Saturday, September 3, 2011

Final Destination 5

Hellooo people!!! Muahaha sorry for not updating for a long time.... hehehe as usual, BUSY :P Hahaha B4 I explain myself, I just wanna wish everyone:




Heheheh... Me love raya! well bcoz of the foodies of course... So why am I too bz 2 update my blog??? Bukan cuti panjang ke??? LOL cuti oni 3 days leh... mana cukup... besides I was BZ go jalan2.... Huahuahuhauha~

So how did I spend my Merdeka Raya? Watch movie!!! XD

And the movie that I watched is Final Destination 5. I actually didnt want to watch tis movie coz their last installment (The Final Destination) sucked really bad. But then orang dah ajk pegi oni loh... Besides I had the choice between FD5 or Hantu Bonceng... XD I think I chose the right movie :P

Final Destination... U know the drill kan? Asyik-asyik the same oni. The main character (usually played by lookable looking guys & normal looking gals :P) gets a premonition about a major accident, saves a few people, then among them one by one DIES~

If nak compare FD 5 with their previous installment FD5 xde ler best sangat. But DEFINITELY BETTER than FD 4.

FD4 macam cartoon... XD remember the but-sucking scene at the end of the pool? XD

Anywayz the freak accident that happened this time is the collapsed bridge. Kinda FUIYOH jugak...

Well as for FD5, the murder scenes quite brutal lah jugak... but just like FD4, very fast... when u kelip mata then u wont get 2 see the goods... XD

Some death scenes are kinda unexpected. Like Candice the gymnast... Buat suspend with the paku... then with wayar & water... rupe2 nye mati terjatuh dgn dasyat nye... XD

Then the obnoxious overweight dude with the acupuncture thingy... XD padan muka si gemok tu...

Other deaths ok lah... Slightly fake.... And thanx 2 FD5 there s no way I'm gonna get any operation for my eye in the future. I'm gonna stick to my glasses.


Though the part when her eyeball kena gelek made me laugh a lil... Heck I kinda laughed at almost all of the death scenes... Dunno why... XD

ANYWAYZ, overall the movie OK lah... just bored with the storyline loh... Then the ending everybody dies.... BUT the best part of all... Final Destination 5 is actually the prequel for Final Destination. Huahuahauhua~ Sot tiao! So in the end the remaining people died on the air plane crash that happened in the 1st FD. XD

Hahahah~ macam2 lah... When will this movie franchise ends? Dgr kata will have MORE FD movies... XD

Hahahaha I might watch if theres another installment. Just for the fun of it.

So the final verdict 2 stars! Well its just my HUMBLE opinion maaa~

Hehehe so thats it from me...

Got loads more to blog about...


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