Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mysterious Image on Google Map

Wooo~ Wooo~

Wassup peeps! Happy Hungry Ghost Month! XD N to the Muslims, Happy Puasa people! So its the 7th Month in the Chinese Calendar... Hungry Ghost Month... For 1 whole month the hell's gate is open for the spirits to lurk around freely and do watever they want to... woooo~ woooo~~~

So did u peeps experience anything this month? Luckily for me (*touch wood*) unlike last year, so far so good... setakat mimpi2 pelik, nothing bad happened lah... FOR NOW... hehehe~


My cousin asked me to search somthin on google maps. The way she said it sounded creepy... but I'm a curious cat, of course I'll check it out.

So heres wat u do:

Step 1: Go to Google Map.

Step 2: Key in the following digits: 47.110579,9.227568

Step 3: Click the Green Arrow then click on Street View.

Step 4: Move around to the right. Then you'll see....

OMG! Apa tu???

Closer View

First thing that came to my mind was those Chinese Gods. N normally when I see those supernatural images, I would get goosebumps. But surprisingly for this picture, I didnt.

So what is this image? A prank? Izzit even real? It does look kinda creepy though... The black figure looks kinda like the Ripper...

Macam biase, hidup kita diselubungi misteri~

Do leave a comment & discuss whatever it is... maybe its a prank? Hehehe we shall see then...

Let your creative minds run free peeps!



Elaine said...

curious... don't know what are those.. hmmmm?

vee-sia said...

yaloh... creepy~

Mary said...

hi =D
thanx , but there is still time for it XD

i do believe in Spirits & gost things but this one .. nope i think it's fake =3

so keep smile

n€gATïv3 said...

(spoilers*) go through the road and in to the tunnel, after that look at the area where the ghostly image was at. its something like a print error

vee-sia said...

mary: haha it does look fake.. Google punkd us XD

Negative: haha did tat too~ the ghostly image kinda blends with d tunnel...