Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

Koboi & Makhluk Asing...

Interesting kan?

So yesterday me & the gang went for this movie. No hidden agenda, no particular actor that I minat (though Daniel Craig is hot) I wanted to watch coz its kinda a good combo. And the trailer looks cool too~

Arent you curious on how the cowboys fight aliens? Heck, have you even think that these two would fight each other? I know I didn't... Not in a gazillion years I would put Cowboys & Aliens together... XD KEsian Cowboys tu sume kan? Oni lawan with senapang while the aliens have high tech weapon that can kill u in one blow... XD Not fair leh~

So the movie, how was it? OK lah~ Not as teruk as the rakyat said... It was OK for me... My fren Kim was shocked when she found out I'm the person who chose this movie... =.=" At least I didnt choose Rasuk :P

Note to self: Go watch movie alone next time... nobody judge you based on the movie u chose... PLUS, you wont be late for the movie :P (they sampai lambat... AS ALWAYS)

Movie Poster
Haha I remembered seeing this poster for the first in early 2011. I thought it was a cartoon with an alien wearing Cowboy outfit.... XD

Hahaha daamnn I was wrong.

Turns out to be a story about Aliens invading the Cowboy's town. XD The movie itself was quite star studded. Ade James Bond & Indiana Jones leh...

Daniel Craig & Harisson Ford

Then theres also the doctor from House/chick from Tron Legacy.

Olivia Wilde... So pretty... *jealous* :P

Hehehe so let me tell you the Synopsis... Vriesia Evans style: Huahauhaua~

So the story began with Daniel Craig waking up in the middle of a dessert.

Check out his cool bracelet.

When he wake up, he didn't remember anything. Dont know anything but English XD. N he sure can fight. He end up killing 3 dudes who wanted to kill him.

Then he curi the dudes baju & horse & galloped to the nearest town he could sampai.

Sampai the town, yada yada~ turns out hes a WANTED man (Of course he is, he's Daniel Craig). His name was Jake Lonergan, wanted for stealing gold and those rompakan stuff. Then he kena masuk jail...

Then tibe2, his bracelet berbunyi... "Teet~ Teet~ Teet~"

Then KA BA BOOOOM!!!! Alien datang!!!

Oh lord, what the hell is that???

The Aliens: They came, they kidnapped, they conquered.

Then suddenly Jake's bracelet activated then he tembaked at the Aliens.

Mcm Iron Man pulak XD

So after the Aliens left, Indianna Jones lead the remaining dudes to find the Aliens so that they can get back their love ones who was kidnapped. And in Mr. Jones case his son named Percy... LOL made me teringat bout Percy Jackson... & I am proud to admit that I've read ALL the Percy Jackson series! HEhehehe~

KK back to the movie... Then the search for Aliens begins loh! And the only person who knows where to find the Aliens is Daniel Craig. Just one problem, he doesn't remember. But no worries! The Red Indian crew have a cure for amnesia! Problem solved, they go attack the Aliens!

The battle was kinda brutal. Maklum lah, they oni have guns, spears, & bow n arrows. The Aliens ganas gile n susah nak mampus pulak tu... & they have really gross 3 fingered hands that would come out from their body to get you... XD

Oh btw, FYI: The Aliens come to Earth for wat? For gold... Wat for? I pun tatau~ XD They didnt really explain... Or did I missed out the reason? Hahaha sape2 yg tau tlg bagi tau yer~

So yeah thats it... The ending: Everybody happy ending coz they dapat jumpe their loved ones again... except for Mr. James Bond... sedih~

No worries, I dont mind temaning u... XD

Hahahaha... so thats my so called synopsis Vriesia Evans style... XD

So the rating? HHHHMMMMMMMMMM~ I'm giving it a 2.5 Hahah~ Why? There were few boring moments that made me yawn... there are moments where I laughed.... quite funny jugak lah tis crite... then there were explosions & tembak tembakan... quite cool lah jugak! so kesimpulannye 2.5 stars ^__^

It was an OK movie... not bad... go lah tgk... then tell me wat u think k?

So thats it from me...


I know loads of "people" say Daniel Craig is ugly... But then I notice those "people" are the ones who minat sissy pale dudes like Super Junior, Justin Bieber, the Twilight cast or even Ryan Reynolds XD...

Hahaa~ Daniel Craig is HOT! He's the ultimate macho man. If he's ugly, I wish my boyfriend would be THAT ugly :P... Yes he's old & all but he still got it...

Strong jaw line, wide broad shoulders, big strong arms and those smouldering piercing blue eyes.... *faint* sexxaaay~ XD He dont even talk much too, so mysterious ^__^ And he always had that macho face but when he smiles... *FAINT* sooo MAN leh~~~

Hahaha so yeah, he's not ugly... u just have bad taste :P OKOK maybe not bad taste... U just like cute lil boys XD

Daniel Craig... the MACHO man! not ugly~



Itu saje... Sekian, Terima Kasih~


ken said...

i think it's just another movie.. nothing interesting also :)

vee-sia said...

haha ken, cowboys n aliens wor... not the usual combo... hehe thnx 4 drooping by :)

Alyssa said...

Lolz.. Now u are drooling over Daniel Craig instead of Chris Evans ad la? =P

vee-sia said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I drool for both, but CE will always be my husband XD

Mary said...

hi =D

don't know about the movie .. i may see it if i have time XD

keep smile