi-fi... blh lepak cafe on9 ^__^
  7. Last but not least, IN THE BUDGET RANGE... less than RM1000... Yes, I'm kedekut that way.

See? Not soo cerewet kan? OK ape... So I've been asking around. Tanya kawan2 phone ape yg patut I beli. And these are the top 3 most popular answer that I get.

NUMBER 1: iPhone

Pros: iPhones are AWESOME! Got sooo many aps. So cangih bogeh...
Cons: Fully touch screen, quite big, so many version pening kapla! & Mahal....

NUMBER 2: BlackBerry

BlackBerry Bold 9900.... CUN LEH!
Pros: Looks cool. Everybody is usin it! Celebrities, big bosses... byk org lah! & BB messenger :P
Cons: Mahal... :P

NUMBER 3: Samsung Galaxy S

Pros: Canggih
Cons: Besau gedabak! n Mahal gile doh...

Hahaha sia2 oni ask those people... Asyik ask me 2 buy these 3 over rated phones. Those phones are cool. Cangih gile babeng... but are they suitable for me? Do I really need those cangih stuff?

NOPE. Plus I'm kinda clumsy... I tend 2 jatuh kan my phones... especially when they are new... XD Haha, nanti bayar mahal2 then jatuh calar2, sakit hati leh! U should see my phone now... calar habis!


So instead of listening to what other people, I decided to do my own research.

And these are the few phones that I MIGHT consider to purchase.

LG GW300

I LIKE this phone! Looks sooo cool. BUT it doesnt have wifi. So basically its like dating a hot guy who hates animals. But actually might consider to buy this coz the price is affordable. Just no wifi oni loh. People say dont buy LG phones... I'm usin LG now & I have no complains... so yeah, LG its pretty cool if u ask me...


HTC ChaCha

To buy this phone u need to know how to Cha Cha... XD LAME! Okok... HTC Chacha... it had all the requirements I need. HTC leh... good phone kan? But looks kinda big for me & I'm not really a big fan of the design... but OKlah... might consider...

Nokia E6

Ahhh... the oh so classic Nokia. The 1st phone I had was Nokia. Back in those days everyone was using Nokia. User friendly kan? But in terms of designs, I'm not really a big fan. BUT I saw this phone & it was like love at first sight! Looks pretty good just one problem, slightly over budget.


Mana satu mau pilih???

Till now I still cant decide. But i'm not really in a hurry lah. I still have time till December... Why December? BIRTHDAY!!! LOL dunno if dad will buy for me, but I THINK he would sponsor itsy bitsy part of it. ^__^

If not then bayar sendiri loh... Which means need 2 wait for bonus... =.=

Hahahaha... X sangka so maa fan nak pilih the right phone kan? Or izit I'm too cerewet? Nahhhhhhhh! Leceh nak pilih phone... kan? kan? kan?


So yeah thats it for my bebeling for 2day.

If y'all have any suggestion on what phone to buy, please do voice out ur opinion. & lets face it, I need some help. hehe...



Alyssa said...

I used to be clumsy too when I first had my new phone haha.. Anyway how come that LG GW300's keypad looks different? Not exactly qwerty is it? If u really want wifi u have to consider either the HTC or Nokia only, unless u dun mind going wifi-less with the LG.. Take your time to think since u still have until Dec to also consider other models u may find later on hehe..

vee-sia said...

WAHAHAHA TQ Ah Hoon for pointing out d pic... i think i took some ciplak picture... ur mata tajam seh... XD ya ya will definitely take my time... important decision 2 make...