Saturday, August 13, 2011

Defending Lady Drivers All Over the World

Good Morning PEOPLE!!!

How are you doing today? Me? BLUR habis! XD I cant really get good sleep these days... dunno why... ANYWAYZ,

The topic for today is inspired by a FRIEND of mine whose name should not be mentioned. MUAHAHHAHA~

So did he do till I was SOOOOO inspired?

Please scroll down...

*Sorry the pictures arent so good :P*

Just in case y'all cant see the words properly it says:

"Feel annoyed with old d smart lady drivers tat goes to market in d morning.. Causing huge traffic jam with their dumb parkings"

"N fear 2 drive small spaces.. Horn org lain pandai.. JPJ SHOULD BAN WOMEN FROM CARS"

JPJ ban women from cars???

Haha to all lady drivers out there, please chill. I understand your anger. When I first saw this, all I wanted to do is langgar him and drive over him gazillion times with my baby Viva.

This dude actually tumpang my car a few times. I'm the person who drove him safely on our PD Trip and also on the way to Ikan Bakar.

How dare he say like this about lady drivers? Just because of ONE bad lady driver, all other AWESOME lady drivers are equally horrible?

Just because of ONE bad lady driver, all other SUPER AWESOME lady drivers are supposed to be banned from driving???

Just because of ONE gal broke your heart, all the girls in the world are evil???
*Oops terlanjur :P*

Hahhaha... MEN! Think they so great... PUI! Even MEN are horrible drivers OK! Bunch of ROAD BULLIES TOO! Always say lady drivers are the worst, TAK SEDAR DIRI!

So to all the MEN yg say lady drivers are the worst, SEDARKAN LAH DIRI ANDA!

We're are all human. Doesnt matter what your gender is, we are all equally the same.

So to all my lady drivers out there, drive safe! Show the MEN that we are good drivers. And who cares if we sucked? THEY SUCK TOO!

Besides, accidents happens... Malang tak berbau~


Hahaha so yeah~ This is my post to defend all the lady drivers out there. Do press "Like" to spread the word.

As for this FRIEND of mine, dont worry... I wont reveal your name... hehehe~ You're lucky I'm feeling kind on such a lovely morning :P

Hahaha klah~ Drive safe peeps! BYE~~~


Anonymous said...

Just because of ONE loud mouth men driver, all other SUPER AWESOME man drivers are supposed to be in d wrong?? ^^

vee-sia said...

Hello MR.Anonymous! :) The brave 1 to comment. First of all its not just ONE. You should have seen the MEN who commented on his status too. So its really not just ONE MEN.

BTW, there's no wrong in this topic. In my humble opinion, we are all equally the same. Some men AND women are bad drivers. Why blame on one gender oni? :P