Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant - TGE

HOOOLLERRR!!! It has been a while since I go for my Great Escape kan?

Ape nak buat... budget saya tidak mengizinkan... BUT last month (August) I managed to go for my TGE... & tis time I was accompanied with 2 of my gal palz. Its kinda like The Great Escape+Gals Nite Out... Hehehe~

So which place have we chose to crash?

We were craving for sushi & we are all bunch of sushi lovers, so we decided on Wa Zen.

Wa Zen, Melaka Raya.

We were bored with Sushi King so we decided 2 give this restaurant a try. When we arrived it was full house. But luckily we only had to wait for a few minutes for us to get a table.

They do have quite a few selections of Japanese food. So its quite hard for us to choose wat we wanna eat coz it all looks so good.

But luckily we managed to decide & all 3 of us had a set meal, 8 pieces of Maki Sushi platter, & desserts.

Hahaha even the waitress was shocked when she saw our order. She even reconfirmed with us about the Maki Sushi. "1 plate got 8 pieces, so all together is 24 pieces ya"... YEAP we're all GOOD... NO PROBLEMOOOO~

So we happily waited for our food to come... Feeling kinda hungry, so I decided to take some pics...

Cute plate... or should I say "Ka waii ne!"

Geisha Decor...

Kicap & Chili Flakes...

Then our food sampei!!!

California Maki

Kim: California Maki GOOD!

Futo Maki...

Dragon Maki... The best among the 3... most expensive too :P

Then the set meals began to roll in...

Each set comes with a big bowl of rice, salad, Miso soup, the steamed egg thingy, & fruits...

My order: Unagi Kabayaki Set
I was craving for Unagi... so order this loo~

Mmmmm... Unagi....

Kim's Tori Terayaki Set...
Chicken Good...

And lastly Ah Hoon's Sushi Set...

YUMMY Sushi~

So time to makan!


Our table was FULL WITH FOODIES!

After finish memang kenyang gile... N YES we finished. Its not good to waste food u know :P

Even though we all dah kenyang giler, we still managed to sumbat some desserts :)

Kim & I had the Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste.

Ogura Macha Aisukurimu
The bitterness of the green tea ice cream balanced well with the sweet red bean paste... YUMMMZZ~~ Not to forget the crispy cornflakes to add some texture :P

Then Ah Hoon ordered Green Tea Ice Cream with Sweet Soybean Flour.

But instead of the ice cream, the waitress brought a sherbet instead. I think salah dengar when order time...

But its OK, she brought the correct 1 later on~

Kinako Macha Aisukurimu
The Soybean flour is not as sweet like the Red Bean paste... still prefer mine :)

All 3 together...

Fuh Fuh~ Kenyang giler!

A good meal indeed!

Dah kenyang? Bayar loh~

While waiting for Kim to settle the bill, saya amik gambar lagi yer...

AHHHHH SO CUTE!!! I wan!!!

Their decor & Sakes at the entrance...

Oh mini sushi XD KAWAIII~

Guess how much it cost us?

RM 187.60

Hohohoho~ oh well sekali sekala kan? If kira mine alone is about RM60++

But the sucky part is that they actually charged us for the sherbet. We didnt even eat it leh!!! Too bad we oni perasan when we dah balik...

NOTE TO SELF: Check the BILL 1st lah! 8 bucks wei!

Other than that the food was quite OK lah... since theres not many Japanese Restaurants here, no wonder quite pricey.

And the ambiance of this place is OK too... Quite Japanese-ish... minus the songs... lagu sume org puteh XD

Then the service is quite good too... except for the lady who we ask to take the pic of us... She doesn't seem busy pon, but she rudely asked her colleague to take our picture instead.

Kesimpulannye, is this place highly recommended? Boleh lah... On the plus side, the toilet is nice... like really nice... like Japanese Garden nice... no kid. XD

Hahahaha~ so thats all for Wa Zen...

Will post about our Girls Nite Out soon :)
I Promise!

So till the next post,



Alyssa said...

Weee~~ All that fun and more ^^ Keep it up gal =)

Mary said...

X_X , l'm a sushi crazy fan lool

look like it was fun =D

keep smile