Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gals Nite Out ^__^

***I back with the postings!!! HEHE ^__^***

Galz just wanna have fun
Oh, galz just wanna have fuuuunnn!!!
Finally a night with no geeky game talk, no DOTA or Blue Dolphinz shatz, no talking about chicks, just a night of good food, cam-whoring & discussing how HAWTT Chris Evans is... XD hahaha ok maybe not the last one... coz theres no denying how HAWTT he is XD

HUAHUAHUAHUA.... okok... back 2 our Gals Nite Out!

The reason why I planned this is bcoz I kinda promised Ah Hoon (Hon Hon) to bring her go Jalan2 Jadi Gile (JJJG) when shes on her sem break. When we did our JJJG & JJJG:Makan Edition she was in Penang studyin.

So now Ah Hoon, eventhough its not crazee enough, saya harap ia mencukupi :)
So the gila gals who went out for the Gals Nite Out is just Ah Hoon, Kim & me...

All dressed up... well sort of... :P

So we all were craving for sushi so we decided on Japanese food.

For our experience at Wa Zen, just click here.

We ordered quite a lot. Makan kenyang sampai nak muntah XD

I guess that what happens when each person had 1 set meal+maki roll+dessert.

Other than Gals Nite Out, I also declared that nite "Get Fat Day"


Our assorted Maki rolls...

Makan separuh pun kenyang liao... XD

Then after everything was finish except for one lil California roll...

Last sushi standing...

Everyone kinda surrendered. Even I thought i couldn't take it anymore. But somehow I managed to squeeze in another biji of sushi...

Last shot before getting chowed down... XD

So after being REALLY REALLY full, we decided to go lepak at Geographer. We actually ajaked the guys to come along but they didnt want to... merajuk kot XD

One of our fave spot... Geographer...

It was a Thurday nite... so theres wasnt many people arnd... but good music by Uncle Burns was playing :)

All sudah kenyang giler, so we ordered some fruit juices... dunno why... suddenly so baik tamau minum alcohol. I've seen the light! I'm sober!.... for now :P

Our healthy fruit juices~

Then the kind Geographer staff let us sign their 2011 Guest Book!

Hmm... tgk2 sume tourist yg tulis... makes me wonder, we look like tourist ke? XD

Hopefully we dont look like bunch of kiasuus XD

Anywayz this is wat we wrote...

This is actually the itsy bitsy part of it... theres more but we just keep it 2 ourself & Geographer lah... If u wanna know wat else we write, u could go search for it at the cafe itself... hehe~

So after Geo, we went to the Jonker Walk Heritage Park which is just opposite Geographer... Very near oni...

Come here for wat???

We tangkap orang buat animal cruelty!

WANTED: Crazee Gal yg Suke Tendang Kerbau's *toot*
REWARD: A good feeling after menangkap org gile.... XD

Hahhahaa... actually we go there to camwhore loo~

Chowhore mcm biase lah... pose sampai mengalahkan Tyra Banks... Hahaha sort of~

Btw, while exploring the park, Kim spotted a Chinese tombstone... giler weh! dunno real or not lah. But it was the 7th month... & the time we went there was quite late... about 11 somthin...

Then I dunno if its my imagination BUT i THINK i saw somthing at the corner of my eye. Like a black figure near d toilet. Hahaha~ serious! Of course I didnt tell d gals... so ladies, now u know~ XD but maybe its just my imagination kot... tatau lah~

ANYWAYZ~ below are few of the crazee pictures we took.

Muka kekenyangan...

Animal loving people... :P

Hon Hon, the photographer with d DSLR camera...

Ji muis~


Huahuahua we are kinda crazy... but sober of course. ^__^

HEhehe we went home around 12. Anak dara tak baik balik lambat tau :P

So at the end of the day, we were definately kenyang gile babeng and we had fun.

LOADS of fun!

Well dunno when we'll gonna have a gals nite out lagi but there will be more!

Hanging out with the gals is always fun!

We can freely go crazee together~

Yes, we do fight sometimes~~

But deep down, we care bout each other~~~ :)




Alyssa said...

This made my day early in the morning ^^

vee-sia said...

^__^ ah hoon, i'm waiting on ur own blog leh...

Alyssa said...

Me?? Lolz.. I dun think I have the flair for writing like u do.. Or maybe I'm just not inspired yet =P

vee-sia said...

U grandma grammar... n u r good at those writing stuff ma... mmg patut have 1... plus u have good pictures too... faster2 have the "feel" lahhh~ XD saya pun mau baca blog kawan2 saya... XD